In 1978 Idries Shah first published one of his many books offering English language speakers access to Sufi teaching tradition. ‘Learning How to Learn‘. contains over 100 short conversations with Idries Shah including answers to questions from people of many different backgrounds.

Twenty-three Study Points page 176, Register the fact that: Virtually all organisations known to you work largely by means of your greed. They attract you because what they say or do appeals to your greed. This is concealed only by their appearance. If you stop listening to their words and look at the effect, you will soon see it.

Learning and Non-Learning page 184, ‘The Sufi Sadruddin said , in his Testament, ‘Hereafter let not every man seek to learn from the writings of the Sheikh Ibn Arabi or from mine, for that gate is barred to the majority of mankind’.’

The Way to Sufism page 281, ‘What is so amazing is that people will so readily throw away the promise of a lifetime for what Rumi called the ‘nuts and raisins and games’ of shallower satisfactions’

Hatim El Assam

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