There is an old Scottish phrase ‘twa laddies are devilment’. For the avoidance of any doubt this literally means that when two people get together, they conspire. By that logic conspiracies are everywhere. Allegedly the term ‘conspiracy theorist’ was a CIA creation. After the Warren commission report was published on the John F Kennedy assassination it was obvious to a huge number of people that, in polite terms, the report came nowhere near reaching a satisfactory conclusion. There was a public hue and cry, and in an effort to discredit those people the CIA instructed the media to refer to them disparagingly as ‘conspiracy theorists.’ It seems the Scots had recognised something different much earlier.

This recognition can also arise as a result of self-knowledge. The quest to know thyself is fundamental to becoming a real human. Through meditation, self-observation and self-remembering we begin to recognise that we do not behave perfectly in every situation. We begin to see that greed, envy and pride and other unpleasant characteristics are too easily projected into our daily interactions. The more we become aware of these failures, we may become motivated to look for something that might help us eradicate this behaviour and become human. Love & wisdom.

Modern culture runs counter to the quest for self-knowledge. Currently the most powerful influence among the majority is social media. Here is a theatre where virtue signalling is positively encouraged thereby creating the illusion that we are more virtuous than is in fact the reality. Nowhere in modern culture are we encouraged to look inwards with an honest and critical eye. If you don’t search to discover your inner darkness there is less chance of seeing it clearly in others. A truthful and honest inner search begins to reveal the intricate working of the mind that justifies greed, envy, pride, lust, desire and ill will toward others. It then becomes much less difficult to understand the extent of criminal conspiracy among those manipulating society. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Once again Archbishop Vigano covers this subject in his Christmas message to the American people. Read here. There are often exceptions to general tendencies and it seems from evidence brought forth by Russian historians that Tsar Nicholas II was one of these exceptions. Watch here. Western mainstream portrayal of Nicholas is not at all complementary. This is not surprising as the western investors who spent vast sums of money through at least two decades to destroy the Russian Empire and murder the Tsar, are still largely in power today, facilitating the covid chaos.

In his weekly video message from 10th December Benjamin Fulford talks about political murder. Watch here. He states that most politicians are terrified by the certainty that if they ‘step out of line’ they will have ‘an accident.’ The best example is mentioned in the opening paragraph of this article. Benjamin describes some other less publicised incidents.

Airey Neave was a British politician who was assassinated in March 1979. He was one of Margaret Thatcher’s closest supporters. His assassination took place exactly five weeks before Margaret Thatcher became British Prime Minister. The group that claimed responsibility for the crime was a splinter group, the Irish National Liberation Army (INLA). The Provisional Irish Republican Army was the main protagonist during ‘The Troubles’ that began in the late 1960’s and lasted for 30 years.        

The INLA claimed a Marxist-Leninist ideology. Coincidentally this is a camouflage that has worked well for the ruling class. Was this INLA such an efficient pre-planning organisation to have speculated correctly that Thatcher’s Conservative party would win the imminent election and that subsequently, Neave would be such a thorn in their flesh that he was worth eliminating five weeks before the election? A quick search to discover who might have funded the INLA yielded no information. Time spent might reveal some information but how reliable?

The stakes were high in Britain at that moment where at no time in documented history anywhere on earth had Trade Unions and working-class people held so much political power. It is possible that the overlords wanted to ensure the ‘Iron Lady’ knew exactly who was in charge from the moment she took office. She went on to reduce the British Trade Union movement from being a political superpower to a relative nonentity, turned working class people against each other, and sold off all of Britain’s national assets right down to the best of the municipal housing.  

The editorial of the British Independent newspaper the day of the first privatisation consisted of a conversation between two laddies. One seemed intelligent and knowledgeable, the other not so smart, was asking questions about the privatisations. The conversation ended with the not so smart laddie asking, but I thought we owned them already?

3 thoughts on “TWA LADDIES

  1. Meister Eckhart (c. 1260 – c. 1328) Sermon One:
    “Here, in time, we are celebrating the eternal birth which God the Father bore and bears unceasingly in eternity, because this same birth is now born in time, in human nature. St. Augustine says, ‘What does it avail me that this birth is always happening, if it does not happen in me? That it should happen in me is what matters.'”
    Translated by Maurice O’C Walshe


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