In the mid 1970’s, after a long time out of view, location astrology re-emerged

Our fortunes vary from place to place influenced by the planets. Set to be one of the great tools of the Aquarian Age the technique allows us to see our most favourable locations and places to avoid.

Discover where you’ll likely find your most happy & beautiful home – a key ingredient for success.

Maximise your aim, whether health, wealth, fame or happiness the potential for these greatly increases in certain places

Based in St Andrews, Scotland Alistair Edwards has been studying individual charts and maps for over 20 years. Residence in several different countries allowed him to test the concept thoroughly.

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Discover the places where local conditions will bring you greater joy and happiness. All you need is an accurate birth time as well as your date and place of birth. Then we can see where to realign the planets more positively in your favour. Often improvement is possible within a short distance.

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How does it work?

Our personal astrology is similar to an open sandwich. If we remain our entire lifetime at our birthplace, there will be one thick layer on the sandwich. The flavour depends on the overall tenor of our personal horoscope. When we visit a different location, another layer goes on the sandwich. The thickness depends on the length of time we stay there and the flavour depends on the different astrological influences present at that location. From bitter to sweet all different tastes are available somewhere. How does this work?

Here are two charts for Arnold Schwarzenegger. The first chart is for his birthplace at Graz in Austria, the second is for Los Angeles, California.

I don’t propose to perform analysis of either chart but will say that ♃Jupiter in segment 10 of the Los Angeles chart is in general sweet, almost certainly a major contributing factor to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s career in California.

The main purpose of the charts is to show you exactly what happens when you change location. A new chart is cast for the new location as if the person was born there at the same time as at their actual birthplace.

In the centre of the charts there are numbers 1-12, the Houses. Each House describes a different aspect of life. The 1st, 4th, 7th, 10th Houses are referred to as angular and are generally considered the most influential. In summary the houses can be defined as;

  • 1st House – Physical body, self, early environment                         
  • 2nd House – Money, possessions, earning ability     
  • 3rd House – Brothers, sisters, communication, short journeys                  
  • 4th House – Home, end of life
  • 5th House – Children, pleasure, social life                                           
  • 6th House – Health, work, service
  • 7th House – Marriage, partnerships, public relations, enemies                   
  • 8th House – Death, regeneration, taxes
  • 9th House – Philosophy, religion, long trips, law, higher education    
  • 10th House – Public image, status, profession
  • 11th House – Friends, community, hopes, wishes                                         12th House – Karma, limitations, secret enemies, self-undoing

As we change location the outer part of the chart rotates clockwise when we move east and vice versa. Depending on the distance we move results in the infuence of the planets ☉Sun, ☽Moon, ☿Mercury, ♀Venus, ♂Mars, ♃Jupiter, ♄Saturn, ♅Uranus, ♆Neptune, ♇Pluto and the signs of the zodiac ♈Aries, ♉Taurus, ♊Gemini, ♋Cancer, ♌Leo, ♍Virgo, ♎Libra, ♏Scorpio, ♐Sagittarius, ♑Capricorn, ♒Aquarius, ♓Pisces, exerting their influence on different aspects of our lives.

Changes can occur over a very short distance. You can see from Arnold Schwarzenegger’s chart that a short distance west of his birthplace in Graz, Austria, ☿Mercury will move into the 1st House. This will create a different flavour both in terms of how Mercury affects his overall chart and how it affects matters of the 1st House. Generally, the closer a planet to a dividing line or cusp the stronger the planetary influence will be.

A comprehensive analysis of the entire chart with a view to permanent relocation is a significant piece of work. However, it is possible to see quite easily whether a short distance move east or west would create a favourable reaction.

Here are some articles explaining the concept Personal Experience, Sportstars.

You can also do a short course on the fundamentals of Location Astrology. Ask for details here.

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