Another inspirational presentation by Dr David Martin, with Brighteon founder Mike Adams. David is one of the guest speakers at Covid Con 21 Solution Summit, a conference taking place right now in Yuba City, California. The gathering of like minds aims to peacefully challenge the crimes currently being committed by almost all major governments. Using the guise of the pandemic governments have frequently broken their own laws and denied fundamental liberty to their own people. On Saturday David will present his amendments to the Virginia Declaration of Rights, a cornerstone of the American Declaration, making it a Universal Declaration of Independence relevant to ‘we the people’ of our entire planet. Watch here.

We also have another great insight from Miles Mathis. Here he deals with a subject I too have recognised is perhaps one of the most debilitating aspects of our lives. Billions of us live in hovels. Even those who don’t live in what are obviously hovels shouldn’t be too smug about their perceived domestic superiority. An article not to be missed by anyone involved in buildings and property. Read here.

I wrote recently about my own rather unique position of having lived in rural Scotland where there appeared to be a benefit from my status as heir to a prosperous local business. Eventually some highly suspicious banking practice denied that outcome. At the time my father, now deceased for over 20 years commented the demise of the family business might be the best thing to happen in my life. Am not sure about that but less than 10 years later I was living in a mountain shack in Crimea on a small plot of land and had never been so happy.

March 2006

Third party entertainment was unnecessary. Eating out was rare. There was always something to do on the site but mainly at my own pace.

November 2006

The situation was so sweet that we were happy to shower in the garden and hand wash clothes for 8 years.

December 2009

Eventually I began to organise water.

June 2010

A few days ago. I listened to a couple of friends commenting to each other how uncomfortable they feel setting off for work in the morning. Of course, they do. This is one of mankind’s great tragedies, working for another, one of the greatest sources of unhappiness on the planet.

Ever since the ruling establishment began to steal the land, we have been on the slippery downward slope. Instead of lots of happy people working on the little piece of mother nature they love, the majority are crammed into city apartments working in jobs they barely enjoy often for companies or corporations whose leaders have not one jot of conscience. The money they earn is then wasted on worthless entertainment they may have facilitated themselves being sold back to them for a vulgar profit ultimately by the very ancestors of the people who stole the land in the first place.

Unfortunately, we have now arrived at the position where many of those living in cities are unable to see the value in a plot of land that would provide much if not all of their food and an outlet for their creativity.

April 2013

During my time in Ukraine, I was aware that thousands of young people were moving from the countryside where the government would provide them with a piece of land at zero cost, to the city where the possibility of ‘a job’ would enable them to become dedicated followers of fashion.

At the opposite end of the same continent, a piece of far less fertile land will cost you a king’s ransom, out of question for most.        

We have been told for decades that this group, that group, think tanks, quangos, Uncle Tom Cobbly and all have been focused intently on solving mankind’s problems and building a better world yet the problems seem to continue and are generally worse than ever while the establishment continue enriching themselves. Is it imagining too much that given all the expertise available these groups could have done a better job? Now, they are trying to con us with their ‘build back better’ catchphrase.

Sitting in the midst of one of Britain’s leading universities is enlightening. The situation is all too clear. How many smart young people lose their conscience, after some flattery and the smell of money is in the air? Plenty for the brightest. Intellect is used to degenerate life into more and more convoluted small print. This seems to have become the main thrust by these institutions and others to demoralise people that don’t have time to really digest the nonsense and why and from where it is emanating. They are too busy in these jobs they don’t enjoy making money for useless entertainment provided by the slave masters who also fund the universities. To further prove this point, take a look at the following video. You don’t need to watch for long to understand that capitalism and communism are two words for the same thing, the wealth in few hands. There is more competition between self-employed tradesmen in a small town than in the big league.

I know it’s difficult to envisage a world where we all have something that gives us life as opposed to our energy being constantly consumed by an unforgiving system. There are other ways but these will only emerge if we view the possibility with gladness of heart. Our own ignorance of our own ignorance is the real enemy. Communicate these subjects and investigate. Imagine how future generations will find their happiness.         

May 2016

Monopoly is a video by Tim Gielen. Perhaps the most significant information is the extent to which Blackrock and Vanguard monopolise all significant world markets. The identity of those behind these two mega investment companies is less obvious. Old sayings often hold great truth, and while there are no doubt a number a major players behind these companies, the more I research, the old saying, ‘all roads lead to Rome’ seems more relevant than ever. Watch here.

Finally from leading Scottish Law firm Beltrami & Co, their response to the Coronavirus (Scotland) Bill 2020


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