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PLACE TO BE is set to be one of the great tools of the Aquarian Age. The technique enables you to discover your best place(s) to be, for either long-term relocation or short visits. For a free initial consultation contact here.

HISTORY & CULTURE focuses on the material world and how much of the ‘official story’ is not always truthful.

LOVE & WISDOM, is a gateway to the great questions that have always faced mankind. The struggle toward internal purification and striving to become a real human is often called ‘the great work’.

POLE to POLE, is a unique north to south listing of places and points of interest at each latitude for you to see exactly what is at your PLACE TO BE. Here are some of the amazing sights…….

What, who, where and image credits ‘here’

Unique presentation by latitude north to south, pole to pole, start your journey at one of these locations;