From 2002 until 2008 I visited Amsterdam regularly, its Schipol Airport is on the most convenient route between Scotland and Ukraine.

At that time Basjoe on the Kloveniersburgwal was run by brothers Leonardo and James. The family arrived in the city from Suriname in the late 60’s to operate a mobile disco so visits to Basjoe were always something of a musical adventure.

The annual treat was Jacob Miller’s Natty Christmas. Everyone who has heard this agrees it’s the best Christmas album ever, here

Thrive II is a film by Foster & Kimberley Gamble. Perhaps the most uplifting section is focused on the free energy inventions of Zimbabwean Sangulani ‘Maxwell’ Chikumbutso the 21st century Nikola Tesla. Sadly these inventions represent such a threat to established groups that there have been numerous attempts on Maxwell’s life. Watch the film here.

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