Before proceeding with the main article a few short notes.

Probably the biggest current news story being ignored by mainstream media is a mass protest in the Netherlands. The Dutch farming community have recently been advised by their national government that they should expect their businesses to be substantially reduced, and in many cases closed, as a result of climate change reforms. They are not accepting this quietly and have been joined by German and Polish farmers. The situation is tense. Dutch police fire at farmer. Watch here. Various other links here.  

Two-minute video of a US local government hearing where an Englishman, who presumably became an American citizen, shows his precise comprehension of the Constitution. Watch here.

Two excellent interviews and a short address by Dr David Martin all released on 10th July. In the first David goes beyond his usual eagle-eyed view of the organised crime fake pandemic and talks about a range of associated topics including the high human cost of lithium batteries. Watch here. In the second shorter release on Telegram David speaks about the deadly use of Remdesivir and his family connections with Freemasonery. Watch here. Finally in a short 4 minute clip David provides an update on the court cases he has been facilitating against the US Government for their criminal involvement in the covid conspiracy. Watch here.

Came across this while reading Idries Shah’s, ‘Learning How to Learn’.
Some things never change…….
Except in days gone by it does seem that the press were more honest…….
“Thirty thousand Americans die each year as a result of taking medicines prescribed by their doctors. Ten times that number need hospital treatment because of the adverse reactions produced by medicine.”
Daily Telegraph (London) 29th January 1976, p19, col1,
Quoting the Boston Collaborative Drug Surveillance Programme.

“The underlying aim Surkov said, was not to win the war, but to use the conflict to create a constant state of destabilized perception in order to manage and control.”
A quotation frequently used by Brendon O’Connell in his broadcasts.


During the last few days, I have been on the street introducing Pispascana website to the general public. Brendon O’Connell regularly comments on the so-called alt-media who simply sit on their bottoms posting on social media and writing articles about the same things that never changed anything the last time they wrote about them. There are a few exceptions including David Martin who gives regular interviews and attends events where human interaction offers the best means of communication.

While introducing myself to ‘strangers’ I reflect on the current circumstances that restrict our opportunity to benefit from Location Astrology and easily relocate to places that will best support us. At the present time this possibility seems more distant than ever. While many prefer not to focus on conflicts, there are those who are interested to hear about my personal experience in Russia and Ukraine and the unique perspective this offers on current events there. While I encourage them to read the relevant articles, I also recommend they should form their own view of the situation.

Central Ukraine

My first visit to the former Soviet republic of Ukraine was in 2000. It was obvious before even disembarking from the aircraft at Odessa, that the material aspects of life were inferior to those in the west. Since then, the gap has closed, in Russia more so. Despite their material inferiority people gave me the impression they were happier than those in ‘the west’. I’m not saying that everyone was delighted with life but there did in general seem to be more contentment than in the UK. That could also have been interpreted as resignation but I think not.

It took years of periodic pondering and debate to obtain reasonable comprehension of these observations. According to certain analysts, people tend to be happiest where there are few, if any, different ethnic groups. In Ukraine there are several distinct groups but these are separated geographically. In order to cause social friction and to divide and conquer, the age-old modus operandi, power possessors encouraged anti-Russian sentiment in the west of the area that is now Ukraine as early as the 1800’s. Internationalists including Zionists displeasure with Tsar Alexander’s obstruction of their efforts to create a European super-state, in the wake of the Napoleonic Wars, was a major factor in Russia sovereignty becoming a prime target of globalist aggression ever since. The Zionist merchant class and their associates have always coveted Russia’s natural resources. 

In ‘the west’ we are all too familiar with the fact that the introduction of outsiders from a large number of different sources under the title of diversity has actually led to greater insecurity in most cases especially among the indigenous population. Liverpool football fans attending the European Cup Final in Paris last month were viciously attacked in the streets by large gangs of Arab youths. Allegedly Malmo, Sweden’s second largest city has a larger immigrant community than second or third generation Swedes. Since WWII immigrant communities have grown all across Europe. The United States has perhaps always been the greatest melting pot of different ethnic groups and cultures and this intensifies daily as a result of their porous southern border. To date they have been fortunate that there is more room for everybody to spread out compared to western Europe. JP Sears highlighted in one of his recent videos that it is specifically five Democrat run cities that account for over 95% of US homicides. If the aforementioned social scientists are to be believed, should this migrant policy continue unabated, eventually there will be a catastrophe on both continents.  

Another impression about Ukraine was that compared to the British, they seemed to have a stronger connection with nature. Between the months of May and September a large percentage of city inhabitants migrate a short distance, usually within a 50km radius of the city to their summer house, called a dacha, where they grow fruit and vegetables, often enough to see them and close family members through the entire winter. If they can’t base themselves in the country during these months, they visit the dacha almost every weekend. I observed this first hand in both Kiev and Sumy a small city near the Russian border in east Ukraine. These people don’t need to sit in coffee shops participating in social media for their entertainment.

Dachas on the edge of Kirovograd/Kropyvnytskyi

One beautiful warm September night in 2002, we arrived back at the apartment after dinner in Kiev city centre to find neighbours, two pensioners, sitting in the yard beside forty sacks of vegetables. They had transported the sacks, most of which weighed over 20kgs, from their dacha. They would have managed to carry it all upstairs to the fourth floor eventually as there was no lift. It wasn’t quite what I had planned for the rest of the evening, but it just wasn’t possible for me to leave them with the task. An hour later, with a few drops of my sweat on the stairwell, they were able to relax. Domestic food production provides an enormous benefit to the people of Ukraine where the economy is even weaker statistically than it appears given this huge hidden asset.

In British gardens, nationally, huge expenditure on ornamental ostentation far exceeds production of anything that you might eat. The waste of natural resources that in turn requires production elsewhere is a classic example of contemporary dysfunction. An American businessman in Warsaw Airport left my company suddenly, unconvinced by my view that livestock eating the grass is higher culture than using lawnmowers.  

England is now a mass of tiny villages populated by the upper middle-class who receive their food supplies by supermarket delivery service. I imagine only a tiny percentage of dwellers in these picturesque surroundings grow much of their own food or rear edible livestock. In Britain generally and elsewhere, urban hovels are ubiquitous even for those who imagine they have something better. In many so-called developed countries people work their entire lives to pay for a box wedged between another two boxes. Their gardens incur constant cost in favour of some perceived aesthetic value. To forget this deprivation from nature people are consumed by a mindless preoccupation with petty material advantage. The result is what are now in England enormous car boot sales where participants accumulate even more karma after their initial error of purchasing the item in the first place, by attempting to offload car loads of garbage onto their neighbours.

Sunday morning car boot sale in the south of England

Last year journeying along the lanes of ‘Olde England’ for the first time the quantity of impressions was overwhelming. Photographs can be seen in the article ‘Do Pictures Speak 1000 Words?’. In the preceding article entitled ‘John Knox’ I refer to the devastating effect of the Enclosures Acts begun in Britain in the early 1600’s as the ruling class began to steal what was left of the common land with the resulting disconnection of the British people from Mother Nature.

The beginning of the Enclosures Act timeline coincides with the start of the Jesuit Reductions in Paraguay. I haven’t included a link to ‘the Reductions’ as it is difficult to find a balanced analysis but there are many who consider ‘the Reductions’ a social experiment that was the beginning of modern Communism. It is certainly difficult to see how ‘The Reductions’ enfranchised Paraguayans. It is easier to see economic benefits for the Church of Rome. Along with the rest of the illusory political variants they all result in wealth transfer to a small minority.

I never really adjusted to apartment life in Kiev having lived for almost 40 years in rural Scotland. When the chance came in the spring of 2004 to move on to Crimea it was an easy decision to make. I bought the oldest house in a mountain village which had been part of the Yusopov Estate. The Yusopov’s were the wealthiest family in imperial Russia whose main residence in St Petersburg was one of the locations involved in the murder of Rasputin. The shack had been empty for over five years and the 1200 square metre plot was uncultivated and without its own water supply due to Soviet period boundary changes.

August 2005, Plotinnoye, Crimea

There are a few westerners that have lived in Russia and or Ukraine. Usually career is the reason for their presence, most common, either government or corporate. In both cases the tendency is for a capital city location. There were a few Westerners in Kiev married with Ukrainian women but almost all retained strong links with their country of origin rather than merging into the local culture. They all made occasional excursions into the countryside but in general these were few and largely insulated from the natives.

My personal experience was quite different, frequently finding myself in situations that I realised were providing an incredibly unique cultural experience. There was no governmental or corporate insulation in my life and while I have no doubt that full integration with local culture was far from complete, after 15 years of almost continuous residence I had reached an understanding of Russian, Ukrainian and Crimean Tatar culture and mentality that few outsiders can begin to comprehend. I often suspect this was assisted by the fact that I never really learned any of the languages. I can communicate poorly in Russian but in group situations I was a spectator which was in itself a huge education and sensing experience more valuable than talking.

Between 2005-2008 I drove approximately 100,000km on the ‘roads’ of Ukraine. I have seen more of the country than most Ukrainians. My only experience of Russia is Crimea, other than a few days in Moscow. When I first arrived in Crimea in April 2003, on a short holiday visit, I had already been somewhat indoctrinated by my Ukrainian hosts into disparaging Russians. In fact, it wasn’t until 2014 and the Zionist coup d’état in Kiev that the fog completely lifted and I saw clearly that the Ukrainians were being fooled by Israel and their Anglo-American lackeys. They still seem to be completely blind to this perhaps not surprisingly given the energy that has been invested hating Russia. Coming from Scotland where rivalry with England is inbred even I was surprised by the intense animosity expressed by many Ukrainians towards Russia, in reality their greatest ally. The article ‘Making Connections’ highlights the growth of this Ukrainian mindset that can be charted back to different points in time connected with particular geography and incidents. I also made reference to our own personal experience encountering so-called American USAID workers who based in west Ukraine were obviously inciting the locals against Russia.

October 2006, Mangup Kale, Crimea. Takaya mashina!

Current media coverage of the Ukrainian Civil War is interesting for me in the sense that nobody, or at least very few commentators in the west really understand the Russian mentality which has been better preserved than in the relatively more mixed cultural environment of Ukraine. I often point to Tolstoy’s ‘War and Peace’ as one of the best benchmarks of Russian culture. I read the book during the autumn of 2007.  In war it shows them as stoic, patient and conservative with resources, especially human. During the Soviet period human life seemed to be valued less by leaders who had completely lost connection with divinity. It is ironic that the 1941 German invasion saved the Orthodox Church as Stalin made a U-turn from its extermination and begged for assistance motivating the people, already demoralised by Communism, to defend the Motherland.   

Like the great tapestry of life there are so many small stiches that unless they are highlighted, we don’t see them. Both the standard and cost of living, are higher in Russia than in Ukraine. Immediately after the 2014 Kiev coup d’état, Crimea, which was already an autonomous region of Ukraine, held a referendum which resulted in an overwhelming majority vote in favour of joining the Russian Federation. The request was granted almost immediately and one of the first practical steps by the Russian government was to award Crimean old age pensioners an increase of their pension amount to the same level as the rest of Russia. I find it difficult to imagine a ‘developed western state’ doing this in a similar situation. They would be more inclined to wait until public opinion forced their hand and even then, would probably just increase the rate by a percentage. This is not cynicism but a lifetime’s experience.

Jump to the present and it should be clear even to the most ardent Russophobe that at this moment there seem to be very few civilian casualties. Why is this? The area where the battle is raging presently was almost entirely depopulated by civilians in 2014. In Crimea, we experienced a massive influx of refugees as forces of the Kiev junta began their terror campaign in Donbass. Of course, this was never publicised in ‘the west’ by the Zio-mainstream media.

During the last two decades the standard of living for ordinary Russians has improved massively compared to that of their Ukrainian neighbours who have continued to be robbed by international gangsters aided and abetted by some cheap and some not so cheaply bought Ukrainians who control things in Kiev. A large chunk of the extortion is sex and human trafficking. All of this I have witnessed with my own eyes.

You would be correct deducing that the writer too is a victim of his own sexual malpractice. First-hand experience of the human meat market that overwhelms all else in Kiev and that sucks the life out of the rest of Ukraine passed quickly. It was impossible to arrive or depart from Kiev’s Boryspil Airport without observing “girls on their way to work’. This operation like most organised crime is overseen by Zionist oligarchs.

Thankfully for some inexplicable reason, on arrival at what became home in the Crimea Mountains there was a realisation that my attitude towards sex was a path of destruction and while these tendencies have not been completely eradicated; thanks to association and awareness of Gnosis some transformation has occurred. The previous article ‘Love, the Highest Religion’ explains some of the background to the Gnostic doctrine.
In your patience possess ye your soul. Luke 21:19

Dawn in the Upper Belbek Valley

During the course of our Aryan race and previous Atlantean and Lemuria ages there has been a degeneration within the human species as a result of sexual malpractice. This has now reached a pitiful stage where young people are being informed that they can have their bodies mutilated in an attempt to alter gender. To use healthcare terminology, Western society is in a critical condition.

Through successive epochs leadership has failed in its duty, instead abusing power and privilege. None of the current leaders in our world are exempt but the tendency of those most blighted by degeneracy is to attack those specifically less degenerated than themselves. How else to respond?

One of the main features of mainstream western attitude toward Russia in recent times is intense hatred of President Vladimir Putin. There is the obvious reason that politicians are always on the lookout for someone, or something, that they can unite with the people in demonising, and thereby camouflage their own lack of popularity. In Putin’s case it is even more painful for them because throughout Russia his popularity generally exceeds the level that any western leader can even dream about.

When he unexpectedly came to power in 2000, the Russian economy was being ransacked by a small group of predominantly Zionist oligarchs, tycoons that had pillaged the valuable Soviet state enterprises for a pittance. At that time both Russia and Ukraine were in similar economic condition but were then about to move in different directions. Energetic and ambitious, Putin fearlessly set about regaining state power from these international gangsters who quickly departed for Israel, London and other low-life havens. Putin had put the brake on Zionist plundering of Russia. Sadly for ordinary Ukrainian people their oligarchs have remained firmly in control aided and abetted by the usual criminals from Israel, US and the City of London.

In 2007 at the 43rd Munich Security Conference, Vladimir Putin gave the following speech which resonates strongly today. Watch here. He drew attention to United States foreign policy, in reality, that of Israel, stating the US had a total disregard for international law engendering worldwide fear and insecurity. Typically, the Wikipedia article entitled ‘2007 Munich speech of Vladimir Putin’ does not provide full text but only selects a few quotes. It mentions rising international tension as a result and negative comment made by a former NATO Secretary.  We all know painfully well that oft times nothing can be more disturbing than the truth. Any objective analysis of western foreign policy and internal matters too, throughout the last century and more, reveals what Putin correctly calls, ‘The Empire of Lies’.  

In the last few days Putin has made another speech aimed at the western audience.

“The West, which once proclaimed the principles of democracy such as freedom of speech, pluralism and respect for other opinions, is now degenerating into the exact opposite – totalitarianism. These include censorship, media closures and arbitrary treatment of journalists and public figures.

“This prohibition practice extends not only to the information space, but also to politics, culture, education, art – to all areas of public life in western countries. And this model – the model of totalitarian liberalism, including the infamous cancel culture, the ubiquitous prohibitions they want to impose on the whole world.”

He goes on to challenge ‘the west’ to defeat Russia on the battlefield.

While many might fell empathy with Russia in their supposed elimination of western degeneracy we should not lose sight that the US Constitution still offers the best protection of ‘We the People’ than any other document existing on the planet. This is why there are those who opine that Russia is currently playing its part in the destruction of what 30 years ago we often heard called ‘the free world’. Other than that free world, most of the nations on earth currently back Russia or remain neutral. Putin is correct when he states that the majority of people on earth don’t want western woke culture sometimes referred to as liberal totalitarianism.

Putin can of course criticise the current censorship proliferating throughout the west as this has for sometime been a point of differentiation used by western leaders to convince the public of superiority over the likes of Russia and China where civil rights are not always wholeheartedly observed. Now, it’s not that either Russia or China have especially improved their observance of human rights but that ‘the west’ has moved closer to their totalitarian doctrines. This is what currently represents the greatest danger on earth.

There is also a disconcerting story of the Moscow city councillor recently jailed for 7 years for anti-war comment. It is reported that Alexei Gorinov told a council meeting on March 15 that Russia was waging a war of aggression against Ukraine. In court Gorinov, accused of “disseminating clearly false information about Russia’s army”, held a placard reading “Do you still need this war?” as he stood inside the defendants’ cage during the court hearing in Moscow.    

One of the least mentioned factors in the Russian power structure is the Orthodox Church. One close Russian acquaintance called it a state within the state. I recall his nervous reaction when I suggested developing a closer relationship with the church supplies wholesaler from whom I had made a couple of small scale purchases. He was adamant that I should not become involved with the church. With hindsight I suspect some irrational bias as it has transpired that my acquaintance is one of the less patriotic Russians at this time preferring exile in a low-life globalist haven.

February 2013, Church of the Resurrection, Foros, Crimea

In recent days my own current location and also that of according to certain sources, Britain’s leading university, has made the astonishing decision to name the junction at the entrance to the town after the Zionist puppet president of Ukraine. We are now at the stage in Britain where controlling elements are either incapable or unwilling to conduct appropriate research that would reveal murder and genocide in Donbass and Lugansk Oblasts of Ukraine by successive Kiev administrations including that of the current president. This short article summarises the plight of the victims. Read here. Lugansk is now fully liberated. Donbass will take a little longer where Donetsk, the main city is still being shelled by the Ukrainian Armed Forces with the resulting civilian casualties, obviously not reported on Zio-mainstream media. De-mining both areas post Ukrainian Armed Forces is predicted to take years. 

Am sure you appreciate that in common with a remark made by David Martin in the first of the three links before the main article, remembering our own experience is more valuable than research. This is the fundamental of Gnosis, that experiential wisdom and love are what represent the truth.
What is Gnosis?

Whenever the Law declines and the purpose of life is forgotten, I manifest myself on earth. I am born in every age to protect the good, to destroy evil, and to re-establish the Law. —Hinduism. Krishna in the Bhagavad Gita 4.7-8

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