David Martin has emerged as a leader of resistance against the globalist new world order. His own research compiled during the last 20 years reveals substantial prime source evidence of criminality by senior US public officials to create the current covid chaos. This information has been passed to those within the United States justice system but as yet they do nothing. During October at a libertarian gathering in California David introduced a revised version of the United States Bill of Rights applicable to the present day, on behalf of all the inhabitants of planet earth. The presentation entitled ‘804 years in the making’ from the Charter of the Forest to the present, may be one of the most important messages of our time. Watch here.

You can join David’s Activate Humanity forum here. Visit David’s website here.

This weekend, November 6 & 7, David Martin will be speaking at the Red Pill Expo in Lafayette, Louisiana, USA. Red Pill Expo and Red Pill University are initiatives launched by G Edward Griffin who is about to celebrate his 90th birthday. He has been a lifelong campaigner for personal liberty and justice. You can watch Ed Griffin’s invitation to the Expo here, and join the gathering online by enrolling here.

On 21st October officers of The Royal Canadian Mounted Police presented an open letter to their Commissioner Brenda Lucki protesting the Canadian government ‘vaccine mandate’. The letter covers a range of related matters including the law, censorship and discrimination. At the time of writing over 60,000 officers had committed their support. Read the document here.

Christine Anderson is a German MEP in this recent 2-minute speech she summarises our situation perfectly. Watch here. In a slightly longer video, Christine along with other MEPs, challenge the ‘Orwellian vaccine mandates’. Watch here.     

Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano belies his 80 years of age. As the battle for humanity rages the archbishop is highly energised, sending frequent public messages. The last Pispascana News article, ‘Last Slivers of Light’ included reference to a message by the Archbishop addressing senior prelates in the USA. Archbishop Vigano questions whether or not they are sincerely upholding church values in relation to the current worldwide medical experiment. He insists that it is entirely at odds with Catholic values to inject a substance into humans that allegedly contains human aborted material. On 31st October he issued another message to all the bishops of the Church of Rome asking that they reflect seriously on the suitability of Bergolio as pope. Read here.

This cynical advert confirms everything Archbishop Vigano tells us about these times. Watch here.

Marcia Ramalho is one of the most controversial contributors to the Stolen History website. In this short film she questions many familiar topics and raises questions about the existence of Tartaria. Watch here.

Glorian are the main publishers of the books of Samael Aun Weor’s Gnostic tradition. The website includes courses, lectures, radio channel and podcasts. ‘What is Gnosis?’, is a brief introductory video, watch here. Recently released ‘Map of the Path’ summarises that, watch here. Re-released just last week is this lovely short video, ‘Heal Emotional and Spiritual Pain’, watch here.

Tchaikovsky – Hymn of the Cherubim


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