Coast to Coast – A short report on a recent journey across Scotland, here.

The forces of darkness continue to intensify their effort toward enslavement of the world population by medical and technological blackmail. As has been the case since March 2020 the majority of those leading the resistance are based in the United States of America. Here is current information from two of these sources but also news from South Africa and Poland.

Vladimir (Zev) Zelenko, Ukrainian/American physician to numerous heads of state, describes, at great risk to his life, his personal experience working with patients throughout the last 18 months and the current situation facing us all. He explains that if everyone on the planet was infected with covid, on the basis of official statistics 25 million would die. If the entire population of the planet accepts the ‘medicine’ currently on offer, 2 billion will die! In his opinion this is WWIII and it’s ‘we the people’ against the ruling establishment. watch the 23 minute video here

David Martin is one of the most energetic, brightest lights among ‘we the people’ striving to create awareness in the general population that we must all use our unique personal abilities to dismantle the existing establishment and build a better future through community, natural networks and personal interaction.

In the first of two videos entitled ‘The Illusion of Knowledge’ filmed in July this year David discusses how the ruling establishment hijacked the health system at the beginning of last century. The best interest of the public was not their priority. At 1:01 David begins an eloquent description how Jesus’ temptation in the wilderness, is repeated in all of our lives constantly and reveals how he personally was approached by establishment representatives who attempted to attract him with the same approach. Watch here.

In a second video released last week, introduced by Dr Joseph Mercola, David describes how during the last 25 years his study of patents now confirms that the pharmaceutical industry and its regulators have conspired to create the current international health chaos. David explains that until 2016 when his investigations revealed crime, these were largely acted upon by law enforcement. Since then the phrase ‘coronavirus poised for human emergence’ began to appear on patents and coincidentally there were no law enforcement agencies anywhere on earth willing to further investigate. He goes on to inform us that the pharmaceutical industry is a larger money spinner than the oil and arms industries. Why did Bill Gates move from computers to pharmaceuticals? …….and would you be surprised to learn that the same year, 1604, the British East India Company was founded was the same year the Enclosures Acts, theft of the land by the establishment, began in Britain. Despite all of these factors David does offer some reasons to be optimistic and what to do next including how to communicate with those who believe the propaganda. Watch here.

In this 17 minute video from South Africa, Ricardo Maarman, a brave man, holder of an International Politics Master’s Degree, summarises a court case now underway in South Africa. The prosecution will demonstrate how the President, Parliament and National Bank have all committed crimes against the South African Constitution commencing in the spring of 2020 when they applied draconian emergency laws without sufficient evidence that also unnecessarily increased the national debt. Watch here.

In this 2 minute video Polish MPs protest at the Australian Embassy in Warsaw likening the current situation in Australia to what we typically associate with North Korea. Watch here.

Why do mice die on mousetraps? Because they don’t understand why the cheese is free!

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