GIFTS OF THE MAGI – Orthodox shop, translate site from Russian, with a huge range including lamps, candle holders, amazing value bulk candles, incense burners (cadillas) and Meteora, the best incense charcoal. Goods are shipped from Moscow and usually arrive within 10-14 days

GLORIAN – Full range of books by Samael Aun Weor, direct from the publisher, and other authors, incense, posters and unique Gnostic Tarot cards. Items ship from the USA.

DISPENSARY 23 – All things Hemp & CBD

STAR CHILD – Now one of Glastonbury’s oldest established businesses, a family company that manufactures or packages all of its products in house. Best available top grade essential oils, incense, butters, waxes and more.

ART OF AFRICA – Established in Glastonbury in 1989, Art of Africa is the UK’S leading importer of African arts and crafts

THE GODDESS & THE GREEN MAN – Eclectic range of books, incense, jewellery, charms and much more.

YIN YANG – Egyptian & Tibetan statues, Fairies, Angels, Native American, wind chimes, water features & more…….

GLASTONBURY INCENSE – Lamps, incense, tea, coffee

CRYSTALS – Jewellery, crystals, minerals & fossils

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