2013 autumn equinox

We are now hurtling through the last days of summer toward the autumn equinox at 2:04 UTC on 23rd September. Since publishing ‘Pispascana Summer Special in early July the pace of current events is for many, overwhelming. Mainstream and alternative media channels bombard whoever they can with tidal waves of biased reports and idle speculation. The Gnostic principle is only to accept as truth that which you can personally verify.

This article includes comment on reports portraying global current events. Most predictions expect, this year, certainly on the material level, has the potential to be the most difficult winter of our lives.

Before that, one of the most enjoyable moments of the summer was coming across this short story entitled ‘The Chests’ in Idries Shah’s book, ‘The Commanding Self’   

A Central Asian was on his way to Mecca. Before departing he decided to leave a chest containing his valuables in Cairo with a merchant of high repute travelling only with essentials. The chest was entrusted and the pilgrim departed.

When he returned to claim his property, the merchant denied ever having seen the man. The pilgrim, with very little money and in a foreign land with no friends wandered along the road in a state of shock and dismay.

It was at that moment that a certain wise woman dressed in dervish garb saw him and asked his trouble. After he explained the situation, she asked what he proposed to do. The pilgrim suggested the possible use of force or to involve the police.

The woman replied that the police would be no help as he could not prove a crime. Use of force would likely result in the pilgrim being jailed. If, she said, you agree to place complete trust in me I can execute a plan that will return your property.

The pilgrim agreed to do whatever she asked. She helped him to hire ten beautiful and valuable-looking chests, which they filled with earth. Then she organised a friend to provide transport to deliver the ten chests to the merchant’s premises.

When her friend arrived at the merchant’s he asked if it would be possible to store the ten chests. The merchant thought they would be full of valuables and for a small fee he agreed to look after them. They began carrying the chests into the merchant’s premises at which moment the pilgrim appeared and asked for his chest of valuables.

Fearing that he would lose the deal on the ten chests if an argument arose, full of smiles he returned the chest immediately. The dervishes friend then said to the merchant he had changed his mind and would travel with the chests. The pilgrim thanked the dervishes for their ingenious plan.

There is little doubt that since the Covid scenario unfolded more and more people have begun to realise that ‘the authorities’ are about as trustworthy as the Cairo merchant. You might expect that it would be easy to verify with your own eyes if there was a genuinely life-threatening global health emergency. During the last couple of years this is absolutely not the case. Rather it seems more likely, and a widely supported notion by alternative media, that the recent so-called pandemic was simply a method for those in power to extract the last economic dregs from the general public before plunging us into a major economic catastrophe. This will ease public acceptance of a global digital currency that will be central in their aim to exercise greater surveillance and control over ‘the people’.

It is still uncertain whether Russia are a willing participant in the power possessors agenda to transform mankind into implanted techno-zombies. Millions worldwide pray that the Christian values Vladimir Putin frequently displays are not simply a satanic masquerade. Whether Russia is the means of salvation via its age-old struggle against the Khazars is one of the great questions of the day. It does seem certain that whatever the outcome of events in Ukraine a time of suffering, greater than usual, is likely upon us.

Moscow Kremlin

For many of us the warning signs have been there for years. During my business career in the 80’s & 90’s before I was aware of the machinations behind the money system, there was always a feeling that the economy was a house built on sand. Our entire dependence on natural God-given resources and the frequently casual manner of their deployment by regular irresponsible self-serving groups of people has left a trail of waste that shows no prospect of ending.

Centuries of economic looting by ‘legal entities’ has allowed them to create monopolies that overlap into every aspect of life on earth. There is no better current example of this than Ukraine. Many of the common people inhabiting this naturally wealthy area of land are the poorest in Europe. Since the end of the Soviet period Zionist oligarchs supported by the international western system have systematically robbed the nation and its people while using their media channels to hoodwink the natives into blaming Russia for their poverty. The huge challenge of our own inner development towards the cultivation of genuine virtues has long been foregone by the majority in favour of unrestricted greed and unrealisable self-satisfaction. What we don’t recognise is that this destructive behaviour is almost entirely mechanical or mindless.

“There is no injury in the world for you like your prosperity; there is no enduring imprisonment as your existence:”
‘Walled Garden of the Truth’ Volume 1. Hakim Sana’i

Walled Garden

It is hard to imagine the extent to which our health is under constant attack by those pretending otherwise. It doesn’t require much research to discover that the so called ‘health-system’ was hi-jacked by corporate interest over a century ago. The following exposé by Cullen Smith entitled, Lifting the Veil, came to my attention during the summer. The article documents Endocrine Toxicology, Population Gendercide & Animal Foods: The Conspiracy to Feminize Men and Masculinize Women.

Two professional films detailing the Covid conspiracy to date, were released during the summer.

‘PLANDEMIC II: INDOCTORINATION’, is based on the work of David Martin. The presentation tracks a three decade-long money trail that leads directly to the key players behind the COVID conspiracy in the media, medical corporations, politics and financial industry. Major conflicts of interest are the predominant characteristic among those manipulating the crisis. Watch here

UNINFORMED CONSENT by Matador Films is presented by and Vaccine Choice Canada and is an in-depth analysis of the Covid narrative, and who is controlling it, with the apparent aim to inject an untested new technology into almost every person on the planet.

David Martin is one of the leading influencers challenging the official Covid narrative especially in the United States where he gives regular interviews and public presentations. One of these, in July, lasted almost three hours and covered a range of topics beginning with addiction and how for 5500 years all empires have been built on this modus operandi, the most recent being ‘The British East India Trading Company’ their Opium War involvements and lesser-known participation in creating the USA are key moments of a criminal organisation that in everything but name still exists to this day.

The Berenberg Bank, contrived scarcity, year 1099 origin of central banking in Jerusalem, use of counterfeiting since 1470 to destabilise governments, the illusion that man has made any real progress since the steam engine, the beginning of the digital age, with its up down, on off, mechanic and, NATO’s plan to freeze millions of Europeans to death this winter are just a few of the subjects he covered.

The climax was a speculation that before the end of October there will be at least one high-altitude nuclear detonation that will cause an electro- magnetic-pulse (EMP). One item of evidence offered was the Biden statement on 9th March this year that in October a high profile event would accelerate mass acceptance of a digital currency. An EMP would severely damage infrastructure and potentially allow those in power to erase a vast chunk of their self-created financial swamp literally in seconds. Victims will be anyone with unverifiable assets. He maintains this has already been done once in 1859 when an estimated $2 trillion was wiped of the economy. At that time the sun was blamed. It might be blamed again. There has been much recent publicity during the last few months reporting earth affecting, solar activity. Alternatively, it might be blamed on that little bald guy in Moscow or one of his allies. Regardless, he recommends that we all make hard paper copy records of any assets and if possible, have these notarised by the specific bank involved.

You can still watch this presentation by visiting the Arlington Institute and paying their fee.

Brendon O’Connell keeps his You Tube channel open by cleverly managing the content. This relatively short video summarises Israel’s long-established pirating of US technology and dispels optimism that Russia will prevent mankind’s descent into a transhuman zombie.
NSO GROUP          
‘To learn who rules over you, simply observe who you are not allowed to criticise.’ Voltaire.

The second of Brendon’s presentations is an analysis of US military involvement in weather manipulation. After only one minute he quotes US General Gordon Sullivan who in 1993 predicted that by 2025 the US military would ‘own the weather’. Watch here.

If you have watched all of the presentations mentioned just in the last few paragraphs, I suspect you would like something to change here on earth. The question is how?  

Many people are now aware that there seems to be a global agenda known as ‘The Great Reset’ being fronted by the World Economic Forum (WEF), and the United Nations (UN). These organisations, camouflage a loose but complex network of power possessors. It is suspected that this network represents a tiny minority, who, largely by inheritance, find themselves in control of most of the planet’s resources. If you can see things from their perspective, you will appreciate that the majority of us are largely an inconvenience and will always require management and control. This has usually been achieved on the premise that everyone has their price but as the population has expanded in the interest of cost it has become expedient to employ social engineers to devise methods that will allow them to control large numbers more economically. There are few better examples of this than television and the modern entertainment industry that brainwashes and hypnotises. Now advances in technology have reached a point where the means seem to be at their disposal to implement much tighter controls over the majority of the population that once in place it will be impossible for mankind to escape.    

In tandem with this control system there is an almost unanimous opinion among alternative media commentators that there is an active plan underway to accelerate population reduction. Yuval Harari, Israeli spokesman of the WEF regularly confirms the view that the power possessors see a large number of us as ‘useless eaters.’  Last year in the article entitled ‘The Best of Times’ I used material from ‘Beelzebub’s Tales to His Grandson’ to provide an explanation of the only way that population reduction can be successfully achieved and it is not by simply pruning away those perceived as dispensable by the hierarchy.

Some commentators including David Martin and Benjamin Fulford express the view that mankind has reached a pivotal moment when a positive change of direction will result but this simply ignores our inherent mechanical predisposition towards self. Until these impulses are eliminated, they will always arise as the default and as the saying goes the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

The mechanical course of the established power possessors cannot be averted. Competing on their terms is futile. Collective karma cannot be avoided. Mankind is receiving exactly what it deserves for repeatedly ignoring the prophets. The sub plot at the trial of Jesus where the Scribes and Pharisees persuade the majority to pardon the murderer Barrabas rather than Jesus is played out every second of every day. Salvation may be possible but you cannot rely on another although a partner is vital in the quest. We need self-transformation.

This takes us to the subject nobody talks about other than to promote the degeneration of our species as the prime source of creation on this planet. Sex is a key element in our salvation but on our planet as we all know is more commonly our greatest vice. If you look at any living tree you will see there are dead branches that will no longer perform the act of creation. This is the same with mankind. There will always be those among us that are the final branch at the end of a limb.     

‘We need to accept the rights of minorities to be different, but the rights of the majority should not be in question.’ Vladimir Putin, President, Russian Federation.

Promised land

The fundamental question we should ask is whether there are dimensions of existence, other than the one we perceive with our five senses. The reality is that many if not all of us have at some time caught a glimpse of another world. This is mystical experience. If these worlds exist on just a slightly different frequency, how to enter? Many modern scientists agree there are other dimensions and strive to construct material devices that can take us there. They are misguided. The tools are inside us all. These other worlds are almost certainly worlds of greater purity than the one we experience. It therefore stands to reason that only by reaching an inner state of greater purity will we be able to resonate on the appropriate frequency to access these other dimensions. The Gnostic doctrine of Samael Aun Weor presented and developed by Glorian publishing explains the significance of our sexual behaviour in the quest for inner purification.

For profound teaching, visit Glorian or tune in to Gnostic Radio

The human organism doesn’t really need much to survive. In this short film on the life of Agafia Lykova she tells us that her brother was capable of sleeping in the open during the Siberian winter lightly clad with just the body of his prey for insulation. It is unlikely that we will find ourselves in such an extreme situation this winter but if our access to the comforts we have become accustomed to are curtailed perhaps we should view this as a blessing and use the space to reinforce our connection with the Divine.

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