We are all under constant bombardment by an almost infinite source of information suppliers much more intense than Pispascana.

The website launched in May 2020.  As a result of finding myself back in ‘the west’ with the need to pay some bills I hoped it would be possible to achieve that aim by offering others the benefit of my location astrology expertise.

While there have been a few clients, so far there aren’t enough. Like millions of others right now the search for clients wasn’t helped by the onset of the greatest attack on the ‘common man’ in documented history. Anything you can do to help, forwarding posts or the website address to your friends, family and acquaintances is greatly appreciated.

During my life there are instances when I, like most others, have been fooled into following the crowd. In general, I have done this less automatically than most. It therefore feels quite natural to want to share information with others that contradicts the mainstream, and which might offer a more complete view of historic and current events. This increases visitors to Pispascana. It would be possible for this to become a bombardment but my aim will always be to try and select information carefully. At times I will create content but also will summarise articles that give you a hint whether to dig deeper. Feedback is always valuable.

You may be aware that the US Government is currently applying great pressure on ‘the people’. The government want all ‘the people’ to accept the emergency authorised experimental so called, vaccine that allegedly provides some protection against an illness which leaves healthy adults and young people relatively unaffected. A huge number are of the opinion that this coercion is unconstitutional. I commented in a recent post, under ‘normal circumstances’ or compared to any previous medical intervention, given the number of deaths and adverse reactions reported in relation to these experimental substances, the programme would have been suspended months ago. It is therefore hardly surprising that many people are reluctant to risk immediate death or injury in addition to the unknown long-term consequences of this bodily intrusion.

Reports are emerging daily of resistance. People under pressure from their employers who in turn are being bullied by the state, are unwilling to sacrifice their liberty without reasonable justification. Ron Paul, a former US Presidential candidate today published a report where he makes comments about a current ongoing ‘rebellion’ by a large number of Southwest Airlines personnel including pilots. They are refusing to be blackmailed into accepting the experimental injection in return for retaining their jobs. He concludes by encouraging further peaceful resistance. Read here.

Benjamin Fulford presents himself as one of the more unique characters among alternative geopolitical news sources. His initial involvement with mainstream media led him to Asia where he eventually established himself as an independent correspondent allegedly with connections to most of the world intelligence services while enjoying the protection of one of areas powerful gangs. During his most recent weekly interview he reveals that behind-the-scenes tension is high as the perpetrators of the current covid chaos are struggling to remain in control. Watch the interview here. Today he released a further update confirming the intensification of events. The report here includes the amusing line that the guillotine was invented for people like Emmanuel Macron.

Billy Prempeh is a US Congressional candidate. His 2-minute speech here clarifies an issue that many today misunderstand.

The Uranus return occurs around the age of forty when the planet reaches the same point in the sky where it was at the moment we were born. This is often referred to as the mid-life crisis. The second return is around the age of eighty.

In our lives there isn’t time for either a Neptune or Pluto return but this is possible during the life of nations. The United States is about to experience the intensity of its first Pluto return next year in a transit that will last approximately two years. Here is an article describing what can typically be expected.

Miles Mathis’ latest article is a wonderful explanation of Mercury Retrograde. Several planets have been Retrograde during the summer. This month Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter and Mercury all end Retrograde periods. Read the article here. Miles’ eclectic website is also worth exploring where there is a blend of artistic, scientific religious and philosophical insights and opinions. Visit here.    

Stolen History is a mass of forums initiated by members that generally open with a post offering some insight into a historical event that either contradicts the mainstream or provides an entirely new perspective. Guests are welcome to browse any of the forums. Start with the sites own outstanding first documentary, a 15-minute introduction entitled, ‘Lifting the Veil of Deception’ here.

A much longer video presentation by Paul Anthony Wallis entitled ‘Who and what is really controlling this world’ delves into the translation of our most ancient information sources. This reveals the likelihood that visitors from other planets have greatly influenced life on earth. Watch here.    

Finally, if you are in the mood for Christmas shopping here is a link to the online purchase page for the Tesla BioHealing Medbed which at the bargain price of $20,000 each will presumably undo all the damage to your immune system caused by the government and pharmaceutical industry. When you are ordering a pallet of these to distribute among you and your friends don’t forget to let Tesla know where you found the link😊

‘Bomba’, pronounce both b’s, was a word used by my Tatar friends in Crimea to describe something outstanding. It’s the Russian noun for bomb.

Foros 2013

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