CR7 – 0525? 1020?


Born – Funchal, Madeira 5th February 1985, either 05:25 hrs or 10:20 hrs

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Cristiano Ronaldo is currently one of the world’s best-known football players. He will celebrate his 36th birthday this coming Friday. However, there is some uncertainty about what time he was born on Tuesday 5th February 1985. His birth certificate shows 05:25hrs as his birth time but in a biography a family member reported his birth time as 10:20hrs.

The aim here is to identify which of Cristiano’s birth times are correct. We’ll compare the differences between Cristiano’s two possible birth (natal) charts. Additional charts for each of the locations where he has played will provide more information.

You’ll notice that the glyph for Pluto is different on the charts, my apology, so many fonts!

There are parts of the natal chart that cannot be changed, our basic star sign ♈Aries, ♉Taurus; etc. Aspects are formed by earth and two other planets at a precise angle at the moment we are born. These indicate how we are likely to respond to life’s situations. These too are unchanged wherever we roam. What can be changed are the Houses. These are the 12 sections of the chart that describe the type of environment and energy we will encounter at a particular location. If we relocate another chart is cast for that location using our exact birth time. The chart rotates and the planets appear in different houses. Using this system we are trying to position the planets in Houses where they will be more favourable to us.

The four most influential or angular houses, are 1,4,7 and 10. In summary the 1st House represents the self or individuality, 4th House fundamentals and the home. The 7th House is the House of relations, not family but the type of people we come into contact and the associations formed including marriage. The 10th House is our outward protection or public image. The strongest positions for the planets in any of the houses is in the first five degrees where the particular energy manifests quickest and most intensely.


Wherever we move the characteristics of our natal chart remain to some extent. For Cristiano these are the two charts we will look at in most detail. Then we will look at the consequences of Cristiano’s relocations.

1st House – Ascendant – Self, physical body, identity

05:25, Ruler ♑Capricorn. As children they tend to lack robust health and often display poor coordination. Money and position are important. A reserved attitude can appear as coldness.

♃Jupiter is an excellent planet anywhere on the chart but more so in the 1st, 4th, 7th and 10th Houses. In the 1st House it is considered as a ‘good luck placement’. Energy and enthusiasm are typical. Inclination and ability to help others are another characteristic.

☿Mercury tends to confer more intellectual than physical qualities although coordination and dexterity also benefit.

These two planets in the 1st House might have helped to offset the not so joyful rulership of ♑Capricorn.

10:20, Ruler ♈Aries. A highly energetic placement often inclined to be impulsive and self-centered in an unthinking way.

You’ll notice that there are no planets present in this House. This means that there is no added stimulus to the house ruler.

Cristiano has rarely been short of energy. I guess to succeed to the level Cristiano has achieved you would need to be self-centered to some extent.

2nd House – Material resources, self-esteem, adaptability, money.

05:25, Ruler ♒Aquarius. There is emphasis on money here and a potential inclination toward meanness. Cristiano has a reputation for generosity.

The ☉Sun is present in the 2nd House on this chart which indicates much attention on money and possessions that don’t always bring the happiness expected

10:20, Ruler ♉Taurus. A practical common-sense approach to life and the ability to make the most of opportunities that are presented.  

As a football player Cristiano appears to have taken advantage of most of the opportunities that came his way.

3rd House – Communication, thinking, relatives, friends and teachers

05:25, Ruler ♓Pisces. Highly emotional in thoughts and communication

♀Venus and ♂Mars are both present in the 3rd House of the 05:25 chart. ♀Venus here creates a refined but lazy mind. Early life is pleasant. Arguments are avoided. ♂Mars in contrast indicates an active aggressive intellect and frequently harsh speech. Quarreling in early life creates nervousness. A sarcastic and argumentative nature is common.

Something of a contradiction there which at best might find these influences cancelling other at worst mental confusion. I would need to spend a few days at least in Cristiano’s company before commenting.

10:20, Ruler ♊Gemini. Friendly, idealistic, individualistic. Need to learn concentration.

Most of us could improve our concentration. There is no doubt that Cristiano is individualistic.

4th House – Nadir. Home, office, real estate and property. Parents. The extent of physical development.

Those of us with a strong home base tend to be the most successful in life. There are exceptions when other factors are positive enough. There are no planets in the 4th House in either of Cristiano’s natal charts which means there is no added stimulus to the House Ruler definitions.

05:25, Ruler ♈Aries. Aggressive in family matters, the home may be a scene of strife, arguing and emotional confrontation.

10:20, Ruler ♋Cancer. Sentimental. Deep satisfaction from happy home life. Dedication to family.

It seems that Cristiano had some difficulty with his father which may point to the 05:25 option, Aries, which generally would create more conflict at home than nurturing Cancer.

5th House – The end of simple experience. Transformation to adulthood. Fun, games, hobbies and sport. Romance. Children.

05:25, Ruler ♉Taurus. Sensual, romantic and charming but can have too much self-love

10:20, Ruler ♌Leo. Identify strongly with children. Constant flow of creative energy. Excel in sports and competitive games

The ☽Moon’s presence on the 10:20 chart would have been supportive to Cristiano’s enjoyment of and development in sport. An escape from the less pleasant aspects of life.

6th House – Work, service

05:25, Ruler ♊Gemini. Versatile and ingenious organizing workload. Fraternal attitude toward co-workers. Desire to excel in chosen field

10:20, Ruler ♍Virgo. When interested capable of any amount of hard work. Impatient and meticulous for neatness and cleanliness.

Both of these influences appear to beneficial so no real clues here.

7th House, Descendent – Marriage and partnership. The end of physical development toward the mind.

05:25, Ruler ♋Cancer. Men tend to look for a mother rather than a mate.

10:20 Ruler ♎Libra. Unhappy unless able to share your life. Marriage without due care resulting in strife.

It doesn’t require a huge amount of research to reveal that Cristiano’s personal life doesn’t seem to reach the level of success he has achieved on the football field.

♇Pluto in the 7th House is a difficult placement. One the positive side you attract power people on the low end it is likely you will become the victim of manipulation. I suspect that football management agencies cover both these positions.

8th House – The result or reward of fully grasping the nature of a complete cycle of personal experience.

05:25 Ruler ♌Leo. Guard against over-exertion and heart-strain.

The ☽Moon in this House indicates a need for affection more than sex. Financial affairs are strongly influenced by partnerships and or marriage.

10:20 Ruler ♏Scorpio. Great power of regeneration

♄Saturn is present here, as always projecting seriousness. This is a placement of heavy taxes something Cristiano has certainly experienced. There is either strong sensuality or an inhibited attitude to sex.

9th House – Lasting values.

05:25 Ruler ♍Virgo. Emphasis on efficiency and hard work. Conscientious but too critical. Public diplomacy can be lacking with family

10:20 Ruler ♐Sagittarius. Dedicated religious beliefs tend to follow traditional doctrine. Optimistic, cheerful and a broad outlook on life.

Two planets appear in the 9th House of the 10:20 chart, ♅Uranus gives progressive ideas about education, an interest in foreign cultures and frequent travel. ♆Neptune here confers an impressionable, intuitive and tolerant nature but the need arises to differentiate between wolves in sheep’s clothing and genuine spiritual leaders. There is a love of travel and flair for languages.

10th House, Midheaven. Public profile. Knowing your direction.

05:25, Ruler ♎Libra. Strong sense of professional ethics. Good reputation and standing in the community.

♇Pluto occupies the 10th House in the 05:25 chart and is also in its ruling planet ♏Scorpio. ♇Pluto always carries great power, often dark, and where ♇Pluto is positioned in the chart tends to be the area of life where we experience great challenge and also confrontation. It can easily manifest as an obsession with success. This is a very strong position and may have been fundamental in Cristiano’s development.

10:20, Ruler ♑Capricorn. Ambitious and want to gain professional prominence through competition. Frustration with those in authority. Will avoid trouble if possible.

The 10:20 chart shows no planets in the 10th House. The ruler is Capricorn the natural ruler of the 10th House as the 10th sign of the zodiac. Even without the additional stimulus of a planet positioned in this House Cristiano would have gained an appreciation of hard work, responsibility, discipline and ambition. 

11th House – Cooperation, groups. Humanitarianism. Larger goals.

This is the house of sharing, groups, community and cooperation highly significant in team sport.

05:25, Ruler ♏Scorpio. Tendency to hold friendships too closely. Need to learn tolerance and not judge others or expect perfection.

It is often a frustration for top team players that their team-mates are not up to standard.

10:20, Ruler ♒Aquarius. Individualism can restrict friendships but work well within groups. Self-centered but humanitarian.

♄Saturn is present in the 05:25 chart which, while creating a responsible attitude doesn’t generate much joy whereas in the 10:20 chart the presence of ♃Jupiter and ☿Mercury would have created an expansive and thoughtful atmosphere, lighter more enjoyable than the presence of Saturn. It would be interesting to hear the opinions of his early team mates about Cristiano’s demeanour. Would it be correct to assume that football was his pleasure and release from the serious side of life, as well as being a route to stardom?

12th House – Ideas and reality. Hidden faults. Karma.

05:25, Ruler ♐Sagittarius. Philosophically oriented. High personal aspirations may be impossible to fulfill. Hard work required to attract happiness in life.

This rulership may again draw our attention to the struggle in Cristiano’s personal life.

♅Uranus and ♆Neptune are present in the 12th House of the 05:25 chart. Both are challenging placements as ♅Uranus in this position indicates a lack of self-control with a tendency to force rather than persuade others that results in loneliness. There can be highly developed intuitive and clairvoyant ability. ♆Neptune’s presence indicates neurotic problems and mental confusion. There is a tendency to feel caged. Charitable work behind the scenes is a characteristic.

10:20, Ruler ♓Pisces. Unconscious spiritual wisdom gives intense empathy with mankind and a need to serve others. Often feel alone.

♀Venus in this position manifests as a need for quiet and solitude. Social shyness results in loneliness and romantic frustration, sensitivity and being easily hurt. Kindness, compassion and the need to serve others is a common feature. ♂Mars present in the 12th House points to a secretive nature including sexual involvements. Suppressed anger is often a problem that requires greater self-honesty. The only person you can depend on is yourself.

So far, my inclination is that the 10:20 chart is more accurate. Let’s proceed to 


A clue in this investigation appears on the 10:20 relocated chart for Cristiano when he moved to Lisbon with Sporting Club in 2002. Here are his relocated charts cast as if he was born in Lisbon at exactly the same minute as in Funchal. When you relocate, the planet positions rotate on the chart, east clockwise and west anti-clockwise.  When Cristiano relocated to Lisbon the planets rotated 10 degrees clockwise. What were the consequences?

The most significant change is in the 10:20 chart. ♃Jupiter the planet of growth and expansion moves into the 10th House of outward protection or public image. This is sometimes referred to as ‘a big kicker’. ♃Jupiter is recognised by all who study these matters, as in general, the most beneficial influence. One of the leaders in this field refers to,

‘a powerfully protective and beneficial influence, especially for career but benefitting all aspects of life. The location helps you discover your life’s work, and also sets you up on that path. In any career you attain high position.’

If, as I suspect 10:20 is the correct chart Cristiano would have felt a surge of positive energy extending into every aspect of his life.  There is no doubt that at Sporting Club De Lisbon his career began to accelerate as raw talent began to make its mark in the professional football world and the route to stardom.


The 05:25 chart shows the ☉Sun in the last degrees of the 1st House and ♄Saturn close to the 11th House cusp. Both strong positions however, ♇Pluto has moved from the 10th to the 9th House where it would have been less intense. ♀Venus and ♂Mars shifted from the 3rd House into the 2nd. The ♂Mars position is not one of the best placements where aggression and impatience in financial matters are typical. This is offset by generosity. As with the earlier description of ♀Venus and ♂Mars, the Venus energy tends to be almost the opposite of ♂Mars, extravagance is the negative trait but some business ability and financial good fortune would likely occur.

The 10:20 chart shows the continuing presence of ♃Jupiter in the 10th House. Cristiano’s career continued rapid development as he became the star player at one of the most famous football clubs. ☿Mercury enters the 10th House tight to the setting cusp. While this influence is probably most beneficial to those working intellectually it also favours those on a learning curve and this is certainly what Cristiano experienced in Manchester. After establishing himself in Lisbon he suddenly finds himself a student of Alex Ferguson one of the most successful managers in the history of football. By the time he departed for Real Madrid, Cristiano had helped Manchester United win the UEFA Champions League and 3 English Premierships. He learned.

Another factor that supports the notion of 10:20 as Cristiano’s correct birth time is the movement of ♄Saturn from the 8th to the 7th House. He gained relief as ♇Pluto moved from the 7th House to the 6th but ♄Saturn moved in to continue testing Cristiano’s relationships. There is no doubt that Cristiano’s public image as one of the football greats is unchallenged but there seems to be evidence that his personal life might be termed the opposite end of the stick. The mother of his first child is unknown and twins were born by surrogacy. Neither of these situations are unique but they do seem to indicate that Cristiano has experienced some difficulty in forming romantic relationships. This difficulty could be attributed to ♇Pluto in the 10th House on the 05:25 chart but I suspect this was something that manifested in the 7th House as Cristiano was establishing himself as a top football player. 


When Cristiano relocated from Manchester to Madrid in general the changes were slight however ♇Pluto found its way back into the 7th House which if the 10:20 chart is the correct one must have created a great deal of strain in combination with ♄Saturn. This could of course explain the extraordinary ability he demonstrated on the football field as it was there that his mind was entirely focused with little thought elsewhere.


If 10:20 is the correct birth time Cristiano’s move to Juventus brought him something he had never had. A real feeling of home. This may well be the acid test as to which of the birth times is correct. Before looking at that phenomenon we can see that the move to Turin moved heavy ♇Pluto out of the intense 7th House position. This alone would have relieved much tension.

The Sun moving into the 10th House is similar to pouring petrol on a fire but perhaps this is what has enabled Cristiano to continue competing at the highest level into his late 30’s and he has recently been quoted as having no intention of retiring in the near future.

The feeling of home I describe is a result of the ☽Moon moving from the 5th to the 4th House in the 10:20 chart. This is described as one of the strongest nesting influences. Assuming 10:20 is Cristiano’s correct birthtime moving to Turin where would feeling soothing, ‘like a balm to the soul’

Only Cristiano himself will know if he ‘feels at home’ in the Turin area. The answer to that question would bring us close to answering the original question.


According to Wikipedia, in 2019 United States prosecutors in Las Vegas dismissed a rape allegation case against Cristiano that had dragged on from 2009.

There are a number of lesser-known planetary bodies one of which appears significant here. Lilith is the name given to asteroid No.1181 a minor planet too faint to be seen other than with the aid of a telescope. Similar to earth it shines by the reflected light of the ☉Sun. Lilith is sometimes described as the dark side of Eve I the Garden of Eden. I was once able to observe a man who had this influence strongly. In his particular case the women close to him were continually problematic. He eventually relocated.

A 10:20 birth time relocated chart for Cristiano in Las Vegas shows Lilith tight to ♀Venus and ♂Mars in the 4th House. The 05:25 relocated chart shows Lilith tight to ♀Venus and ♂Mars in the 6th House.    

I suspect that the impact of Lilith’s presence would be much stronger in the angular 4th House of the 10:20 chart, much more likely to be a factor in Cristiano’s unfortunate trip to Las Vegas.


After all that I almost found myself trying to identify what would be Cristiano’s most favourable location on earth. A few minutes effort on the 10:20 chart revealed that it would require several hours work. Even then it would likely be inaccurate without taking into account his romantic partner and children. I’ll wait until Cristiano pays the bill for that one.

So, my answer to the question which is the correct birth time for Cristiano Ronaldo? 10:20. Your opinions are welcomed. 

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