MONDAY 19th JULY 2021

The Last Word

In the past we were fooled into believing our enemies were the inhabitants of other nations and we murdered them willingly, deluded by state propaganda that only served to line the pockets of a tiny minority. Governments, institutions and corporations manipulated by their largest investors have always conspired to decimate mankind. Nothing is more profitable than war.

One of the most positive aspects of the current situation is that our real enemy has made itself obvious. During the last year it has never been more apparent that governments, institutions, corporations and media manipulated by their largest investors are not good shepherds but ravening wolves.

We are at war, but a different type of war from those we recognise from the past. This time we are not being attacked with cannons and bayonets, but with misinformation. The result is the same as it ever was. Chaos, suffering and death.

Blessings to those with the courage, determination and willingness to make the sacrifices necessary to defend us against this foe. Hopefully their effort will create a better future.      

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