The Hydra is a mythological multi-headed monster that was defeated by Hercules. Central banks, government, institutions, corporations, mass media and more represent the Hydra constantly attacking nature and ‘the people’ in obvious and not so obvious ways. Mankind, be like Hercules. At last, after centuries backed into a corner the tide may have turned inContinue reading “BEHEADING THE HYDRA”


David Martin has emerged as a leader of resistance against the globalist new world order. His own research compiled during the last 20 years reveals substantial prime source evidence of criminality by senior US public officials to create the current covid chaos. This information has been passed to those within the United States justice systemContinue reading “CHARTER OF THE FOREST”


The recent article ‘Bomba‘ mentioned the bombardment of information that is now commonplace. A few weeks ago there was an indication in our collective astrology that the bombardment would intensify. Scotland right now is preparing for the arrival, at great cost, of delegates attending the UN Climate Change Conference in Glasgow. Many consider the eventContinue reading “LAST SLIVERS OF LIGHT?”


Another inspirational presentation by Dr David Martin, with Brighteon founder Mike Adams. David is one of the guest speakers at Covid Con 21 Solution Summit, a conference taking place right now in Yuba City, California. The gathering of like minds aims to peacefully challenge the crimes currently being committed by almost all major governments. UsingContinue reading “UNIVERSAL DECLARATION”