The original aim of Pispascana was to provide a Location Astrology service set to be one of the great tools of the Aquarian Age. The technique enables you to discover exactly your most favourable place(s). This can apply to relocation or short visits. For a free initial consultation contact here.

Just as the project was gaining momentum, the globalist establishment network that controls the financial system, unelected bureaucracy, corporations, mass media, many governments and to a lesser extent the armed forces and intelligence services, launched their latest crime against humanity. Just since the beginning of last century, this network is responsible for the death of millions. It would require a vivid imagination to believe that during the last couple of years they have suddenly become benevolent.

When restrictions on personal movement became a limiting factor for the Location Astrology service the site expanded to offer information on a wider range of subjects.

PISPASCANA NEWS is a regular comment on a wide range of topics and summary of current affairs. Articles and links are carefully chosen. To receive notification of new posts, attach your email address here.

HISTORY & CULTURE focuses on the material world and how we have been mislead in so many instances by those whose aim it is to censor and divide us.

LOVE & WISDOM, is a gateway to the great questions that have always faced mankind. The struggle toward internal purification and striving to become a real human is often called ‘the great work’. There are different doctrines with the same aim. Gnosis recognises value in all of these systems and includes lessons from many traditions. It is inner development that leads to awakening. This is the most powerful force against internal and external tyrants that have no access to higher dimensions.

POLE to POLE, is a unique north to south listing of places and points of interest. Here are some of the amazing sights…….

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