The October full moon passed at 15:58 hours BST (British Summer Time) today. You should now be feeling a release of tension. It was followed immediately by a Lunar void of course that ended at 21:00 hours BST precisely. Lunar voids are when the charge or pulse that normally affects the earth as a combination of lunar charge and that of another planet is absent for anything from a few minutes to more than a day. Lunar voids occur every couple of days. There is a great value in being aware of Lunar voids.


This update focuses on the classic Yuri Bezmenov interview, on Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano one of the great men of our time, a short analysis of Bill Gates ‘hinky’ behaviour and a little piece of good news from Crimea.

The classic Yuri Bezmenov interview, ironically made in 1984, seems to be mentioned every other day on alternative media. This is not surprising given that Bezmenov a KGB, Soviet Intelligence agent who defected to the west in 1970, summarizes perfectly what has unfolded in the world today.  

Bezmenov anticipated being encouraged to educate the American public about their subtle subversion by International Communism. He was wrong. Instead after debriefing, Bezmenov was shunned by government agencies and mainstream media. This goes a long way to prove that all governments are largely funded from the same purse. Bezmenov allegedly died of a heart-attack in January 1993.

There are a few options, the full interview here or the short thirteen minute section where Bezmenov summarises the steps used by the KGB to undermine an entire nation here. There is another lecture version here.

There might still be a way to avert the oncoming technocratic tyranny that is already manifesting but the odds are stacked against us. The majority can’t bear to even imagine the extent to which dark forces are in control of this planet. Widespread depopulation of the west followed by repopulation with Chinese is not outwith the bounds of possibility.

A few weeks ago, 80-year-old Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano began answering a series of penetrating questions from American Robert Moynihan a long-standing Vatican correspondent who refers to the archbishop as the most controversial figure in the Roman Catholic church today.

Archbishop Vigano

The archbishop’s replies include profound criticism of the current Pope and Catholic hierarchy for their betrayal of the faithful and collusion with the ‘deep state’ in pursuit of The New World Order. Commenting on the French Revolution as a Masonic conspiracy that sowed the seeds for the fraudulent democracy we currently endure, the archbishop refers to Liberty, Equality and Fraternity as an unattainable paradise of Masonic counterfeits, which equate to, liberty as licence, fraternity as a pact of conspirators against God and equality as a miserable flattening of individuality. He did conclude with a few words of encouragement although unlikely to move large numbers to salvation. Watch here.  

Archbishop Vigano also prepared a short video message for those supporting ‘No Fear Day’ in Turin, Italy on 15th October. Watch here.

Alex Lyon PhD is a professor in communications. In this short video Professor Lyon analyses Bill Gates’ ‘hinky’ behaviour in response to questions about his association with Jeffrey Epstein. Watch here.   

If you have been following Pispascana news articles and updates you’ll have noticed references to mankind’s dislocation from the land which in my opinion is one, if not the, most significant factor damaging life on earth. It was therefore nice to be told last weekend, that currently large numbers of Russian hippie types who have for years tended to hang out in Goa, are buying plots of land in Crimea with the aim of self-sufficiency. They are fortunate that land is still affordable.

Krym (Crimea) – Belbek Valley

Since Crimea re-joined Russia in 2014, after the western financed coup d’etat in Ukraine, land prices on the peninsula have stayed amazingly low. This is in large part due to many of the wealthy Russians that have overseas involvements nervous about being seen to have an association with Crimea, still the subject of western sanctions. So, it’s an ill wind that blows somebody some good, and those Russians who have no need to associate with western organisations are benefitting. It is possible for any nationality to own land in Crimea or Russia, but that in itself does not entitle the owner to residency status. If you would like to know more about this or visiting Crimea contact here.

Krym – Kuybishev
Krym – Mangup Kale
Krym – Chufut Kale, Bakhchisarai, Black Sea
Krym – Belbek Valley
Krym – Kacha valley
Krym – Tepe Kermen citadel
Krym – Sotira & Boika

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