St David’s Head, a place of power

St David’s Head is not quite the most westerly point of Wales. Located approximately 3 miles northwest of Britain’s smallest city, St David’s is named after David the Patron Saint of Wales whose resting place is St David’s Cathedral. St David’s Head is reached by travelling to St David’s then following the narrow B4583 toContinue reading “St David’s Head, a place of power”

Do pictures speak 1000 words?

Before starting this pictorial trip around England and Wales a reminder that before crossing the border into England I stopped in the Scottish town of Haddington to visit the birthplace of the Reformation leader John Knox, if you haven’t already you can read an article about that here. It was my recent good fortune toContinue reading “Do pictures speak 1000 words?”


Halcyon Days Several responses to last week’s article were received from members of the ‘Gurdjieff community’. I must stand corrected. It was pointed out to me that the main reason for the loss of the benefits to mankind of the labours of ‘The Very Saintly Ashiata Shiemash’ was not exactly as I had stated. MyContinue reading “THE BEST LAID PLANS…….”