St Andrews and beyond

The academic year has just re-started here in St Andrews. When the University of St Andrews students are present there is probably no other place on earth where the average age is lower. Before the students arrive the town has a population of approximately 17,000 people. With slightly more than 10,000 students by 2020 figures, this creates quite a unique demographic during term time.

South Street, St Andrews

As is normal there are local inhabitants who enjoy this environment, those who do not, and every opinion in between. When the students depart there are entire streets near the town centre almost totally uninhabited as local people have been priced out of the housing market by often wealthy overseas students. The most extreme case I’m aware of is one particular young man whose parents gifted him a prime location apartment worth in excess of £1 million. It is not easy to comprehend how such a young person can have earned this entitlement. Let’s hope he understands how to deploy his dharma for the greatest benefit to his fellow beings.   

You can imagine there are many people in Scotland who are dependent on the presence of these students for their livelihood. A rough calculation shows that in accommodation fees alone the students probably contribute at least £200 million to the area.  

St Salvator’s Hall

I too have been making my own attempt to attract the students’ attention in the hope of providing them with the Pispascana Location Astrology service. To become aware of their most favourable locations while they are still young, without strong ties and responsibility, can be a huge benefit to themselves and others.

When people locate to places where their lives flow more harmoniously, they will tend to express greater generosity towards their fellow beings. Everybody connected benefits from this positive energy.  

Unfortunately, there are still many people who refuse to recognise that the planets of our solar system exert an irresistible force over all our actions. Our horoscope or birth chart can be defined as a summary of karma and dharma. I use these terms to define karma as the debts we have incurred and owe as a result of our actions that have caused pain and suffering as opposed to dharma which creates favourable circumstances in our lives as a result of previous expressions of love and wisdom.   

University students, have in theory, always been a group that represented mankind’s greatest possibility for development. They arrive at university, relatively innocent but, as is normal, with the flaws and weaknesses typical of us all. Their school education will have already subjected them to subtle and not so subtle state agendas that continues at university. These influences almost certainly contribute to lead young people away from their own intuitive functions in favour of the intellect, the ego, and all the impurities that separate us from the divine. Once flattered and inflated they become even more easily led astray.

St Salvator’s Quadrangle

My adolescent and early adult years took place in Britain during the 1970’s and 80’s. We were the first generation to experience television from the cradle. The social engineers ensured a bait for every taste as an entire generation on the superficial level was unable to recognise their own conditioning and on a higher level largely obstructed from any chance they had of spiritual awakening. The contemporary culture promoted during these years was toxic but was nothing compared to the toxicity of current modern culture and those who shape and promote it.  

We should never lose sight of the fact that from the very beginning of man’s existence a destructive force has sought to disunite us internally and externally. This is well known to us as divide and conquer. Its most divisive manifestation is the encouragement of rivalry between the sexes. Ancient teachings reveal harmonious relationship between man and woman as a fundamental ingredient toward attainment of the highest form of spiritual development.

In recent times it seems that every marginal notion that can be conceived in the mind is latched onto by the state and promoted as a minority interest in need of protection with the resulting division and conflict. Students at the University of St Andrews, at their peril, forget the significance of events 500 years ago that occurred in the streets they walk in every day. Greater personal liberty was gained as a result of the courageous effort made by Hamilton, Wishart, Knox; etc, Allegedly Knox said something to the effect that, ‘In Scotland as a result of the Reformation, Papal wealth was split into thirds. Two thirds went to the devil, the other third was divided 50/50 between the devil and the people’ There may have been men of conscience among the reformers but there were also many vultures circling in wait for spoil.

Comparing state religions is not the aim of this article, but be under no illusion, the tyranny of 500 years ago that motivated Luther and the reformers is more intense than ever as the state, whoever they are, tells us what to do, what to think, what to say and is now conducting experiments on the public that previously were only performed on animals.

Dr David Martin who has publicly exposed a raft of criminality within the pharmaceutical industry and its regulators, in one of his recent Activate Humanity broadcasts was unambiguous. There are no governments, he said. Nowadays any matter of significance is decided in secret under the instruction of various hidden, semi-hidden and not at all hidden autonomous manipulators. Today government and their subordinates are just a public announcement service.  

Reconciliation, familiar to all of us in personal and community terms, is not so much the unification of opposites as the uncovering of the basic truth of the situation masked by subjectives. ‘Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the children of God’. Matthew 5:9

We are hugely fortunate that in times past, wise ones sat and watched the movement of the stars and connected that movement with consequences in their personal lives and the lives of others. Patterns emerged and as a result great knowledge accrued. Initially there must have been an intuitive inclination to relate the movement of a distant celestial body to the behaviour of an individual on this planet.

Perhaps it was the most important quest of all. There is a legend that displayed at the entrance to the Oracle at Delphi was the maxim, ‘know thyself’. Knowing ourselves is the main reason to develop understanding of what irresistible impact the planets make on our individual existence. To use the additional knowledge of where on this earth we can project our most positive characteristics for the benefit of ourselves and others is a blessing indeed.

On Wednesday Reiner Fuellmich gave this comprehensive summary of the German Corona Investigation work to date. He revealed that there is conclusive evidence of a well-organised and premeditated crime against humanity. Watch here

A similar view is expressed here in a letter written by Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano to Robert Moynihan at published on 28th August, The Feast of St Augustine, entitled ‘Deliver us from evil’.

Here too is a link to the first of the Vigano Tapes. While they remain available via You Tube, this is currently an ongoing series of answers being published one per day given by Archbishop Vigano to 18 questions posed to him at the end of August. The Archbishop speaks frankly about current events and collaboration between the most senior executives of the Church of Rome with those who in his opinion, if they were following their conscience, they would resist.

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