This article was originally published at Linked In, November 2020

In July last year just before Harry Maguire signed for Manchester United Football Club, I published an article, ‘Manchester, Maguire and Mercury’. Much of the content has proven accurate. Last Wednesday Marquinos, mentioned in the article as having the potential to ‘make a positive contribution if he chose a move to Manchester’ scored the second Paris Saint Germain goal in their 1-3 victory in Manchester.

Harry Maguire decided on a move to Manchester United after 2 years with Leicester City. The most significant change I observed for him was losing the valuable combination of Mercury and Uranus. This particular combination is viewed with the potential of

individualization of self through work and ability to express oneself through cleverness, handiness and intelligence in crafts or work…….

Occupation is the scene of growth here and the mind original and non-conforming seeks ways of expressing itself creatively…….

There is continual excitement and the development of a defiant iconoclastic mentality that delights in exploding others myths and illusions. The mind becomes inspirational and innovative……. Here you are comfortable with paradox……. Eccentricity takes over and others see you as something unusual thus finding your ideas as amusing as serious but you are immune to such criticism and actually think many years ahead of your time. 

Where is the mercurial slightly eccentric Harry Maguire who in January 2019 out-smarted the Liverpool defence scoring in front of the Kop to secure a point for Leicester? Many would argue the additional pressure of representing Manchester United as opposed to Leicester City as an excuse for any differences in Harry’s demeanour. Does he radiate with the same subtlety and self-assurance based in Manchester as he displayed when based at Leicester?

One of Harry’s main adversaries in last week’s UEFA Champions League match between Manchester United and Paris Saint Germain, Kylian Mbappe, World Cup winner with France, ‘benefits’ from this Mercury Uranus planetary combination at his current base in Paris. Are greater subtlety and self-assurance qualities that have increased in the demeanour of Kylian Mbappe since August 2017 when he joined Paris from Monaco. 

While the attractions are great elsewhere, and demand is high among PSG’S international competitors for his services, Mbappe has stayed with Paris. Should Mbappe leave Paris the chance of them winning the UEFA Champions League could be gone for a long time. His teammate, Neymar is reported to have invited former colleague Lionel Messi to join them next season. Messi’s planetary alignment appears highly positive in Paris, possibly stronger than in Barcelona. Would this at last be the catalyst to provide PSG with their first UEFA Champions League.

Whatever the reason, Paris manager Thomas Tuchel’s decision to omit Angel di Maria from his team selection against Manchester United favoured Paris. Di Maria was a top performer with Real Madrid before he joined Manchester United where his form was much less impressive. That changed with a move to Paris, where his planetary alignment appears as strong as any in the PSG squad. Given that his greatest time spent in Manchester didn’t proceed well, why would that change? This was an occasion when his omission from the Paris team was a benefit.

Mo Salah has a similar situation in London where, by his current standard, he scores few goals. Only 6 of his 104 goals to date for Liverpool were scored in London, 3 of those in comfortable victories. 2 goals in 13 appearances was the extent of Salah’s success during his brief career with Chelsea.  For a player that has broken all the records with Liverpool his scoring record in the Capital is ordinary. After his relatively unsuccessful time at Chelsea Mo Salah’s good fortune, via Florence and Rome, led him to Liverpool, where he has a rich planetary alignment so much in his favour that his performances in London are largely irrelevant. They are relevant in demonstrating that London is one of the few places where Mo Salah’s good fortune is much less conspicuous. Both this, and Angel Di Maria’s situation in Manchester become easier understand when you see their planetary alignment in these places.

With travel and relocation more complicated the importance of checking every source to ensure that a supportive environment awaits you is greater than ever. Change in fortune for better or worse can occur over a relatively short distance. It is possible to take a view of this. Forewarned is forearmed.

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