It is easy to recognise that the Sun has a tremendous influence in our lives. The Moon too is seen as having great significance including the tides and general movement of water on our planet. Given that our physical bodies are largely comprised of water here we have another example of our lives being influenced from a great distance.

The other planets in our solar system; Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto have for centuries, also been observed to have certain effects on our lives.

Each day the Sun, Moon and eight major planets rise and set. During each day they follow a different trajectory around planet earth crossing each others paths.

It is under these pathways and crossing points that our fortunes are most influenced by each specific planet and their combinations. These effects can range from highly favourable to those you would certainly wish to avoid.

Each planet has a particular effect on the different departments of life. Perhaps the most significant ingredient for a happy life is a peaceful and beautiful home. Discover exactly where is your most favourable home location(s).

Improve your health, maximise your wealth, increase your fame and public image. It is possible to identify where each of these aims can best be satisfied.

Based in St Andrews, Scotland Alistair Edwards has been studying individual charts and maps for over 20 years. Residence in several different countries allowed him to test the concept thoroughly. Contact Alistair here or call +44 (0) 0755 288 2004 to find your sweet spots on earth.

Discover the places where local conditions will bring you greater joy and happiness. All you need is an accurate birth time as well as your date and place of birth. Using this simple information it is possible to see exactly where you can improve your life circumstances. Often improvement is possible within a short distance. The simplest analysis costing only £20.00 per person, shows you what location is most favourable with your own national boundary. for only. Cost of analysis varies depending on the number of different locations.

We are all unique so contact is personal. During a free initial consultation, you can tell us your main aims; home, career, love, health; etc. Certain influences can take several months to become apparent after relocation, others can manifest almost instantly. It is possible to identify positive holiday locations. When we know what YOU want, it may be an improvement to home life, a better environment for your children or you may want to find a mate then we can agree a cost. Contact

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