The original purpose of PISPASCANA was to provide a LOCATION ASTROLOGY service set to be one of the great tools of the Aquarian Age. This technique has the potential to show us the location(s) where we can benefit from our most favourable astrological circumstances.

Just as the project was gaining momentum the global establishment that controls the financial system, corporations, media and our governments launched their latest crime against humanity.

If you have ever taken time to investigate the historical events just since the beginning of last century you will have realised that this network is responsible for the death of millions. It would require a vivid imagination to believe that they have suddenly during the last couple of years, become benevolent.

The wonderful LOCATION ASTROLOGY service is still available and for the most fortunate among us miracles can occur over incredibly short distances from their current locations. Otherwise the site now offers a regular news update with our summary of the most recent events and reports. You can find these at PISPASCANA NEWS. If you wish to receive notification of new articles as soon as they are published, go here and attach your details.

Other resources include LOVE & WISDOM, which looks at the great questions that have always faced mankind. Internal purification is probably the strongest weapon against the tyrannical forces that threaten our personal liberty. They do not have access to this plane.

HISTORY & CULTURE focuses on the material world and how we have been mislead in so many instances by those whose aim it is to censor and divide us. There is no advertising, but there are a few selected SHOPS

POLE to POLE, is a unique north to south listing of places and points of interest. Here are some of the amazing sights…….

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Unique presentation by latitude north to south, pole to pole, start your journey at one of these locations;