The Age of Aquarius that began at approximately 8:30 pm GMT, February 4th 1962, is almost 60 years old. The birth chart illustrates the moment when the Sun, Moon and 5 inner planets formed their unique alignment.

Age of Aquarius

These ‘ages’ last approximately 2,140 years. It is understandable that transformations from one age to another do not occur instantly. Given the length of these ‘ages’, intransigent elements might last well into the next age. To put this in perspective, on the basis of a current adult life span of 80 years, the Age of Aquarius is just over 2 years old. Going by the cliché of life begins at 40, the best years will occur from 3032 onwards.     

Age of Pisces traits continue. The established order that has ruled the planet for more than 2000 years is economically and spiritually bankrupt. David Martin has become one of the leading commentators on this subject and last week gave two excellent interviews here & here.

The beast may be dying but it still inflicts suffering and does not go quietly. Until recently 9/11, a criminal conspiracy, was the most extreme demonstration of intent by the ruling establishment since the beginning of the century. That event triggered violence and displacement in the Middle East and erosion of individual liberty everywhere else.

Last week Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano publicly described his own Catholic church as anti-Christian and the covid chaos as a ‘grotesque farce’. There are so many large organisations and institutions full of mediocre bought men and women that are of no benefit to mankind. Fortunately at this moment, there is another end of the stick with a growing number of people striving to end centuries of an inhuman fear driven structure and the aim to create a higher way of being.

What is the inclination that leads us in directions that results in our own downfall?  We have probably all done something in our lives that we knew would not benefit us, but did it anyway. In the case of the ruling establishment they made a wrong turn so long ago that correction is now almost impossible. The mindless preoccupation with material advantage that they have practiced themselves and encouraged in the rest of us for centuries, is still one of man’s prime motivators.

This fundamental error probably existed long before the Age of Pisces. The last age when the astrological predisposition was charitable and maternal was the Age of Cancer which ended approximately 4600BC. We are merely stewards of the planet from one generation to another. Attempts to establish ownership especially when it is not essential for our own well-being or specifically to profit over others causes only suffering. This is not to say that any form of custodianship should be abolished.

Mindless preoccupation with materialism causes our individual vibration to lose intensity. This has a consequence for the planet and beyond as it needs more of us to generate the volume of vibrations necessary for the fulfilment of cosmic obligations.

The Gnostic teaching of Samael Aun Weor, Sufi tradition and the work of Armenian mystic G I Gurdjieff are examples of spiritual traditions that offer us the possibility as individuals to achieve the internal development that can increase our intensity of vibration. Gurdjieff explained that when we as a species increase the intensity of our individual vibration it reduces the need for births and deaths and leads to a reduction in the planetary population. He also commented that there was always a great release of previously difficult to access information, prior to great cataclysms.

The term ‘Kali Yuga’ has become more familiar during the last couple of years. This concept of the ‘end times’ is often associated with a global cataclysm that eliminates the great majority of life on earth. The best known of these events is ‘the flood’, a legend that is repeated throughout many cultures. Some speculate that these cataclysms occur on planet earth regularly. A shift of the poles to the equator is one possible mechanism. Current reports reveal that the constantly moving geomagnetic poles have been moving further since 2014. View the shifting north polar coordinates from 1590-current here.  

Will it be possible for mankind to make a positive Aquarian transformation and avoid a cataclysm or mass genocide? It is a wonderful notion that we are at a point in time when we can create new conditions for ourselves and better future. Do the periodic cataclysms on earth occur as a result of a repeating error by each civilisation? If so could it be possible for the human species at this moment to avoid repeating this mistake or is mankind destined to repeat this error into eternity.

There are those on earth who regularly report on extra-terrestrial contact and their willingness to assist our development. Leading geopolitical commentator Benjamin Fulford opines here that until the little green men land their crafts publicly and mingle peacefully with ordinary people, we should not place any importance in, their assistance, or even assume their existence. We must deal with our own situation on earth and continue to challenge the authorities that have for so long created misery and suffering. He insists that we are in the process of a positive transformation but must not become complacent.

Many anti-establishment commentators only highlight problems and spread as much fear as the mainstream. It has also been known for years that the establishment funds many non-mainstream news channels but during the last couple of years, there are those who provide solutions and encourage us to envisage the world we want to be part of in the future.

There are sources of ancient wisdom that provide examples for the structure of communities that thrive. One such example is the Oera Linda Book that came to public attention in the Netherlands in 1867. Although there is an intense debate on the book’s authenticity that allegedly dates back to 2000BC, it offers profound insight. As well as instruction on ethical behaviour there are reports of cataclysm that flooded a large habitable area which existed between England and the Netherlands. These reports somewhat tie in with events described by William Comyns Beaumont. Catherine Austin Fitts and author Jan Ott discuss the Oera Linda here.

Who profits from the state of humanity? The same difficulties we face today have always been with us. Why is loving our neighbour and suffering the unpleasantness of others so difficult? Why do we feel so much ill-will toward others? Our desires and its associated envy and pride are justified by our easily swayed minds. With our own effort, pliancy and joy toward our own inner development are values we can all have. These are what body and mind want and need. Our highest expressions are love and wisdom. It is the extent of our own personal purification that will determine whether we have some influence over our future.

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