HOW IT WORKS How to identify our Place(s) To Be

My own personal experience of different planetary energy at various locations

Professional football players frequently relocate. Here are some articles on the leading players and how their fortunes often change dramatically

ENGLAND’S KEY TO WORLD CUP SUCCESS England team manager speculates

TU SAIS – YOU NOW In depth look at Paul Pogba with the benefit of an exact birth time.

KYLIAN MBAPPE Weighing the pros & cons of a move to Madrid

LIONEL MESSI Why Lionel Messi would probably have been even more successful in Madrid

CRISTIANO RONALDO Long technical article investigates which of his two birth times is correct

OO LA LA, SAID THE JOKER TO THE THIEF Short article at end of 2020 looking at the Paul Pogba saga in Manchester

RISK & HAZARD III Harry Maguire, Angel Di Maria & Mo Salah

MESSI & MYKONOS Lionel Messi transfer rumours and Harry Maguire’s summer holiday

RISK & HAZARD II Erling Haaland, Paul Pogba and Raheem Sterling are featured in this transfer rumour summary

GARETH FRANK BALE In terms of major club prizes Gareth Bale is perhaps Britain’s greatest player but his interactions are not always harmonious

MANCHESTER, MAGUIRE & MERCURY Looks at the Manchester United personnel and who could relocate successfully to Manchester

THE MENDIETA MYSTERY How relocation to a place with more intense planetary vibration transformed Gaizka Mendieta. Co-starring Mohammed Salah & Bernardo Silva

A TALE OF TWO CITIES Features Paul Pogba and Billy McNeill

RISK & HAZARD Pros and cons of relocation for Eden Hazard from London to Madrid

ALEXIS SANCHEZ LUNAR HELL How the Moon influenced the success of relocation from London to Manchester

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