Oh Canada

In Canada a nationwide public protest led by independent truckers, now underway for over 2 weeks, is reaching a pivotal moment. Dr David Martin suspects that corrupt courts will rule in favour of the criminal Canadian government over the constitutionally legitimate public protest. This short interview with Stew Peters given on 11th February covers the main points. Watch here.


NATO is again attempting to distract the western public from real issues with one of its old favourites, the threat of Russia. I was in Ukraine during the 2005-06 Orange Revolution and the 2014 Coup d’état when it was obvious, both were orchestrated by the ‘western alliance’, and did no service to ordinary Ukrainian people. It was July 2018 when I finally met a Ukrainian who rightly called what they have there now, a Civil War. Like most nations Ukraine’s government is rotten to the core and subservient to the globalists.  

At the opposite end of the stick here are three compilations of soothing Orthodox Church music. Sacred Treasures, Sacred Treasures II, Sacred Treasures III


Just as you thought it couldn’t be any worse, we have the disgraceful criminal conspiracy that is leading us to the hell of 5G. ‘The Coming 5G Apocalypse’ a documentary by Sasha Stone portrays what faces us and how the communications industry has even surpassed the pharmaceutical industry in its coercion of elected officials to ensure that challenging its genocidal activity is almost impossible. Watch here.


By and large the global professional class is a state police force, a Gestapo. As their client you are most likely to receive a bill from them when they have ensured you comply with the state. They never carry any of your risk.

And Jesus said, woe unto you also, ye lawyers! For ye lade men with burdens grievous to be borne, and ye yourselves touch not the burdens with one of your fingers. St Luke 12:46

It was therefore quite refreshing to watch an interview of Bosnian lawyer Mirnes Ajanovic  by German attorney Reiner Fuellmich during which Mr Ajanovic described how he has so far defeated Bosnian government legislation to implement what have become familiarly termed as ‘vaccine passports.’ Watch here.  

Miles Mathis

Miles has been in great form in the last few weeks.

‘British’ readers will especially enjoy his exposé of the Michael Collins assassination and ‘Irish Independence’. The article demonstrates how easily we are fooled and manipulated. Read here.

The ‘planned fail of the left’ is a must read to understand how the mass brainwash is implemented. Read here.

Check the chronological list of Miles articles here.

‘The Great Deception’ by William Comyns Beaumont

“We have seen the fate of Babylon after the death of Alexander, whereby Seleucus Nicator, who obtained Babylon with Syria, preferred to build his new capital on the hill-top of the city he named Antioch, also called Seleucia, and left Babylon as a city in decline, its fortifications having been dismantled finally by Darius, its palaces left in ruins, and its famous Temple of Bel a mass of litter.

The decision of Seleucus may be understood in the circumstances but the fact that Seleucus acquired Babylon as a part of Syria is certainly a clear intimation that they went together, and could not have been widely separated. Yet few have paused to consider that the supposed sites of these two cities are separated, as though by an ocean, by a sweltering desert of some 750 miles. It is one of those ancient geographical facts to ponder over if the reader is still wedded to the fairy tale that these two important sites lay in the Orient. The only visible evidence of the alleged Babylon consists of mounds of earth, ruined brick walls, and a few scattered fragments. Nothing but orthodox faith supports the claim of this site.”

“In 134AD the banner of the Messiah was raised with resounding tumult. Portents seen in the sky and the clouds were anxiously watched for the glory which would deliver them from their persecutors, as had happened before in their history. Bar Cocheba, “Son of the Star” was acclaimed as the Messiah. Miracles were ascribed to him; flames were seen to issue from his mouth; excited multitudes flocked to his standard and the whole Jewish nation was in violent convulsion. The heights about Jerusalem, the Mount of Olives and others, were fortified. The hysterical enthusiasm with which the Jews flocked to the standard of the imposter shows how easy it was to delude them with his Messianic belief, supported by their priests, or Druids. The chief Rabbi, Akiba, declared that the prophecy of Balaam – “A star shall arise out of Jacob” – was accomplished, publicly anointed Bar Cocheba “King of the Jews” and placed a crown upon his head; after which, he followed him to the field at the head of 24,000 horsemen, in the capacity of his Master of the Horse. Finally, coins were minted bearing the inscription, “First year of redemption”, the reverse adorned with the insignia of the Scottish Thistle for luck!”

Link to more information and full text here.

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