As we approach another Mercury Retrograde, commencing, 12:41 hours UTC, Tuesday May 10th until 08:56 hours UTC, Friday June 3rd, this short Pispascana update focuses attention on the News section of the website where a short summary has been attached to each of the headlines. This addition makes it easy to see the main content of each article. Please forward the page link, here, to your friends and associates. See Pispascana News here.

As we are already in the pre-shadow period prior to Mercury Retrograde I’m not overly inclined to say much for a few weeks. It’s always a time to walk even more softly and with an lower expectation than usual. Big plans or moves at this time tend not to work our as planned.

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Recent news articles and broadcasts.

Brendon O’Connell III in his most recent free access broadcast is adamant that the need to act is urgent rather than merely posting ineffective online protest comments. His opinion is that control of the internet and global technology has already been largely conceded to Israel and states it is offline activity that scares the establishment. This is where they have less control, remember the good old days before ‘smart phones’. Watch his latest broadcast here.   

‘Van Man’ made this comments on the broadcast. Thanks for another informative and entertaining video Brendon. I just can’t understand why in the world you think you are going to change anything? You are a real smart guy with some interesting tidbits of what is going on but guys like you have been around for decades telling the world what is going on and yet nothing changes, why? No it’s not because the few of us that have eyes to see and ears to hear are not handing out enough tri fold brochures on every street corner, it’s because no one cares. Since when did anyone care about any of this? Never have and never will. We had the most powerful man on earth performing miracles, walking on water, battling the Prince of Darkness and winning but did anyone listen to Him? No they murdered Him, that’s how much they wanted to know about their own salvation let alone Global Conspiracies. It’s not about waking other people up or changing the world order it’s about saving your own soul and that’s all there is at the end of the day. So enjoy the shit show and revel in the madness because you are all that matters, no one else.

REPLY  Pachacuti. Couldn’t have said it any better brother, only divine intervention will change this evil world.

REPLY  Van Man. That’s right brother, For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. Ephesians 6:12

These comments struck a chord with me. I too recognise Brendon’s presentation skills and sharp wit but agree with Van Man that Brendon’s ability is probably wasted in the alt-media arena which in truth is largely an asset for the ruling establishment. Brendon has obviously recognised that offline activity is where the status quo can be most seriously undermined but with what realistic aim? Brendon refers to ‘big picture’ strategies for control of the world but this is laughable when you realise that practically no one can control themselves. Pachacuti mentions divine intervention. He is correct but did he mean divine intervention within ourselves or is he one of those expecting a miraculous gift for nothing.

It is easy to see the corruption and injustice that thoroughly contaminates the material plane. Our real challenge is to remove the beam from our own eye before we address the flaws of others.

Aletho News recently published a summary of dubious offshore banking activity by Ukraine’s President. Read here. Much of this information was detailed in the Pispascana article ‘Prosecute Now’ where evidence is presented in a video broadcast by Ukrainian opposition politician Andrei Derkach.

Jonathan Turley, an American Law Professor is not a typical source for Pispascana but an article he published on May Day draws attention to the relentless degradation of ‘western society’ that half a century ago was perceived by many as the beacon of human enfranchisement. Now establishment standard bearers such as The New York Times and in Turley’s current example, The Washington Post, reveal their Israeli/Khazarian bias by attempting to justify censorship and the suppression of free speech a la The Protocols. Read here.

Benjamin Fulford continues to maintain his stance that mankind is on the verge of defeating the descendants of Babylon who became the Khazars and have enslaved our planet for more than 2000 years. He qualifies this by stating, the cult will not concede power easily, many of their alleged practices are barely believable, and because now they are more backed into a corner than ever, they are dangerous and unpredictable. Read here. Only available from today, Fulford’s free access broadcast from 29th April. Watch here.

Human Identity

During Easter weekend I read the last four chapters of ‘Knowing How to Know’ by Idries Shah. It’s not the first book I have read by this man who dedicated his entire life to making Sufi tradition more accessible to us in ‘the west’. In my opinion the entire book was packed with insight and, whether or not the Easter atmosphere was a factor, the concluding four chapters seemed to contain even more value. It is of course questionable whether this assessment is in tune with Sufi teaching but in terms of my own wish to share what I imagined was a worthwhile experience and might also be a benefit to you, how else to communicate this idea?

This book and several others written by Idries Shah are presented in the form of questions and answers. The answers are usually no more than a couple of pages.

Q. How concerned are people, really, about their identity, about who or what they are, and whether what they think and do is real or just habit and instinct?

A. They are so concerned about this, that they think of very little else, though they do not realise it. It is very easy however, to observe that this is what is happening, if we only examine what people say, think and do from the point of view of whether it is connected with their identity and/or their perception of themselves and of others. The interesting thing is that they seldom suspect that this is their obsession.

Anyone can check this – the fact is that few people do. Take, as I have, the current issue of a magazine with a monthly sale of over thirty million copies in thirteen languages. List the articles and other items. Before you have got through half of the pages, you will find no less than a dozen items about identity. There is the British Ambassador in Washington worrying about his identity, a rector’s wife feeling that she has lost hers, a piece on what the relationship of computers should be with humans, two others on the position and identity of immigrants, one on twins and how their identity is affected, a joke about identity through appearances – and so on, through a long catalogue. In the first hundred pages of the same periodical, there are no less than twenty-five pieces on personality perception. They include how Pablo Casals feels when playing, how Onassis projected his personality onto entertaining, a piece on identifying oneself by how one speaks, and much, much more: all adding up to how people feel about themselves and about others.

Compared to this there is hardly anything about other subjects. You could have answered your own question by looking at people and their media intake.

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