Beware of false prophets that come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly are ravening wolves. Matthew 7:15

Tower of Babel

For the last two years we have been subjected to a well-planned but desperate scheme which may or may not lead to the perpetrators demise. There is a mainstream view that Babylon was established around 1900BC. It is possible there are those among planet earth’s current ruling establishment who can trace their ancestry back to that time. This was allegedly the first city with a population exceeding 100,000 people, the first artificial consolidation of wealth in our current civilisation. The moment we altered our mode of living beyond the simple rural communities which provided all that was necessary, into urban areas where people were disconnected from the land, pursing non-essentials, we were en route to hell. We come from a Garden not the City of Eden!

A continuous modus operandi of taking more and giving less has become deep rooted in the global culture based on our worthless token system. An entrenched parasitic minority controls life on earth by bribery, blackmail and physical violence. Because their system has never created anything of genuine value to our being, and its wealth is an illusion extorted from nature, bankruptcy was always inevitable. In desperation they have resorted to releasing a pharmaceutical hydra of population reduction, surveillance, control and perpetual dependency. This monster will lurk in the shadows of the virtual hell tech wizards have been planning for the survivors.         

Desperation is characterised by certain decisions that appear to have been made hurriedly. They may well have overplayed their hand in Kazakhstan where an attempted coup d’état appears to have failed.

Another example is the scheme to inject young children with experimental gene-therapy to protect them against a potential illness that you may recall we were told some time ago, similar to the flu and common cold, only seriously affects the aged, specifically those with underlying health problems. The risk here for the perpetrators was that parents would rebel against a scheme that is poisoning their children, evident from various national and international official reporting systems. It seems however that deliberately deployed mass formation psychosis currently gripping the bulk of mankind causes those affected to completely lose touch with reality.

Humpty Dumpty

There are reports from non-mainstream media sources of a power struggle within the ruling establishment. In simple terms, those favouring a substantial reduction of the population are opposed to those inclined towards less drastic action. What they have in common is the desire to retain centuries old control over land, labour and capital. It is likely that they will reach some sort of compromise among themselves to ensure continued hegemony. There is already a raft of worthless high-profile personalities that can be used as scapegoats for the corona crime sitting alongside Humpty Dumpty ready for a fall that will more than adequately obscure the real criminals, if ever there is a day of reckoning.

Some suspect, that already deep in the Kali Yuga, our trajectory of degeneration since Babylon is irreversible. The pharmaceutical intervention and its associated behavioural impositions are carrots that would supposedly return us to ‘the good old days’. There were of course no ‘good old days’ just a history of mass carnage, slavery and censorship, but wait, there are those now suggesting we are on the verge of a great awakening for mankind.    

1961, Warsaw welcomes Yuri Gagarin

During the last month astrologers have published their predictions for 2022. Many were excited by what they perceive is the positive potential of a conjunction involving Jupiter and Neptune that reaches maximum intensity on April 12th. Coincidentally this date is 61 years since 1961 when the Soviet Union had us believe their cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin, became the first member of our current civilisation to venture outside earth’s atmosphere into what we commonly refer to as outer space.

Some have interpreted this conjunction as a moment when mankind can collectively ascend to a higher way of being or at least improve on the direction of the last few years. The latter should not be too difficult. Something more I suspect is wishful thinking. Gurdjieff allegedly said words to the effect that if you can’t make a decent cup of coffee how do you expect to create an astral body for yourself. In the same way if you can’t properly dispose of your soda can or plastic container what hope is there that you can ascend to a higher level of being. There are endless examples of mindlessness that make it difficult to foresee some spectacular transformation.

Epstein’s private island of Little St. James, U.S. Virgin Islands
By Navin75 – Little St James Island,
CC BY-SA 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=92325416

Neither does it appear that those in positions of power exist on a higher level of being. Despite living in superior physical comfort for centuries, this small group has wallowed in self-indulgence and ostentation establishing their behaviour as the norm for anybody with material aspirations. The path of degeneration they have followed has enabled them to exploit this weakness in the rest of mankind, but has dragged everybody into their self made hell. Their system doesn’t work.

The Astrologer’s Handbook’ was originally published in 1973. Written by Frances Sakoian and Louis S Acker it achieved its aim of becoming one of the fundamental subject sources some years ago.

Their interpretation of Jupiter conjunct Neptune:

This aspect confers a fertile imagination which can find an outlet in art, music, philosophy and religion, if other factors in the horoscope provide the necessary practical application to put it to use. This conjunction inclines the natives to extreme sensitivity where emotional and psychic proclivities are concerned. Flights of religious ecstasy and mystical absorptions into the astral realms are characteristic, often giving rise to involvement in mystical cults and psychic forms of religion. The tendency is for extreme idealism, which unless the rest of the horoscope indicates otherwise, does not result in much practical common sense or self-discipline.

If this conjunction is afflicted by other planets, the natives may lose contact with reality and live in a world of private fantasy. Although they are well-meaning, they are not necessarily practical or reliable. They often promise more than they can deliver.

There are five major aspects in astrology, conjunction 0˚, sextile 60˚, square 90˚, trine 120˚ and opposition 180˚. They occur when the earth and two planets form one of the angles to + or – 10˚. The effect depends on what planets are involved and can occur collectively or individually. If you think of them as sticks, with two ends, the conjunction is the most balanced from lubrication at one end to friction at the other. Sextiles and trines tend to lubricate our affairs, squares and oppositions vice versa. 

6th Arcanum

Conjunctions often have the greatest potential but require conscious effort to maximise the potential benefit. Making the right decisions moment by moment is the key. The year 2022 equates to the number 6 in the Gnostic mysteries, ‘Indecision’. This ‘Indecision’ is depicted as mankind’s constant dilemma, the moment-to-moment choice between the virgin or the whore, purity or impurity. This process occurs constantly from second to second and depending on our choices determines our level of being. As you can see from the card our feet want for purity but our head is too often distracted in the opposite direction. It is for this reason that collectively we are where we are today.

Highly fertile, the Jupiter Neptune conjunction may have the potential for those of us who are consciously focused, to accelerate our spiritual development. Those of us who have tended to be mislead, will likely find ourselves being further seduced in even more damaging directions.

Problem, reaction, solution is a process continually deployed by the ruling establishment. It is likely that sooner rather than later a glowing personality will emerge who they will present to us as a fake Messiah, a false prophet. This will coincide with mankind stumbling blindly into the fake and heartless world of the AI Meta hell and all of the impurities on offer. What occurs externally can also occur internally. We must always be alert and guard against fooling ourselves that we are making spiritual progress. This is the false sentiment of the I.

Jacob’s Ladder

The spiritual route, the path of purification, is far from easy. Our ego’s are complicated in the extreme, able to constantly misdirect us. Yesterday Glorian first published a newly translated talk by Samael Aun Weor on the transformation of impressions and how we create new egos everyday and how to destroy them. Read here. Jupiter conjunct Neptune has tremendous potential for us all but as always to profit effort is required and honesty with ourselves is crucial.

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