Carpenter’s Hall, Philadelpia

“Led by humanity’s Unquenchable Light, we pledge to live as stewards of our sanctuary Earth; to honour the inalienable value of the creativity intrinsic to all; to orient our actions to the removal of barriers of access and opportunity; to define our wealth by our character rather than our artefacts; and, to fully live in abundant grace in a spirit of tolerance and mercy; so that we, dwellers of Earth, may be embraced in the illumination of everlasting glory. Amen.”

Invocation prayer given by Dr David Martin to the Young Presidents’ Organization at Carpenter’s Hall in Philadelphia, location of the first Continental Congress on the anniversary of the dedication prayer to commence the gathering in 1774.

In a presentation on Monday 28th February Dr David Martin not only confirmed his comprehensive and objective understanding of the covid criminal conspiracy but introduced his newly launched website ‘Prosecute Now’ that will support an attempt to obtain justice for us all. Watch here.

In March 2020 there was little doubt in my mind that the Global Pandemic was not as governments and their advisors would have us believe. That view was confirmed. It appears that greater state control over the individual, always its aim, but in ‘the west’, generally perceived as less intrusive, than for instance in China, became far more obvious. The most aggressive manifestation of increasing state criminal control is the continuing coercion of people to accept bodily injections of largely untested substances that are proven to be causing death and serious harm. One of the leading lights in opposition to the state terror and establishing our inalienable individual rights which he maintains we have never enjoyed, is Dr David Martin. His breadth of knowledge on these subjects is substantial. David’s work on these matters is worth following.

Dr David Martin

He has inspired the creation of a number of websites.

M-CAM Dr David Martin founded M·CAM® in 1998 and has served as its CEO and Chairman since that time. M·CAM® has been an international intangible asset underwriter and analyst firm spanning work in innovation finance, trade, and intangible asset finance.

David Martin World David Martin, business man, professor, author, storyteller, inventor, global foresight advisor, father, friend and Creator of the MCAM CNBC IQ100 index, specialises in putting humanity back into humans – and business. 

Activate Humanity Supporting people connecting with other humans and our experiences of being human.

Fully Live David and Kim Martin Fully Live!  Using tools developed from over 3 decades of experience with corporations, governments, and individuals, they now share their wisdom on how to be authentically you. 

The institutional covid criminal conspiracy presented by David Martin is interwoven into all aspects of international affairs. It is exactly this type of activity involving the same long established institutions and organisations that today manifests most obviously in Ukraine. Since the end of the Soviet period in the 1990’s there has appeared to be continuous pressure on Ukrainian leaders to reject their country’s centuries old ties with neighbouring Russia in favour of stronger ties to ‘the west’.

Having lived in Kiev from 2001-04 and Crimea 2004-16 before being deported, my own personal experience and view of the current situation there are documented in several articles at Pispascana News; ‘Always in My Heart’, ‘Ukrainian Civil War 2014-?’, ‘Hall of Heroes’ and ‘Making Connections’ are a few.

In his book ‘Architects of Deception, The Secrets of Freemasonary‘ Estonian dissident Juri Lina wrote, “In February 2003 there was a resolution in the Ukraine parliament to prosecute freemasons. They were to be sentenced to 3-5 years in prison; government employees and high-level military officers would get 7-10 years. If a freemason caused someone’s death and harmed the state interests, it would lead to a maximum of 15 years in prison”. He didn’t state whether the resolution was a success. With the benefit of hindsight, we know a few things that happened next in Ukraine.

Second largest denomination of Ukrainian currency, 500 Hryvna
First issued, 2006 showing the Freemasonic Eye of Providence.
The ‘Eye’ has since been removed

That process of Ukrainian ‘westernisation’ has accelerated since the coup d’état of 2014. Washington DC, the City of London and a raft of other obvious and not so obvious establishment groups such as those alluded to by John F Kennedy in his famous ‘secret societies speech‘ are the international parasites who impoverish the majority not just in Ukraine. These global establishment bastions underpin the activities of those David Martin reveals should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law for their leadership of the covid criminal conspiracy. Successful public prosecutions might lead us towards a future with greater transparency in public affairs, exactly what JFK spoke of. Failure to soon eliminate rampant global corruption epitomised in the facts presented by David Martin will almost certainly guarantee that mankind continues to descend rapidly into an incomprehensible hell.

John Fitzgerald Kennedy, 35th President of the United States of America
By Cecil Stoughton, White House
This media is available in the holdings of the National Archives and Records Administration, (NAID) 194255.,
Public Domain,

Also, on Monday 28th February, Andrei Derkach, a pro-Russian Ukrainian politician and businessman, revealed evidence alleging that Ukrainian and American politicians, including the current US President, have been involved in the theft of an estimated $13 billion from Ukraine since 2014. He also made allegations, supported by copies of numerous official documents, that United States government officials have conspired with local Ukrainian administrators to deliberately sabotage reform of the Ukrainian judicial system. Watch here. Even if a fraction of the information provided by Derkach is accurate when combined with David Martin’s work on the covid conspiracy, it seems obvious that our global systems of government and administration are in critical need of fundamental economic and ethical reform.

Tonight, Friday 4th March 2022, Dr. David Martin presents
Understanding our Past to Create a Brighter Future
Tonight @ 7pm MTN , 8pm Central, 9pm EST, 2am Saturday 5th UTC/GMT

Visit ‘Prosecute Now

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  1. Coming soon: “Polygraph Justice” – FBI polygraphers know that undetectable deception is impossible when using a Stoelting Ultrascribe polygraph.


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