We are now deep into Mercury Retrograde. Fingers crossed three vehicle breakdowns so far will be the lot. Wishing you all a road that is smooth for the remainder, ends 08:56 UTC, Friday 3rd June.

Next Tuesday night will be exactly 11 years since I made an overnight bus trip from Victoria Station, London to Amsterdam. It was the third stage of a 15 day land journey from Scotland to Crimea where I would remain for the next 5½ years, experience a coup d’état and end up being deported.

The day began on The Tor at Glastonbury before 3 bus and 2 train rides propelled me to London where I realised how fortunate I was after seeing the razor wire on the wall of Buckingham Palace.

The Amsterdam bus was full so I did something I had never done before, sat in one of the two front seats. The adjacent seat was occupied by Sebastian, a Professor of Philosophy, at Harare University in Zimbabwe. The journey began with a wonderful ride through the streets of London. The enormous windscreen of the continental tour bus provided a fantastic view as the skill of our highly experienced Dutch driver enhanced the experience. Since that night I have always tried to obtain the front seat. It’s surprising how often it’s left unoccupied.

As we proceeded into the Kent countryside, en route to the Port of Dover, the conversation ranged in topic. Our relative domestic situations were discussed and when I asked him if he grew any fruit or vegetables in his garden the comment was ‘too many monkeys’. The choice there was simple. In order to grow food you must remove the trees which attract the monkeys and also deny you shade from the sun, so no kitchen garden for Sebastian.

Monkeys are prominent in one of this weeks featured videos. A presentation by Kim and David Martin explains how the globalists, who for decades have spent fortunes making monkeys out of most of us, will, probably attempt to use monkeys as a theme this summer to create another mass formation illusion that will inflict more pain and suffering on the world population. Mass formation psychology was recently analysed in great detail by Professor Mattias Desmet for the Court of Public Opinion Covid Inquiry. Watch here.

Only time will tell the extent of ill-conceived plans from conception to hatching during the current Mercury retrograde. In terms of comment the content is rich in this time of great upheaval. There are many excellent articles listed up ahead. Opposing forces are in constant conflict. Reconciliation, familiar to all of us in personal and community terms, is not so much the unification of opposites as the uncovering of the basic truth of the situation masked by subjectives.

My generation, the first to be heavily influenced by television were largely unable to recognise the extent to which they were being flattered and mislead until it was too late, unable to see beyond the next token of material gratification. All that is left is a shrug of the shoulders and death. It is also common to believe that the world should do it our way, and one way or another, some with that view have accumulated sufficient resources, to deploy them with the aim of creating a centrally managed technological control system, that will render us all even more compliant zombies than we are already. A short video from Before its News, entitled ‘This is what the DNA swab collection and 5G is for’ is a stark reminder of what is happening camouflaged by more obvious distractions. Watch here.

Dilemma or balancing act I’m not sure, but challenging a monster on its own terms does not seem to be an intelligent tactic. Collective salvation is nowhere near an agreed-on aspiration. There are those making great effort to assist the liberation of as many of us as are motivated and make time to face the challenge. For those inclined, the series of thirteen audio lectures broadcast by Gnostic Radio at Glorian on ‘The Book of Revelation’ is a map that offers great support. Some additional background reading may be necessary.    

Hard-hitting twelve minute interview with David Martin during which he dispels any illusions people might have about the nature and aims of ‘Prosecute Now’, his campaign to challenge criminal acts of those individuals and organisations behind the covid conspiracy. Watch here.  

Latest must watch presentation by David & Kim Martin which starts with David reminding us that co-founder of Facebook, Dustin Moskowitz was one of the main conspirators in the covid crime and that he is now in the process of attempting to repeat the ‘monkey business’. Likely coming very soon. Continued here.

If you are looking for an example of ‘clever boys and girls’ that are flattered, mislead, lose their way and end up marionettes in bad company here are links to the three conspirators at the Nuclear Threat Initiative (NTI) highlighted by David during the presentation; Jaime Yassif, Kevin O’Prey & Christopher Isaac.   

“NTI is the best buy on earth for increasing the probability that humanity will reach its glorious potential”. Warren E Buffet, Chairman of the Board & Chief Executive Officer, Berkshire Hathaway.
While attaching links for Yassif, O’Prey and Isaac I noticed the Buffet quote. Thankfully I will resist the sort of comment many would deem it deserves.

Current listing of Kim & David Martin 2022 live appearances, here.

Two Russian soldiers sitting on the rubble of Washington DC, smoking cigarettes together. One says ‘you know I have one regret’. The other replies, ‘what’s that?’ Reply, ‘we didn’t win the propaganda war’.

The propaganda tsunami emanating from Kiev since the beginning of the Ukrainian Civil War in 2014 has been relentless. While there is no doubt that all nation states and corporations spew out toxic psychological contaminants on behalf of their controllers there is also no doubt that for the best part of the last decade those masquerading as a government in Ukraine, and criminal associates, have been wilfully engaged in the murder of their own predominantly Russian speaking civilian population, including children, of the Dontesk, Lugansk and Odessa Regions in the south east of the country. This ongoing murder was cited by the Russian President as the main reason for direct Russian Federation intervention in the Civil War.

Alley of Angels, Donetsk, Ukraine
Memorial commemorating the children murdered by successive Ukrainian governments during the Civil War that began in 2014.
Аллея ангелов в Донецке. Памяти погибших детей Донбасса. Находится в Калининском районе Донецка,
на бульваре Шевченко, в сквере Городского дворца пионеров (Парк Победы)
By Andrew Butko, CC BY-SA 3.0,

The image above is a symbol that all these virtue signallers that ‘support Ukraine’ are not even aware of or conveniently ignore. Despite this indisputable fact, the West; US, UK, their Israeli masters and the marionette in Kiev dancing to their globalist controllers are war criminals, rather than some sort of statesmen, as presented by the corrupt mainstream media.

‘The War on the Sacred’, is a superb article published 10 days ago by Mike Kay and featured at the Jack Heart blog spot. Those who want to be Gods, can’t stand the real ones! Read here.

OILIGARCHY: The Real Reason Behind The EU’s Drive To Embargo Russian Oil – By Tom Luongo

“…Unfortunately, we are living through a time where the most powerful people in the world (at least in their minds) are openly trying to destroy the petroleum market for their own purposes and agenda. They are actively working to make oil and gas prices volatile to the point of destroying investment in the industry…I call these people The Davos Crowd..They are the unelected oligarchs, bankers, hereditary power and newly Made Men (in the mafia sense) who gather at Davos, Switzerland, every year to decide on the future of humanity” Read here.

Zyush Zworld channel features Yuri Podolyaka a Russian speaking Ukrainian from the city of Sumy. Using his extensive local network Yuri reports almost daily on the military situation in Ukraine.

Excellent article published yesterday on Veterans Today, written by Eric Zuesse, entitled, ‘US doesn’t want to protect Ukraine, it wants to defeat Russia’. Read here. Unfortunately the current fighting is taking place in the area of Ukraine where the majority know that it is Kiev and its controllers that are the enemy. I spoke about this weeks ago in the articles Hall of Heroes and Making Connections.

I’m not certain of the exact date when the website first appeared. Even the alternative media websites have either written off the story as an elaborate hoax or ignored it altogether.

The story caught my attention when Bibliotecapleyades published an article that was removed soon after. There are still copies there in Spanish and Italian language. For added interest there is the connection with one of Scotland’s most mysterious historic buildings, Glamis Castle, a mere 25 miles or 40-minute drive from my current base. At the time I felt it would make an article. Thankfully it can now be removed from the to do list.

Somerset-Belenoff is allegedly Elizabeth Somerset Feodorovna Bowes-Lyon Belenoff, born May 1, 1953, originally thought to have been born at Glamis Castle but subsequently updated at the main information source to Paramaribo in Suriname where her parents were historically involved in the local Rosebel Gold Mines.

Allegedly the only known photograph of Ms. Belenoff from circa 1970

The website is operated by a group that call themselves the ‘Shadow Watchers’. They allege that Ms. Belenoff is related to the British Royal Family. The Bowes-Lyon element of her title is the maiden name of the current Queen Elizabeth’s mother who was born and raised at Glamis Castle. The castle that dates from 1372, is one of Scotland’s oldest buildings, on the site of a much older royal hunting lodge. The castle somehow managed to survive four centuries of frequent turbulence in Scotland that ended with the defeat of the Jacobites at Culloden in 1746. Since then, in terms of armed conflict, the British Isles has been by far the most peaceful country on earth.

The castle and Glamis village that borders the estate are likely both Freemasonic hotspots although that could probably be said of Scotland in general. During my teenage years family business guests were always taken to Glamis and entertained in the village at the Strathmore Arms named after the Earl of Strathmore who traditionally resides at Glamis Castle. The current Earl somewhat tarnished the family’s public reputation when he was recently convicted in a local court having plead guilty to sexual assault.

It wasn’t until many years later that I discovered my father was a relatively senior Freemason undoubtedly benefitting from the association for a time. Thankfully he recognised that my induction would, similar to the majority, only have resulted in an inflated ego, so I never became ‘one of the gang’. With the benefit of hindsight, I strongly suspect that by the time of his death in 2000, he had become disillusioned by the organisation. In the early 1990’s a senior Scottish banker, almost certainly one of ‘the brethren’, withdrew support from our family business on the basis that, ‘the computer wouldn’t allow it’. My father died prematurely at the age of 69 after over a decade addicted to big pharma treatment.       

The castle is well-known locally as being haunted. One of the many possible characters wandering the castle corridors is ‘The Monster of Glamis’. In 2012 The Smithsonian Magazine published this article on ‘the Monster’, read here.     

The Shadow Watchers go on to allege that having displayed unusual psychic power from an early age Elizabeth graduated in mathematics. During her late teenage years, known as Lilibet, she frequented the London Rock and Roll scene of the late 1960’s. They quote a story allegedly published in the music paper ‘Melody Maker’ from 1969 where Peter Grant, manager of rock band ‘Led Zeppelin’ describes an outing with Lilibet and band member Jimmy Page where she performed some powerful magic. Read here. Unfortunately, there is no precise issue date or photo of the article. Peter Grant’s Wikipedia profile seems to indicate he would have been easily capable of a little exaggeration to promote ‘the band’. Led Zeppelin were known for their fascination with the self-styled ‘most evil man on earth’, Aleister Crowley, for a time owning one of his former properties, Boleskine House on the shore of Loch Ness.     

The real crux of the story is how in her mid-twenties, Ms. Belenoff , Countess of Banbury and Arran, was appointed by Queen Elizabeth as her representative within a group they describe as ‘Wettin World Governing Council’. Allegedly this aristocratic organisation emanates from the House of Wettin, one of the oldest surviving dynasties in Europe. Having initially been installed as a committee member ‘the Watchers’ allege that she almost immediately instigated a power struggle within the council during which she gained full control and now literally oversees the entire global ruling establishment. Current senior agnate of the House of Wettin is Michael, Prince of Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach. Michael has no male heir so the title will pass to his cousin, Wilhelm Ernst. ‘The Watchers’ allege that the death of Wilhelm’s 41-year-old son Georg-Constantin in a riding accident in 2018, was not accidental as reported, and that Lilibet was responsible for his untimely demise that made her heir to the Wettin title.

A young lady named Tiamet Marbani is listed at Linked In as Chief Technology Officer for the World Governing Council, based in Luxembourg. Her profile also displays a connection with Imperial College, London. You might recall one of their personnel, Neil Ferguson, was responsible for the grossly inaccurate computer model that was used as justification to terrorise the public into accepting Chinese Communist Party tactics in dealing with the fake pandemic.

Also listed at Linked In is a Callum McCoinneach formerly a senior officer with Police Scotland, shown as Director, Investigative and Prosecutorial Branch at Wettin World Governing Council. Coincidentally Tiamet and Callum both list Richard Branson as influencers.

A website entitled Glamis Calling is alleged to have been launched in 2019 to facilitate in house blog and cryptic messaging. The site has been inactive since April 2021 suggesting those behind the probable hoax became disinterested and found something more useful to do with their time.

All of the articles written on the subject of Ms. Belenoff are simply adaptations of the existing information provided by ‘The Watchers’. There are a couple of people who claim to have been contacted by Ms. Belenoff but these reports are highly questionable. The only new angles I could see possible to investigate were a visit to the Isle of Arran, off the west coast of Scotland, where it was alleged, she maintained a base and see if It could be found. Second, and the easier option, was to cast Lilibet’s astrological birth chart for May 1st 1953 in both Paramaribo and Glamis. This would provide a clue as to whether someone born on that day in either location would manifest traits typical of a character such as Ms. Belenoff. Fortunately, before finding time for the visit to Arran which I would much like to do given that it is allegedly the place of my conception, the Watchers posted an update stating that she no longer maintained a residence there.

Astrologically we can gather some quite reliable information even without a precise birth time. Using noon as the birth time, we are unable to see exact house positions but the aspect set, that is specific angles formed between earth and two other planets are fairly accurate, so do provide some clue to whether an individual born on that day has the potential to display the characteristics described for ‘the lady’ in question.

This was where the investigation did become more interesting. There is no doubt that a person born on 1st May 1953 would have well developed occult inclination and strong innate executive ability not necessarily benevolent.

The following are interpretations for a few of the strongest aspects applying to those born on the day in question.
Saturn Conjunct Neptune♆: You have good organizational skill, excellent business sense and mathematical and political ability. If well aspected, you have mental steadiness and powers of concentration in meditation, use of clairvoyant faculties and mature spiritual insight and compassion based on practical experience. You’re able to use inspiration practically and in concrete forms of expression, especially in the arts and music. You question everything and distrust others, although no one can deceive you for long. You’re apt to be negative in outlook and subject to moods of depression and futility, often preferring to retreat rather than relate. If afflicted, you can have a morbid imagination or be subject to destructive psychic influences and should avoid drugs or entanglement with psychic forces. If the twelfth house is involved, you may be institutionalized. Your profession may involve secret or behind the scene activities, and if afflicted, you may be involved in foul play, intentionally or not. You work hard at chosen subjects. You must learn to properly channel intuition and imagination. You always operate on your own logic and reason.

Saturn Sextile Pluto: You’re ambitious, energetic, powerful, tolerant and able to organize and control the power of your will. Opportunities to regenerate come through hard work and discipline. Your ability to arouse enthusiasm in others allows you to get much accomplished. You’re able to concentrate and can have scientific ability in physics and mathematics. You use power wisely and decisively and don’t fear competition. You know your own shortcomings and can objectively evaluate them. You’re able to get the opposing factors and tendencies of the two planets into coherent perspective.

Mercury Trine Pluto: In a few cases, reality is understood to be interplay of energies. In most people, this manifests as an ability to get at the root of things. You’re analytical, courageous, diplomatic, individualistic and witty but can also be crafty. Your thinking is restless and you have sudden changes of opinion, but you have the ability to improve your mental abilities and your manner of communication. You have good concentration, deep comprehension and the ability to use your willpower intelligently. You like competition, possibly because you can exert influence over others. You may expect too much from others. You’re usually able to release nervous tension easily.

Sun Sextile Uranus♅: You’re original, independent and highly intuitive with a strong magnetic healing force. You’re broad-minded, popular and a humanitarian, but you’re not always tactful. You’ll have a successful career through your own ingenuity and may be a leader of reform movements or thinkers and inventors. If you join a movement, you’re totally dedicated to it. Your strong mental perception allows you to achieve the impossible. You have a sense of drama that finds a positive expression through things you do. You’re interested in the occult and particularly in astrology. In a woman’s chart, she’s a pal to men rather than a soul mate and, if she marries, her spouse is probably some type of authority figure.

Mercury Conjunct Venus♀: You’re optimistic, very charming, gracious, diplomatic, easy-going and have a mind that is refined and artistic, disliking coarse or crude behaviour. You have literary talent, often in poetry, and are able to speak and write gracefully. You usually do and say the right thing at the right time. You can make money writing or in communication. You enjoy people and your mental endeavours often involve some sort of partnership. You usually have goodwill towards others and are able to understand relationships. Your actions are based on what will produce the most beauty, harmony and balance and you can actually improve your health this way. You have a calm mental outlook but, if afflicted, may be a social butterfly with a fickle mind.

My greatest reservation is that the Sun aspects, generally viewed by astrologers as foundational, are not especially favourable with the exception of a sextile to Uranus described above. That said it is not unreasonable to speculate that a powerful individual could have been born on that date especially given the huge significance of personal environment in our development. I suspect that most astrologers would pick the Paramaribo chart as the most powerful but its not a certainty.

Maybe the most difficult question to answer is, what would be the motivation to create such an elaborate hoax. What is the aim? There is still no conclusive and widely agreed identity of those individuals and groups who wield the ultimate power on this planet. Whoever wrote the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion in the late 1800’s seemed to have a fairly good idea how life on earth would proceed but nobody is willing to accept responsibility for that document. It is one of the greatest tragedies of our existence that so much activity is carried out ‘in secret’ always justified by hand-wringing Pontius Pilate, the demon of the mind.

‘How the British Super Elite & London Banksters Rule the World Today’
State of the Nation, May 18 2022

‘The History of Money, Warlord Banksters & the Worship of Mammon’
by Douglas Gabriel


One of the largest online alternative information repositories. Here is a list of the selected ‘Novedades Semanales’, Weekly News articles from the last two weeks. You can find Spanish and Italian language versions here.

The Final Battle for Humanity – It is ‘Now or Never’ in the ‘Long War Against Homo Sapiens’
Were Ancient Martians murdered by Nuclear Bomb-Dropping Aliens? – An Investigation
Ukraine-Russia and the World Economic Forum – A Planned Milestone towards “The Great Reset“?
The Corona Virus is just a Concept that only Exists on Paper
Klaus Schwab WEF and UN General Secretary Guterres signed an Agreement to accelerate Agenda 2030
Scientists baffled as two Mysterious ‘Continent-sized’ Blobs found inside Earth’s Core
Face Mask Usage correlates with Higher Death Rates – New study
V.A.S.T. – A Revolutionary Approach to Revolution
In Test Tubes, RNA Molecules evolve into a ‘Tiny Ecosystem
The 100 year of ‘UFO ET Cover Up’ – Timeline of Events, People and Organizations
Contacts with Galactic Federation of Worlds
A Water-rich World in the Inner Solar System-that isn’t Earth
Bill Gates’ Dream” to Control the Planet through the World Health Organization is becoming Closer to Reality
The Media Control and Storming ‘Fort Orthodox’ – Strategies to break through the Bubble
Russian Sanctions on Europe – VIDEO
Big Pharma set to control ‘Entire Food Supply’ – Monsanto-Bayer and Bill Gates join hands
Why THEY Need World War III
Have People Been Given the Wrong Vaccine?
Biden Administration creates ‘Ministry of Truth’
Increase in Reactivated Viruses following COVID-19 Booster Shots – Dr. Richard Urso
The Gospel According to Soul
Titan – Space experts think Saturn’s moon could be ‘like Earth’
Vandana Shiva on the Taking Down of Bill Gates’ Empires
The Inflated Ego – Some Unexpected ways it Enslaves, Dominates and Fools You
Internet Censorship 2022 – A Global Map of Internet Restrictions
Covid – The Destruction of Institutions and Beyond
Overcoming the Noble Lie – Great Narratives and Compelling Futures
Elon Musk – Champion of Free Speech or Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing?
Human DNA Headed to Moon “Seed Vault” for Aliens to Find
Secrets of the Moon’s Permanent Shadows are Coming to Light
Russia is Being Hacked at an Unprecedented Scale
Searching for Planet 9
World Economic Forum believes People are “Useless Eaters” – Views their “Brains and Bodies” as product
Spirituality vs. Religion – Some Differences with Pros and Cons
Does the COVID Jab ‘Kill More People than it Saves‘…?
How Elon Musk Stacks Up against Klaus Schwab and the WEF

Re-highlighted by Veterans Today,  ‘Return of the Titans’ by Jack Heart. Over 100,000 visits since published, October 2014. Read here.

As always Brendon O’Connell III and Benjamin Fulford both offer interesting perspectives on current events. Brendon focuses on the dominant role of Israel in international affairs and its control of the United States. Benjamin is accused by many of being a hopium merchant as he continues to present an optimistic view that our 2500 year oppression under what he calls the Babylonian cabal is coming to an end and that mankind is about to enter a new golden age of peace and prosperity.

Last but far from least, in one of his finest articles yet, Miles Mathis has produced yet another excellent investigative piece where he provides substantial and almost irrefutable evidence that English King Henry VIII, who we all thought was one of history’s great womanisers, was actually gay. A much larger sub-plot, ties in well here with the Somerset-Belenoff tale and European dynastic intrigue. The second last paragraph on page 7 maybe the best. Read here.

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