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During the last few days one of the big football stories of the summer seems to have been reaching a climax. Gareth Bale, Britain’s most expensive football player export is no longer wanted by Real Madrid. Here we look at some of the different astrological influences in Gareth’s life to date and speculate on his future possibilities.

Gareth joined Real on 1st September 2013 from London club Tottenham Hotspur. At the time Real paid a world record transfer fee of approximately €100m. Since then Gareth has been a member of 13 title winning teams including 4 UEFA Champions League triumphs. He has also captained the Welsh national team during their most successful period since the late 1950’s.

Gareth is now 30 years old. He might play for another 4 or 5 seasons but his value will most likely decrease. According to Wikipedia, during his professional career, which began with Southampton FC in 2005, Gareth has never played 50 matches during a season. His season average is 35 matches. Eden Hazard, Real’s recent signing from Chelsea has averaged 45 matches per season! Real coach Zinedine Zidane will be well aware of this statistic which is more likely to worsen than improve.

Gareth has two planetary combinations at his birthplace in Cardiff. Marginally the strongest is Venus Jupiter. This is potentially one of the most pleasant combinations where success and good fortune come easily although the possibility for self-indulgence exists. The other, Moon Pluto, is where the individual is constantly pushing to fulfil their desires at any cost, a consequence of which may be to suffer rejection. This influence intensified at Southampton FC, whereas the more pleasant influence of Venus and Jupiter, although not entirely absent as birthplace influences are always somewhat retained, was modified. At Southampton a Moon Uranus influence entered the picture with the potential for great excitement and self-discovery.

In 2007 Gareth moved north to London joining Tottenham Hotspur FC. As London and Cardiff are on the same latitude the planetary combinations from his birthplace returned. He enjoyed six seasons of relative success and good fortune in London before moving to Madrid.

Gareth has two planetary combinations in Madrid that were new to him. He retained the two from his birthplace to some extent but they became modified by Mercury Pluto and Sun Pluto combinations. The first of these can engender an apparent inability to compromise easily with others. The second is the combination of ‘the lonely genius’.

Pluto was already present at his birthplace in Cardiff, and two more Pluto influences manifested for him in Madrid. Pluto does not impart the potential for easy social interaction. If you want to conform to a world that places so much importance in ‘social skills’ avoid areas where Pluto is strong.

Where next Gareth? In the last couple of articles, I have mentioned the planetary combinations of Mars Jupiter and Sun Mars as probably the most beneficial for professional athletes. My ongoing analysis reveals players daily, who could easily relocate to these areas and receive a whole new lease of life, if only they knew. Rather than looking for a needle in a haystack, Location Astrology can quickly provide the answer! It’s not always possible to have either of these combinations in Europe and sometimes they are compromised by a less favourable combination.

This is exactly the predicament we find for Gareth. The Mars Jupiter combination so beneficial to professional sportsman, especially when strongest, is present for Gareth on the latitude of Liverpool & Manchester but compromised by the much less attractive combination of Saturn & Pluto. The Saturn Pluto combination is said to bring a more serious disposition and potential solitude. Conversely that seriousness combined with an increase in energy and discipline from Mars Jupiter might be exactly what he needs as a fitting climax to his career.

Gareth does have some pleasant latitudes but not at the location of the major football clubs. Some relief from the planet Pluto might benefit him greatly. Perhaps if Gareth’s agent is reading this article, he will do his client a huge favour and obtain an accurate Location Astrology analysis. I’m sure we would all love to see more of Gareth, happy and successful!

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