Since the spring of 2020 when the globalist predators launched their pandemic fraud, millions of ordinary people have changed their opinion on the role of the state, and institutions they once trusted. This shift of awareness may not dramatically alter the course of events planned decades in advance by those determined to retain their financial wealth and power; but that possibility, thanks to the effort of a few, may still be alive.

On Saturday 8thJanuary this year, I attended a gathering in Glasgow, comprised of people opposed to UK government policy. Apparently these had been happening since 2020. Public demonstrations tend to be unsuccessful and are not a tactic I generally favour. Too often in the past we have seen those turned violent, often by agent provocateur infiltrators aiming to publicly discredit the movement. That said by the beginning of 2022 with my own personal opposition to events unabated I decided to satisfy my curiosity about these public meetings and after a leisurely drive across Scotland I could also promote Pispascana website. Plenty positives for me from the outset. As they say, ‘it’s an ill wind that blows somebody some good.’

The information I had was that there would be a gathering at the monument to Great British hero Lord Horatio Nelson, on Glasgow Green, a public park in the centre of the city. Since a boy Nelson has been one of my heroes. In June this year I visited Burnham Thorpe, his birthplace in Norfolk. I have previously written about my suspicion that he was not killed by some lucky shot through the smoke by a French musketeer bobbing around half way up the mast of the Victory’s main adversary. Nelson was a common man, hugely popular with the public. Had he returned from Trafalgar as victor the parade from Portsmouth to London would have seen few equals on earth before or since and many conjecture it was only a matter of time before he became Prime Minister.

The Nelson Monument on Glasgow Green, with the People’s Palace, Glasgow, in the background.
By dave souza – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

Just as I arrived in Glasgow the weather turned a little bit nasty but having bought a genuine Red Army Cape in Sevastopol before departing from Crimea in 2016, I am better prepared than most for rain and wind, a common feature of life in Scotland. Such a lovely anecdote accompanies the cape from my very last day in Russia. It was 30th November, St Andrew’s Day, a major figure in Russia too. With a free afternoon I decided to visit Park Pobeda a vast memorial area to commemorate the Great Patriotic War 1941-45. There are many references to the location in the article Hall of Heroes that highlights the joint effort of Russians and Ukrainians defeating Germany. One of the most impressive displays is an area of mannequins wearing every uniform worn during the war by each of the armed services both male and female. There is only one piece of kit on display worn by both male and female; the Red Army cape.    

Park Pobeda, Red Army Cape
Park Pobeda, Red Army Cape

I arrived on time but there was nobody there. After a few minutes pondering I decided to walk towards the city centre and distribute Pispascana cards as planned but among the general public. I was almost out of the park when I heard the noise of the march approaching and soon saw the marchers walking straight towards me en route to Nelson’s memorial. I joined what was probably a 500 strong group and for over an hour distributed Pispascana cards while explaining the website’s relevance to the occasion. I was almost the last to leave.

On 22nd January there was an even larger gathering that began on ‘The Green’. At least 1000 people marched to the city centre displaying banners and flags. As before, the atmosphere was friendly, with a general good feeling although most people I spoke with were strongly opposed to government policy and not shy to express their feelings. A strange personal outcome was that having distributed more than double the amount of Pispascana cards than at the previous gathering, in the next few days visitors to the website were less.

Another Glasgow gathering on February 19th was less well supported most likely due to quite a fierce storm the day before. Many years running trucks through the winter have made me somewhat nerveless about adverse road conditions and by the time we reached George Square although it was cold the ground was dry and people stayed to fraternise.  

George Square with the Scott monument in the centre, Glasgow City Chambers to the left and the former Post Office to the right.
By Stinglehammer – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

On March 5th closer to home in the east coast town of Kirkcaldy, the sun was shining and it was a relatively calm spring day. I joined a group of approximately 500 people, the first gathering after the Russian Special Operation intervened in the Ukrainian Civil War. Refreshingly, none of the group was fooled by the New World Order junta in Kiev and everybody I spoke with was interested to read my latest article The Ukrainian Civil War 2014-? After almost an hour we set off down the pedestrianised High Street then back along the Esplanade to where we started. As usual there was unanimous good feeling.

By Mcwesty – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Many faces were now familiar and appreciation was growing for a group that obviously diverse had the same core value. From that basis there are different expressions. Some of the group, are more outgoing and aggressive in their demeanour but certainly non-violent. I sense that the majority are largely grateful for an environment that allows them to feel they are not alone in a sea of those possessed by well-proven mass formation psychosis.  

Mass formation psychosis – a symptom

The next venue on March 20th the day before the equinox, was Edinburgh the Scottish capital. Those of you familiar with Pispascana will be well aware of William Comyns Beaumont and David Alan Ritchie who both at different times have written in detail describing their conclusions that Britain, not the Middle East, are the scene of Biblical events and the birthplace of Christianity. More significantly both agree, supported by much compelling evidence, that Edinburgh is the true Jerusalem. At this very moment the coffin of Queen Elizabeth II and 1st of Scotland lies in state at St Giles Cathedral, in the opinion of our two favourite historical researchers, the site of ‘The Temple’.  

William Comyns Beaumont

The march began at the foot of ‘Arthur’s Seat’ or ‘The Mount of Olives’ and proceeded to the Royal Mile that connects Holyrood Palace to Edinburgh Castle passing St Giles en route. Unfortunately, roadworks and Police Scotland intervention prevented a march to the Castle directing the group across the now drained loch or lake past Waverley Station and on to Princes Street passing the monument to Sir Walter Scott before ending at the National Gallery.

St Giles Cathedral
By Carlos Delgado – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Summer came and went quicker than ever. This will strike a chord with my older readers. My mother tells me that in your mid-eighties it feels like summer only lasts a couple of weeks.    

It came to my attention that there was to be a gathering on Saturday 6th August at Dunfermline, just a short distance from home. It is a special place for me as on 16th July 1961 I was Baptised by Reverend Robert Dollar in the Memorial Chapel of Dunfermline Abbey. The march passed through the grounds of the Abbey. One of the Abbey administrators became quite irate but soon realised his over-reaction.

Dunfermline Abbey

It was at Dunfermline that one of the main characters in the group launched her own initiative. Prior to the gathering Moira prepared a large number of laminated posters each showing a photograph and piece of descriptive text of those who had either died or been seriously injured as a result of accepting the experimental EUA (Emergency Use Authorisation) mRna injections often criminally mandated by governments and employers. Also willingly accepted by many for superfluous reasons after little or no serious investigation.

This memorial has now become a highly effective focal point for the group. Without any need for words or personal opinions the presentation can be displayed anywhere and conveys a powerful and irrefutable message. Intentional or not, government, the pharmaceutical industry and their masters, have coerced millions to accept a treatment that has already killed thousands with no sign of ending anytime soon. The programme continues as does our group commitment to continue raising awareness of the danger and encouraging everybody to reject the scheme.       

On Saturday 3rd September a small group resisted the rain and wind in Stirling city centre, the ancient capital of Scotland. Due to the weather, there was less attention to the memorial than we would have liked. Nevertheless, the small group of us that did assemble in the High Street strengthened our bonds and even managed to recruit a piper.

Stirling viewed from the castle
By Utkarsh dell – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

A week later in Falkirk a larger gathering was rewarded with clear blue sky. After meeting in the yard of the Church of the Holy Trinity the group moved into the pedestrian precinct where a few enthusiastic amateurs gave short speeches. The value of these was questionable. Everybody’s points of importance differ and when communicated unprofessionally effectiveness although well-meaning, is minimal at best.
Matthew 5:37 But let your communication be, Yea, yea; Nay nay: for whatsoever is more than these cometh of evil.
We are fortunate now to have an anchor that needs no words, the mRna victims memorial.

Falkirk High Street
By Kevin Rae, CC BY-SA 2.0,

The afternoon continued with a march through the town centre. Some lack of co-operation by Police Scotland was not a surprise but without any animosity from our group, other than to remind a few of the officers that their recently deceased former boss knighted Jimmy Savile, the march successfully diverted, eventually reaching the location where the victims memorial had attracted a fair amount of attention throughout the afternoon.   

Jim fixing it

This coming weekend the venue is Glasgow where larger numbers are anticipated to coincide with a nationwide effort. It really doesn’t matter what is happening anywhere else. This is the consolidatory principle that has ruined so much of life on earth. Look after your own little plot with all your heart, and if we all do that everything around us will be just fine. After this weekend in Glasgow there is an aim to continue the memorial tour with venues to be announced soon.

Little plot

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