Before the main piece, three brief stories.


A few days ago, while walking on the promenade of an English seaside town the smell of horses was obvious even when these horses that pull the tourist carriages were elsewhere.

This reminded me of an article I read recently. It focused on the advent of the motor car as one of the greatest health benefits to mankind in our history. Imagine the environment when horses were the main form of transport. Especially on a warm summer day, the stench must have been overpowering, not to mention the mess in the streets and the swarm of flies this attracted. Swishing tails would have been a constant menace. For those without footwear any abrasions would have represented a serious disease threat.

Sufi tradition points out that we should try not to look too deeply for answers because reality is that the answer to most questions is relatively simple. Standard of hygiene is a major factor in the prevention of illness.


I doubt if there are any significant religious buildings in the UK that can now be entered without some financial payment. I was fortunate to learn from a local that the way to see the interior of Canterbury Cathedral is to attend Evensong when entry to the building is free.


I tried to weave this piece of music into the main article but decided it didn’t quite fit.

Richie Spice, ‘Everything is Upside Down’, listen here.  

Instead, it prompted me to add a new page for music, here


As Covid continues, the lines seem to be clearly drawn. The largest percentage of the population appear to be convinced by the official narrative. Dr Shiva Ayyadurai estimates those people represent 50% of the population. The other 50% according to the Doctor, are 30% who are undecided, and 20% he refers to as change agents, those who have or potentially have the motivation to shape the view of others.

Shiva is currently engaged in a landmark court case in the United States. Last year while running for the US senate, Twitter suspended his account immediately after he posted comments critical of the Massachusetts state administration. He apparently has ‘cast iron’ evidence that Twitter was instructed by the Massachusetts state administration to suspend his account. The judge has already opined that in the future this case will be part of all American university and college legal courses. The United States First Amendment is under threat by the very government that is elected to theoretically protect these rights. The situation in the United States is now such that it has defaulted to a ‘low caste’, ‘untouchable Indian’ to protect the basic rights of the US constitution. During his investigation into the current court case Dr Shiva discovered additional evidence that indicates he is viewed by the US government as one of the world’s leading dissidents. Dr Shiva epitomises what is great about America.

A few weeks ago, in the article ‘Halcyon Days’ with reference to what has unfolded since the start of Covid, I commented, ‘dissenting voices are a terribly fragmented group’. This could have been perceived as a criticism. Some pondering led me to the view that this reveals the great diversity of ideologies that agree the official Covid narrative is untruthful and that more widely there is a need for something that can transform and replace the current system of governance on planet earth. If there is a criticism it would be that too much time is expended reprocessing the same information and preaching to the converted.

Ashalogos a modern philosopher and critical thinker summarises his most recent content, ‘A Call for New Culture Creators’, watch here,

‘The most effective means of subverting a nation and controlling it’s people isn’t via political machinations, or even control of the money supply – it’s in the erasing and supplanting of a cultural foundation, and it’s wholesale replacement with something new.

It couldn’t be more obvious that precisely this is happening all around us. The incredibly impressive framework cultivated and passed down through countless generations of our ancestors is being utterly decimated, and replaced with an abominable monstrosity… a chaotic abomination destined to implode, and threatening to take the world down with it. This degeneration isn’t just one of standards, morals and ethics, but stretches across virtually every sphere. As we learn to worship the dollar – and thus, those men who most efficiently control it, our world becomes increasingly cheap, base, utilitarian.. beauty has no place’.

In a recent article ‘The Best of Times’ I summarised the chapters in Gurdjieff’s, ‘Beelzebub’s Tales to His Grandson’ that describes the most successful period on earth when our mindless preoccupation pursuing material advantage was reduced for a time. The article also summarised why population reduction is not a solution unless achieved by very specific means.

Soros observed over 20 years ago in his book ‘The Crisis of Global Capitalism’, that in the modern world unless something has a monetary value, people generally are unable to perceive a value there at all. The Covid is of course, just part of a culmination of centuries on the wrong track. As I travel through the south of England, I observe an area of the planet horrendously over-populated. It seems obvious that removal of people from the land, cramming them into towns and cities, largely comprised of sub-standard hovels, causes suffering. Given its abundance someone or something must thrive on this type of energy.

Having personally experienced the satisfaction of owning a small plot of land, digging a water well and becoming largely self-sufficient there is no doubt in my mind that the solution to most of the world’s problems is in the distribution of land. In Ukraine, where I lived for many years, a piece of agricultural land was, and I believe still is, available to any member of the public willing to complete the necessary paperwork. The irony is that very few, especially, young people in Ukraine, want a piece of land. Young people are attracted to cities by the lure of material wealth having been conned by advertising and slick marketing. In central Ukraine there are many rural villages almost uninhabited. Russia has huge areas of largely uninhabited land. I believe the Russian government also makes land easily available to those who want it.   

Thousands of people every day are attempting to migrate into the UK, USA and EU. Undoubtedly some of these people are among the more motivated and resourceful from countries where a local tyrant denies or ensures free enterprise is almost impossible. The tyrants and their sycophants plunder the nation before shovelling their ill-gotten gains into the deregulated City of London and its offshore havens. For anybody outside ‘the gang’ in these countries, life is intolerable. UK, USA and the EU cannot survive an endless stream of migrants. There is an excellent 12-minute example from 2010, still relevant, which uses coloured gumballs, to explain the negative impact of immigration on the US economy, here. Gumballs are an excellent means to visualise numbers but cannot convey the proven disturbance caused in a community as the number of different ethnic groups increases.    

In a recent public online conversation between Reiner Fuellmich a German attorney who leads the German Corona Committee and Peter Breggin a well-known 85-year-old American Psychiatrist, here, the conversation concluded with a brief speculation on how to defeat those behind the ‘official Covid narrative’. Reiner commented that during the last year while accumulating evidence that he would scarcely have believed prior to that, he is now reaching the conclusion that the spiritual dimension might be the most significant means by which our situation can be transformed, adding that ‘they’ don’t have access to spiritual light. From the outset of the German Corona Investigative Committee, I have been sceptical of the likelihood that any significant court would rule against the ‘official Covid narrative’ regardless of how compelling the evidence. Think Tony Blair and weapons of mass destruction!

During another recent online conversation between Fuellmich, and Zev Zelenko, a Ukrainian American physician, here, Zelenko said, first we need to stop people dying from Covid, then we need to hang those responsible for causing the perceived crisis. My thoughts immediately recalled the quote by Gandhi, ‘an eye for an eye, and soon the whole world is blind’.

‘Forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors’ is the Scottish version of Matthew 6:12. We can surely all remember, or if we are ‘still young’, recognise, that flattery is a dangerous hook that has the potential to drag us in directions that will be entirely unprofitable in every sense; except the mindless pursuit of material advantage. Imagine if tomorrow Anthony Fauci made a public confession admitting that he was flattered as a young man and led astray. He admits to accepting bribes from the pharmaceutical industry for his entire career. Then he volunteers to distribute a sizeable percentage of his wealth to those less fortunate. How do we react? If we took our guidance from the parable of the Prodigal Son, we should kill the fatted calf and celebrate!

Those who have researched thoroughly, including within themselves, realise the depth of the darkness on this planet and are not at all surprised by the depths to which mankind plummets. None of us are worthy to throw the first stone, John 8:7. To imagine the existing justice system can correct centuries of accumulated corruption now rooted in current generations is at best fanciful. To transform the current situation likely requires us to change our way of thinking.   

Do you really care about mankind as a whole? How do you feel about Dr Shiva’s 50%, who while not necessarily content, accept the current situation and appear willing to persecute the rest as the best means to satisfy their shallow material desires? Are we largely the same as them? Motivated only because our own little world has recently been disrupted, rather than because we genuinely wish to help mankind? Profound meditation and reflection are required. If we are acting out of honesty, sincerity and humility we are on the right path. Eliphas Levi wrote, ‘Nothing can resist the will of a man when he knows what is true and wills what is good’,


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