LIONEL MESSI would feel more at home in Madrid than Barcelona!

This article was originally published on Linked In, February 2021

Lionel Andres Messi Cuccitini. Born 16:20 hrs, 24th June 1987, Rosario, Argentina.

The last article attempted to identify which of Cristiano Ronaldo’s possible birth times was correct. Thankfully this article is much easier as there seems to be no confusion over Lionel Messi’s birth time.

The aim of this article is to see exactly the planetary influences for Lionel at the two locations where he has spent most of his life; Rosario and Barcelona. Secondly given current speculation about where he will play for the remainder of his career we will identify exactly where he would enjoy these years most.

As I explained in the previous article there are certain parts of our life that can’t be changed. What can be changed are what are called the House positions of the planets. As we move east or west these House positions change for better or worse. Precise analysis allows us to rotate the chart into a position where the local environment and energy will be most favourable to us. Remember that the birth or natal characteristics are always present wherever we locate but diluted.

1987-2000 Birthplace ROSARIO, ARGENTINA

The first thing that jumps out at Lionel’s birthplace is ♄Saturn in the 1st House. If everybody on earth with ♄Saturn in the 1st House was to relocate other than to places where ♄Saturn lands in the powerful 4th, 7th or 10th Houses, our planet would be a much happier place.

One typical characteristic of ♄Saturn in the 1st House is poor health in childhood. I too am one of these unfortunate people to have this placement and can confirm from personal experience that this is possible. Many of us know that Lionel arrived in Barcelona with the priority to deal with his health problem.

In contrast ♅Uranus in the 1st House is a placement of precocious talent, with potential as ‘fame position’. Not much left to say here other than 1st House ruler ♐Sagittarius would have added energy to whatever planets are present.

The 4th House is empty so we must look at the House ruler ♒Aquarius for information. While this rulership doesn’t necessarily indicate conflict, it is not the most peaceful and upsets are common.

♃Jupiter in the 5th House is an excellent placement for a young sportsman. It’s widely reported that Lionel showed great zest and enthusiasm whenever a ball appeared, playing regularly with family and friends from a young age.

♀Venus and the☽Moon appear in the powerful 7th House. It is alleged that ♀Venus in the 7th House is the best a man can get in respect of attracting beautiful women. It’s perhaps no surprise then that Lionel is married to a Rosario girl, Antonella Roccuzzo, who he has apparently known since he was 5 years old.

☽Moon in the 7th House has a very similar flavour to the ♀Venus placement but adds that the women you attract will tend to be more nurturing than sexual, fuss over you and will ’stick around’.

The 8th House is busy. ☉Sun powerfully placed on the ‘cusp’. This is a deep placement with themes of regeneration and transformation. There is a warning here that negative elements of this position can manifest as either financial mismanagement or a partner’s extravagance causing problems. Lionel has experienced some difficulty with the Spanish tax authority.

Also, in the 8th House is ☿Mercury, which inclines a person to be secretive. There is a love of mystery and intrigue. A tendency to hold grudges and seek revenge are one of the less pleasant characteristics. Documents should be read carefully before signing.

Finally, ♂Mars in the 8th House indicates emotional intensity and an interest in life after death. The 8th House as you can see is not a house that makes itself obvious even with those who are in the public eye.

There are no planets positioned in the 9th, 10th and 11th Houses which doesn’t mean they are of no significance. In each case the House ruler shown on the outer wheel creates the flavour for the house.

The 9th House is another of those that is not so publicly visible whereas the 10th House is quite the opposite. Coincidentally Lionel’s 10th House ruler is ♌Leo, which denotes great ambition, ability for leadership and authority. You are admired for your accomplishments but prestige comes more as a result of a loving rather than demanding attitude.

Gentle ♍Virgo is the ruler of the 11th House which is about community, important in team sport. It is said that Lionel will exert himself for his friends. This position also indicates a hidden inferiority complex. A magnetic attunement to animals is typical.

Dark ♇Pluto appear in the 12th House of karma. This placement indicates highly developed intuitive power. The danger here for Lionel is becoming too preoccupied with his own problems.


In 2000 Lionel to Barcelona. The club was committed to provide treatment for what had been diagnosed as growth hormone deficiency. Lionel’s relocated chart for Barcelona shows an approximately 25-degree clockwise rotation. All the planets moved House.

Probably the best result was that ♄Saturn vacated the 1st House moving to the 12th where as always it cast its melancholic shadow although not as severely as in the 1st House. The 12th House interpretation focuses on isolation, seclusion, depression and loneliness. These do seem to have been a factor for Lionel in Barcelona especially in the first few years when he was still in the process of receiving treatment for his illness.

♅Uranus also moved 1st to 12th. Here the potential for higher intuition and clairvoyance exist but there can also be a feeling of confinement. It is reported that Lionel was homesick and unhappy in the early stages of his stay in Barcelona. A young man far from home with few friends but as we know this changed rapidly. There plenty were factors that would assist that transition.

♆Neptune in the 1st House is defined as a superb location for an aspiring performer. It supplies charisma and people sense in you something divine, glamour too. 

♃Jupiter in the 3rd House is as usual generally positive, here creating optimism, and lots of travelling.

An empty 4th House leaves us to look at the House ruler, which is Aries, not the most peaceful domestic influence where Lionel might be quite demanding at times.

The ☽Moon and ♀Venus moved from the powerful 7th House position into the milder 6th where in the case of the ☽Moon, Lionel’s emotional state would affect his vitality. The ♀Venus placement is more positive aiding improvement in health and bringing pleasant working conditions.

The 7th House is now occupied by the ☉Sun, ☿Mercury and ♂Mars. The 1st, 4th, 7th and 10th Houses are known as angular. Planets positioned in these House tend to have the greatest impact in our lives. ☉Sun in the 7th House helps to create greater fulfillment in marriage as well as attracting showy and creative associates. ☿Mercury too attracts smart people.

Gradually Lionel’s life was filled with Pep, Iniesta and the rest of the gang who by 2011 let Manchester United off very lightly in the final of the UEFA Champions League.

Definitions of ♂Mars in the 7th House talk about warriors and comrades-in-arms just the mentality required to form a strong competitive unit.

The 8th and 9th Houses are empty this time, as we said the activity here is not so easy to observe from the outside. Even public superstars have parts of their lives that are not so easily seen.

Maybe the most significant shift of planets was ♇Pluto moving from the 12th House to the 10th, the House of public persona. Fearlessness and obsession with career are common manifestations and public attention is almost inevitable. Great care should be taken not to create conflict with this position as it has the potential to drag on indefinitely. 

One of these power struggles seems to have existed with the former Barcelona club President Josep Bartemeu to the extent that after 20 years at the club Lionel may be serious about playing out the rest of his career elsewhere.


So, to finish this article the questions are; should he leave Barcelona and if so where to? Sometimes it takes hours to discover someone’s perfect place but Lionel’s chart for Barcelona gave me a big clue. You’ll see that ♃Jupiter is in the 3rd House in Barcelona very close to the cusp. ♃Jupiter in the 4th House is one of the best possible positions. All that was needed was to rotate the chart a couple of degrees clockwise and Lionel has his dream home. As it turns out this is the case for the entire Iberian Peninsula, excluding Catalonia. Yes, would you believe it Lionel feels very at home in every away match in La Liga. No wonder he has done so well in Spain.

Other than moving ♃Jupiter a few degrees nothing else changes significantly. You can see from this that in some situations it only requires a short distance move to make a major change. Unless my arithmetic has failed Lionel Messi has scored more often against Real Madrid in Madrid than in Barcelona. Combined with his performances against Valencia it’s 22 goals at home and 20 away from home. It is in fact Valencia that is Lionel’s sweetest location.

In Valencia ♃Jupiter is just inside the 4th House within the first 5 degrees where it’s incredibly positive effect will be experienced quickest and most intensely. ♃Jupiter in the 4th House is described as one of the greatest locations, blesses home, family, and private life as it creates a real sense of belonging. Health benefits and sleep improves. It’s also a place that by its security it encourages the resident to travel. Inner healing is a typical feature and this is recognised as one of the best places to retire. Children benefit greatly.

If that wasn’t good enough, there is a ☉Sun ♃Jupiter combination present that makes this location unusually lucky. The only downside to this is that the House ruler continues to be Aries which would not be the first choice if that was an option. All things considered the improvement on life in Barcelona should be easily noticeable.

You can see on the map the is a ☉Sun ♃Jupiter glyph over Ibiza. This means that the combination of these two planets is most intense, at its zenith there, its energy extends to a radius of 300 miles/480km. Lionel will receive a kick from this in Barcelona which is approximately 165 miles from the zenith. Its influence in Valencia is more intense, only 90 miles from the zenith.

Of course, Lionel is not alone, there are others to consider, his wife and children foremost. As you have seen a move to Valencia would not change much for Lionel other than the massive boost of ♃Jupiter energy. There will be little change in the charts of his family members and entourage but just like Lionel a short-distance move could potentially trigger a major change not necessarily for the best. Given the huge benefit to Lionel there would have to be some terribly unfortunate situation for one of his loved ones to negate the positive effect in Valencia for Lionel. The probability of this is quite low.

So, my advice to you Lionel is the same as Gurdjieff received from his grandmother while she was on her deathbed, ‘don’t do as others do’. Let someone check how the planets would affect your family in Valencia, then assuming all is good don’t put any more pressure on yourself by continuing to work for those with often overly high expectations. Go to Valencia to your dream home and enjoy the last few years before your retirement from playing football. Of course they won’t pay you as much but doesn’t everyone know that money isn’t everything and it certainly can’t buy happiness.

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