Alexander Cuts the Gordian Knot (1767) by Jean-Simon Berthélemy

Asha Logos has been a permanent feature at Pispascana History & Culture section. He began publishing internet content four years ago. Primarily videos and podcasts are posted to his own website, and until recently at Patreon. He supports his work by regularly posting comments at Gab here.

Last Sunday, May 8th 2022, he published the latest video to his ‘Subverted History’ Series, ‘Alexander the Great – Lion Amongst Men’. A huge amount has been written about Alexander. A few years ago, I read the Alexander Trilogy by Valerio Massimo Manfredi. Published in the late 1990’s the series became an international bestseller. My own opinion is that the fictional dramatization portrayed Alexander rather negatively. Asha Logos bestows more credit to Alexander, observing that to reach such an unparalleled level of achievement was only possible by a quite exceptional human-being. He also focuses his reporting to historical quotations with limited speculation. Watch here. Launched three years ago the Subverted History series of roughly hour-long presentations includes the Scythians, Troy, the Goths and a three-part series on the legendary ‘Oera Linda Book’, full listing at ‘Stolen History’here.

Mainly fifteen-minute podcasts entitled ‘In Pursuit of Clarity’ outline Asha Logos’ ideas on popular issues in a highly articulate but understandable manner. Maybe not quite ‘pub language’ but easily understood by the majority of English language speakers. The most recent longer podcast, ‘In Defense of Tribalism’ highlights among many observations, consequences of the insanity implanted in large numbers of the white American and European societies since WWII.


Last Saturday on the Bibliotecapleyades weekly update, Novedades Semenales, the article ‘Dismantling the Transhumanist Agenda’ by Dr Joseph Mercola was one of the dozen or so selected as among the best of the previous week. Read here.

Bibliotecapleyades Novedades Semenales is always worth a look. Their selected articles of the week are published at 1pm UTC every Saturday.


Prajnaparamita: “Perfection of Wisdom”
“All of us are victims of the law; karma falls on each of us like a bolt of revenge. We err and we err again, and karma punishes us and punishes us again. “We are in a world of causes and effects. Every harsh word (for example) that we utter will later fall on us like a bolt of vengeance. We do evil and receive evil; and there is no effect without cause or cause without effect… This is the machinery of relativity within this machinery of relativity everything is processed according to the law of cause and effect. All of this terrible chain of causes and effects has enslaved us in this valley of bitterness, in this cosmic dust cloud…”In this world of associations and combinations, the only thing that exists is pain. We need to get out of this world of combinations and take the great leap to immerse into the illuminating void, and subsequently enter the great reality, the totality, free life in its movement.” But this would not be possible if we did not explore ourselves deeply to discover our psychological defects: anger, greed, lust, envy, pride, laziness, gluttony, etc. They are the multiple defects that we carry within, and each of these is the head of a legion…”In the Egyptian doctrine these are known as the red demons of Seth. These are the psychic aggregates that we carry within, the living personifications of our psychological defects.” It is necessary to disintegrate them, to turn them into dust of the earth, into cosmic dust, in order to awaken our consciousness and take the great leap, the “bold leap” that will allow us to immerse into the illuminating void and later enter the bosom of the great reality… “Let it be understood, once and for all, that this matter of the elimination of psychic aggregates belongs to the science of the consciousness. Let it be understood once and for all that it is the most important thing. While the consciousness is embedded within our ego, within our defects, within hate, within anger, within envy, within jealousy, etc., the awakening of the consciousness is more than impossible.” -Samael Aun Weor, Spirituality, Materialism, and the Experience of Ultimate Reality

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