The advantages of a move to Madrid for KYLIAN MBAPPE


Born Paris, France 01:47, 20th December 1998

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Article originally published on Linked In, February 2021

I suspect there is little argument among football followers these days that Kylian Mbappe is the most valuable player on earth. He is the only teenager other than the legendary Brazilian Pele, to score a goal in the World Cup Final.

He began his professional career with AS Monaco and after 3 years there he returned to his hometown club Paris Saint Germain (PSG). His consistent high-level performance constantly attracts the attention from the ‘super clubs’ a group to which PSG aspire.

Press reports indicate, that among these ‘super clubs’, Real Madrid are the most interested in obtaining Kylian’s services. Real have been struggling since they failed to fill the void left by the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo in 2018.

Kylian has recently been reported to be happy at PSG. Is this football double speak meaning if a good offer comes along, he will pack his bag immediately? The football website Transfermarkt where Kylian is valued at $215m reports that he is represented by family as opposed to a commercial football player agent. I guess the rationale here is that the family will operate with greater trust and integrity.

Now we look at Kylian’s planetary characteristics, see what makes him such a unique sportsman and why Real Madrid should spare no expense to obtain his services.  

Rather than describe all of the planet positions on Kylian’s birth chart here we’ll concentrate on the most intense or angular 1st, 4th, 7th and 10th Houses on the birth chart. The importance of an accurate birth time has been explained in many previous articles. Without this we don’t know the correct house positions. Fortunately, we have this data for Kylian. This is Kylian’s chart for his birthplace in Paris, France.

♂Mars in the 1st House, within 5 degrees of the cusp could hardly be better for a sportsman. Robust male energy, grit, stamina and rugged physique are normal with this placement. I haven’t found any of the top players over the last forty years or so with such an advantageous placement. One all-time great player whose birth time I haven’t been able to find is ‘The Galloping Major’, Ferenc Puskas. In terms of physique and style of play Kylian Mbappe is probably closest to Puskas among football legends. 

The 1st House ruler is ♎Libra, perhaps the perfect balance to ♂Mars in the House. Beauty, grace, discipline, charm, kindness and great need for companionship. Individuality through cooperation, a real team player. There seems to be a constant striving for mental and emotional balance. It’s acceptance of circumstances that resolves this.

When I glanced at Kylian’s chart ♆Neptune in the 4th House was the first planet I noticed. In very simple terms the 4th House is about the home and all things related. This is probably the best position for ♆Neptune that creates a deep mystical environment but can result in parasitic hangers-on. ♅Uranus is not such an easy 4th House placement tending to cause instability. It is said that travel to exotic places is a safety valve. Lucky Kylian can afford it. Again, hangers-on are a typical feature. Dips in Kylian’s form can likely be traced to what are known as negative transits affecting ♅Uranus, these are temporary.

♄Saturn appears in the 7th House. This is a difficult position. ♈Aries as the House ruler will intensify these ♄Saturnian characteristics. Loneliness and lack of partnership or at best a melancholic partner can be expected. The partnership problems can be much worse. Cristiano Ronaldo had this placement at some of his locations, including Madrid.

Last but not least of the angular Houses, the 10th, house of public persona, is empty so we turn to the House ruler for some insight. In Kylian’s case, ♋Cancer. A public career is quite common with this rulership. It is possible Kylian is highly sensitive about his reputation, wishing to be seen as responsible and respectable. There may be problems with his mother which if negative, the longer it continues without being expressed will cause deep resentment. Is she the boss?

Here is Kylian’s relocated chart for Madrid. It’s a move east of close to 5 degrees so there isn’t much difference from the Natal Paris chart but the changes that occur are highly significant.

These changes are all to do with the 4th House. ♅Uranus with its potential instability is now in the 5th House where it is less problematic but still presents a few challenges. Whirlwind romances that end quickly, craving for excitement and gambling are possibilities as are unplanned children.

The other movements are the ☽Moon and ♀Venus both moving into the 4th House. These excellent placements for home and home life. Generally speaking, the better quality our home life, the more successful we will be once we step out the door.

Unfortunately, Madrid is not far enough west for ♄Saturn to move out of the 7th House. However there seems no doubt that Kylian will feel very much at home in Madrid. That should enable him to settle quickly and make a contribution to the team immediately, unlike Eden Hazard who neither has a strong House ruler or positive planet(s) in his 4th House in Madrid.

One of the most frustrating things when analysing these charts is that the best locations can often be in a place where there are no top clubs, no clubs at all, in a wilderness or even in the middle of the ocean. In Kylian’s world slightly further west in the Canary Islands ♄Saturn has left the 7th House. ♆Neptune is replaced by the ☉Sun in the 4th House, also positive. Otherwise, the chart is unchanged. This is an improvement on Madrid.

Place your bets now, bookmakers will give long odds for CD Tenerife winning the 2025 UEFA Champions League.

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