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Current media reports and rumours of football player transfers seem more numerous than ever. During the last few football seasons the balance of power among Europe’s top clubs has shifted. Liverpool Football Club has re-emerged as a major force while others that dominated the last couple of decades face a less certain future. Despite the financial dealing of some clubs and agents being under close scrutiny and sanction by the authorities there still appears to be an almost bottomless pit of money available to facilitate the transfer of players. 

As these reports emerge, my partial analysis, generally without the benefit of precise birthtimes, reveals that many clubs are interested in relocating players to locations where it is far from guaranteed they will fulfill expectation. A recent article entitled ‘Alexis Sanchez Lunar Hell’ describes some of the astrological influences that may have negatively affected Alexis’ performance since relocating from London to Manchester.

At this moment, Kylian Mbappe, Matthijis De Ligt and Joao Felix are talented young players whose names are mentioned almost daily in the media gossip sections as seeking moves to top clubs where expectation of success is high. All three are currently playing close to their birthplace. As mentioned in my previous article ‘Risk & Hazard’ all top players, and in general those that appear most fortunate in life, tend to be blessed by favourable astrological influences at their birthplace. In many cases it is barely possible for those most blessed among us to find a better location than at their birthplace.

One of the finest individual examples is Paulo Maldini. Maldini played in eight European Cup finals from 1989-2007, winning five, as well as numerous other trophies. He was born in Milan and played his entire career with Milan, making 902 appearances. Another European Cup legend, Hungarian Ferenc Puskas, ‘The Galloping Major’, is the only player in history to score four goals in a final in 1960 at Hampden Park, Glasgow. Coincidentally Puskas’ planetary combination at his birthplace in Budapest is also present for him in Glasgow. 

Analysis of Celtic’s Lisbon Lions, European Cup winners in 1967, all of whom, with the exception of Bobby Lennox, were born within 20 miles of Celtic Park, reveals much fraternity within the team, Bill Shankly called it ‘a form of socialism without the politics of course’. Their captain, Billy McNeill, benefitted from the most advantageous planetary combination in the group. Coincidentally this same planetary combination is present for French international Paul Pogba at his birthplace in Paris. Paul also possesses another highly positive planetary combination at his birthplace similar to that of a prominent and talented young player who is currently content playing at his birthplace location. At this time Paul is playing for Manchester United, where astrological analysis indicates a considerable amount of friction. Another top-class player born in Paris is Paul’s teammate at Manchester United Anthony Martial, who, similar to Paul and somewhat confirmed by astrological analysis, does not appear entirely content at his current location. 

In 2011 Qatar Sports Investments purchased the controlling interest in Paris Saint-Germain Football Club, the French capital’s main professional club. Domination of French domestic football followed but the major objective of success in the UEFA Champions League has been elusive. Two years ago, the club paid a world record transfer fee of €222m for Brazilian superstar Neymar in an attempt to capture this elusive prize. As yet their massive investment has failed to produce the goods. Neymar is currently reported as wanting to ‘jump ship’. Perhaps they should look closer to home for inspiration.

Analysis of leading players reveals a surprising number born in Ile-de-France, the metropolitan area that includes Paris, where total population is almost 12.5 million. This includes seven of the current Paris Saint-Germain first team, suggesting the potential for a squad that, with certain additions, could come close to emulating the Lisbon Lions. However, at least two, including the hugely talented 20-year-old Kylian Mbappe, are reported as potential summer departures.

Football originated when young men of a particular locality combined to compete with young men from other localities. Though staying close to their birthplace is by no means the answer for every footballer, this succeeded for Celtic in 1967, still the only team in history to win all domestic competitions and the European Cup in the same season. With their current dominance of French football Paris Saint-Germain might currently represent the greatest possibility to emulate that feat. Pourquoi pas?

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