Born in Edinburgh, Scotland in 1961, I lived for the next 40 years in that area. I returned in 2016 after being deported from the Russian Federation, see ‘Hall of Heroes‘. From 2001-04 I lived mostly in Kiev, Ukraine and from 2004-16 in a mountain village near Yalta in Crimea, see ‘A Scottish Cossack’. There, I personally witnessed the local public reaction to a coup d’état in Kiev that was part of a long running conflict described in my recent article, ‘Making Connections’. These events provide the ingredients for the contention manifesting in Ukraine today.

Crimea home

This packed Pispascana article covers a range of topics and includes updates on several aspects of the Russian Special Operation that aims to end the current Ukrainian Civil War, underway since mid-2014. This excellent video portrays the persecution suffered for eight years by Russian speaking Ukrainians in the south eastern Donetsk and Lugansk Oblasts of Ukraine. Watch here or here. During that time, three different Kiev regimes, supported by western governments, entirely infiltrated by the same secret societies and mafiosi spoken about by JFK in the early 1960’s, have murdered men, women and children in the ethnic Russian population, destroying infrastructure and economic assets.

There are are likely a range of related criminal agendas being fulfilled behind the camouflage but fundamentally the events currently taking place in Ukraine are the liberation of the Russian speaking minority after almost a decade of savage oppression. It is clear that in Ukraine today the common people, especially those whose preferred language is Russian are in more danger from those posing as their own government than from the Russian Federation. There are recently published videos of ethnic Russian Ukrainians complaining that Russia waited too long to come to their aid. Watch here.

After two years of feasting on covid by the terminally corrupt pharmaceutical industry it is now the turn of the military industrial complex to have their snouts in the trough supplying their murder tools to western governments eager to obey their hidden masters by supporting Ukraine’s degenerate regime. It is widely reported that huge quantities of this ‘military aid’ is traded on to the highest international bidders rather than deployed with the UAF (Ukrainian Armed Forces). Related articles here.    

Russophobia is a deprivation of common sense first promoted by the western European press in the early 1800’s. Tsar Alexander I was the monarch that most strenuously opposed attempts to create a European super state at the post-Napoleonic Congress of Vienna, thwarting the greed of international bankers, bureaucrats and clerics. The great irony today is that so many Ukrainians have been fooled into fighting for the globalist cause, as opposed to preservation of national sovereignty that might be a Russian aim and that many Ukrainians wish for themselves. Since the Pharisees duped the majority to favour Barabbas over Jesus, ruling-class state delivered propaganda has been relentless and the majority of Ukrainians have swallowed an enormous amount of anti-Russian bait offered to them since the end of the Soviet period.


Although Russia is liberating a large number of ethnic Russians and predominantly Russian speakers in Ukraine many may be departing from their wrecked towns to resettle in Russia. What happens next in these already depopulated areas is not easy to predict. Apparently the current population of Ukraine, approximately 45 million, is barely a half of what it was prior to the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution. Some fear that although Russia currently appears to be in conflict with the World Economic Forum and their Great Reset programme that they are still secretly involved in the project and after the military operation Ukraine will be re-constructed into a prototype of the model technocratic control state favoured by the Globalists.   

Another sinister development festering within the Ukraine scenario is the accelerating shift of military and police power entirely into the private sector. This removes notional public transparency and accountability and has already happened to a large extent in Ukraine where international gangster Igor Kolomoisky has for some years allegedly financed some of the more fanatical elements within the UAF. Since 2014 there has also been the presence of foreign mercenaries in Ukraine. It is not a new concept, somewhat modelled on the British East India Trading Company operating from the City of London. During the 17th and 18th centuries they used the British military for their own private gain while building the ambiguously named British Empire. This subject is well covered in a recent broadcast by Brendon O’Connell III. Watch here. Foreign mercenaries or to use the modern term PMC’S (Private military contractors) have participated in wars more than most people would probably imagine.

Regular readers will be familiar with the name William Comyns Beaumont. He wrote four books that combined to illustrate his view that Biblical events we associate with the Middle East actually took place on what we know today as the British Isles. In ‘The Great Deception’ he provides numerous details, concluding that Babylon, Antioch, Jerusalem and Damascus were originally cities in Britain and exist today with their more familiar titles of York, Lincoln, Edinburgh and London. He further concludes that Christianity originates in Britain. Every stick has two ends.    

Gonzalo Ángel Quintilio Lira López. Born 29 February 1968, age 54. Burbank, California

Gonzalo Lira

Ten days ago, Gonzalo Lira a Chilean American disappeared. Most recently he has been broadcasting almost daily on this You Tube channel, from an unknown location somewhere in the East Ukrainian city of Kharkov.

Lira was living in Kharkov with his Ukrainian wife and children for the last few years. It seems that one of his activities has been as ‘Coach Red Pill’, offering advice to males, many who were visiting Ukraine on a quest to meet the woman of their dreams. That channel currently has 322,000 subscribers.  

By his own version of events, he was making a short business trip to Kiev when the ‘Russian Special Operation’ began on 24th February. He immediately began broadcasting a commentary on the situation there. It was obvious from the outset that the local regime would not be pleased by his frank analysis.

Our view coincides in many respects. Foremost, the preference that any disagreement is resolved without resorting to violence. We also both recognise that Kiev regimes since the 2014 coup d’état, have systematically persecuted the ethnic Russian community in Ukraine.    

After a couple of days broadcasting from Kiev it seems that Lira was ejected from the Premier Palace Hotel where he was staying. It became apparent to the management that their guest had suddenly become a popular alt-media figure in Russia. He was lucky to obtain a rail passage out of Kiev, returning to his largely blockaded home city of Kharkov. The city centre where he seems to be located, remains largely intact with all services available. According to his reports there has been constant shelling in the distance, likely on the defended periphery of the city. One of Lira’s frequent comments is that the Russians have not wantonly destroyed major urban infrastructure in the manner we have become familiar with from the United States during and since WWII.

In Kharkov, Lira reported that he had been fortunate, on a couple of occasions, to avoid encounters with the SBU (Ukrainian secret police). During the last few weeks until his disappearance he broadcast almost daily covering a range of topics related to the ongoing situation in Ukraine. During an exposé of the current Ukrainian President, he posted a list of reporter’s names who had been murdered by Ukrainian government authorities for daring to contradict state propaganda. He added, that if at any time he failed to update his Telegram account within 12 hours, we should add his name to the list. Related articles, ‘One Less Traitor, Zelensky oversees campaign of assassination, kidnapping and torture of political opposition’ read here, ‘Risking Nuclear War for a Corrupt Increasingly Repressive Ukraine’ read here.

Also, during the last few weeks, ‘Daily Beast’, an American online ‘news provider’ published an article written by Mark Hay, criticising Gonzalo and his background. The article implied that they had contacted the Ukrainian regime for their comment and to advise them of Lira’s whereabouts.

Lira’s last You Tube broadcast, two weeks ago, was an interview with Scott Ritter, a retired US Marine Intelligence Officer, during which he said little. Apparently, they were in regular contact. The interview was originally scheduled a week or so earlier. One certainty would have been Lira asking advice from Ritter on how he might extricate himself from Kharkov. Unless he somehow managed to elude capture until liberated by Russian forces he was trapped in Ukraine where unable to speak either Ukrainian or Russian language he was already at a terrible disadvantage.

It may be that Ritter advised him to stop broadcasting but the spontaneous manner of his communication breakdown would suggest it was forced rather than chosen. It’s always nice to be optimistic but realistically despite our great survival instinct, for a 54-year-old civilian to escape the net he was in would be almost miraculous. On 20th April Ritter made the following statement on Telegram.

Scott Ritter When Belorussian authorities pulled Roman Protasevich, a blogger who had served a combat tour in the neo-Nazi Azov battalion before working for Radio Free Europe’s Belarus channel out of Prague, off an airplane in May, 2021, on charges of inciting a political opposition (roughly the equivalent of sedition), the world went crazy, accusing Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko of trampling on free speech. Protasevich is alive and well, living under house arrest while awaiting trial.
When reports emerged that Gonzo Lira, a Chilean social media “influencer” who resided in Kharkov, Ukraine, and who published online content critical of the Ukrainian government, was kidnapped, tortured, and murdered by the Kraken Unit, part of the Azov battalion affiliated with the Ukrainian Security Service (SBU), the West is silent.
Free speech isn’t a one-way street. To remain silent in the murder of Gonzo Lira is to be complicit in his death, and the deaths of all journalists who pursue the truth, even if it runs counter to the mainstream narrative. Critical thinking should not be a death sentence. Unfortunately for Gonzo Lira, it seems it was.  113.4K views

Two days later Lira reappeared and provided the following update. Read here. The Cyprus Mail released this report, read here. He later participated in a more extensive discussion hosted by Alex Christoforou of ‘The Duran’ website. Listen here. Two days ago, ‘Moon of Alabama’ website published a new article by Lira. Read here.

Although Lira won’t speak about his detention by the SBU, it appears that he is under some kind of house arrest pending further investigation. It is interesting to note that while the lives of ethnic Russians in Ukraine have been cheap and expendable for those in power there since 2014 the ‘authorities’ are reluctant to liquidate this Chilean American who continues to detail the crimes and degeneracy of the so-called Ukrainian government even since his release from custody.

Alexander Nevsky

Classic 1938 Soviet movie about one of Russia’s greatest heroes. Nevsky has such a presence in Russia that even during the Soviet period it was seen fit to make a movie about an obviously unique individual who was sanctified by the Orthodox Church for his service to Russia. It was refreshing for me to watch this portrayal of a man with conscience who was trusted and led others faithfully without the need for contemporary committee approval. Watch here.

Western Nuclear Energy

‘Why Russia Sanctions is Disaster for West’s Nuclear Energy’ is a question & answer article with Donetsk physicist, Ph.D. Viktor Smolyaninov who describes the tremendous problems facing the western European nuclear industry as a result of Russian sanctions.


Suisse Secrets, Despite two decades of pledges by Credit Suisse to crack down on illegitimate funds, data leaked from the bank reveals that it catered to dozens of criminals, dictators, intelligence officials, sanctioned parties and political actors with outsized wealth.

Some allege that the Russian special operation in Ukraine was deliberately implemented to obscure greater public attention toward the exposé of Credit Suisse Bank by OCCRP (Organised Crime & Corruption Reporting Project).

While there is no doubt the Swiss banking industry collaborates internationally in all manner of crimes the investigating organisation, OCCRP, openly supported by organisations on this list, read here, most if not all of which are embedded in the establishment that has brought our beautiful planet to the sorry state we find it in today, raises the question of motive.

‘Coronagate’. Big Pharma, Switzerland & organised crime. Exposing the House of Savoy, exiled from Italy after WWII, and Roche, the Swiss pharmaceutical giant as major culprits. Watch here.

Grass cutting.

The latest grass cutting season has begun in ‘the west’. Surely one of the most wasteful uses of time and energy ever known to man. On June 1st 2009 while in the boarding area at Warsaw Airport I engaged in conversation with an American businessman who ‘ran away’ from me when I explained how pleasant I found it to live in a country, at that time Ukraine, where most of the grass was eaten fresh by livestock as opposed to ‘advanced western culture’ where annually, men and women expend huge amounts of time cutting, manicuring and disposing of this great natural gift.     

Grass cutters chorus

Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano

80-year-old Archbishop Vigano, regularly featured on this website, continues to challenge the Globalist agenda. In this latest interview published by Rair Foundation USA, full text here, the following video shows excerpts from the interview given to Dr. Armando Manocchia for the Italian TV channel “Canale Italia” on April 2, 2022. The Archbishop discusses the New World Order, the World Economic Forum, and the Great Reset. He also explains the attacks he has endured due to opposing Globalists and their New World Order. Watch here.

Related article, ‘Plausible Deniability, the Jesuits and Citizen Cain’, read here.

Moderately good news from Africa.

John Magufuli was President of Tanzania when the Covid crime became public. Hugely popular among his people he opposed all international attempts to coerce Tanzania into compliance with the Globalist crime cartel. Read here.

Mutiny on the Bounty

On the 233rd anniversary of the well-publicised mutiny on the HMS Bounty please take a few moments to read Miles Mathis recently published analysis of the events and his speculation on the real mission of His Majesty’s Navy. Transportation of bread fruit plants from Tahiti to the West Indies. The more you say it, the more ridiculous it sounds. Read here.   

HMS Bounty II with full sails on Lake Michigan near the Port of Chicago for the 2010 Great Lake Tall Ship Challenge.
By Dan Kasberger – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0

It’s all very well pointing to and voicing opinion on the relatively obvious injustices so common in life that the majority accept almost without question. The ability or motivation to observe this predicament which some believe is an awakening is in itself not necessarily beneficial. Whether this questionable developing awareness, often difficult to disseminate, due to deliberate attempt to overload us with bogus information, leads mankind to a brighter future is optimistic given available, and also questionable documented history. That said, there do seem to be guides and tools freely available for each of us to conduct our own personal experiments with the aim of discovering real truth, internal purification and raising our level of being. You can find some of these sources here.

Little Louie Vega feat. Blaze – Brand New Day

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