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This article was originally publish at Linked In, August 2020

Given the events of 2020 so far and the new problems faced when travelling or relocating it’s even more important to check thoroughly what you will likely experience when you arrive there. Best to make sure that wherever your destination there is little chance you’ll find yourself in police custody. If only briefly. We’ll return to this subject shortly.

Press reports indicate that Lionel Messi may be about to leave Barcelona. The situation at the club must be dire. There is no guarantee in any business that those in control will act wisely. Money and power do not automatically confer wisdom. Len Shackleton an English professional from 1940-57 included a chapter in his 1956 autobiography ‘The Clown Prince of Soccer’ entitled ‘The Average Director’s Knowledge of Football’ and left a blank page.  

Lionel is a complex character born in the sign Cancer, viewed by some as the most difficult for a man. Simple analysis reveals a sensitive individual with strong ties to the family. FC Barcelona brought Lionel to Europe with the priority to improve his health. The successful outcome created a strong bond between player and club resulting in much success for both parties. However, since the departure of team manager Guardiola after the Champions League success in 2011 and the almost impossible task of replacing Iniesta, the club’s fortunes have gradually declined. My research shows that Rafael Benitez would be the best possible choice of team manager for Barca but as a former Madridista his appointment would be viewed negatively by many and would he be willing given his own previous loyalty.

From an astrological perspective the choice of destination for Lionel, should he make the move, that I suspect he would rather avoid, appears easy although calculation made with a precise birthtime might reveal otherwise. Paris should be his destination especially if they were also able to acquire the service of Paul Pogba whose positive analysis in Paris has been mentioned in previous articles. Messi & Pogba in Paris appears to be the perfect combination but can Paris afford this exciting combination?

The Greek Island of Mykonos was Manchester United captain, Harry Maguire’s chosen location for some rest and recuperation before the new season begins. When Harry and his companions were flicking through the travel brochures the last thing on their minds would have been a visit to Mykonos Police Station. You’ll be expecting me to say, it’s easy to see from Harry’s map that he should have travelled somewhere else for a holiday. Analysis without a precise birthtime shows no obvious indication that trouble could arise. Could the same be said for his travelling companions? Neither his brother or friend are sufficiently ‘famous’ enough to warrant an online profile so even birth details without a time are unavailable.

It would have been possible, using precise birth details for all three, to select the best possible location for them as a group. This would likely have required some compromise as it’s rare that all three companions would share the same perfect location. Using Harry’s birth details without the benefit of a precise birthtime indicates that somewhere between the latitude 24°north to 23°north30’ has the great potential for a wonderful holiday and more. You can see the locations on this latitude by visiting Muscat is probably the most obvious tourist destination at that latitude.

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