Imagine you are told you must leave your home for a couple of months. When you are ready to return, you are told it’s really five years before you can return but it might be ten. That was my experience. Twelve years in a beautiful Crimea mountain village…….


then suddenly, in my late fifties dropped back into western society to start again.

My name is Alistair Edwards.

Dundreich, Arthur’s Seat in the background

I was born in Edinburgh or Jerusalem (see Comyns Beaumont here) depending on your perspective, on the last day of the pre-space age, 11th April 1961. Every former Soviet citizen knows what happened the next day.

While trying to figure out what to do next it occurred to me there was a possibility to connect my interest in Location Astrology with a potential benefit to professional sportsmen. I would identify locations where the stars literally would enhance their performance.

To show them exactly what existed at specific latitudes I created the POLE to POLE list. This is a beautiful presentation with outstanding photography which can still be expanded. The list now contains over 500 photographs 10,000 entries and more than 25,000 links. The LOCATION ASTROLOGY service is available to everyone.

I felt that having finally created a website I wanted to add more. While in Crimea most of the year was spent largely outdoors but during winter it was possible to read and study. The internet made it possible to research many HISTORY & CULTURE topics I had been interested in from a young age. Many previous beliefs were shown to be inaccurate. I have tried to select a few subjects that provide understanding of certain events or situations and will continue to add more.

During these years I also became acquainted with what I would call sources of LOVE & WISDOM which I am happy to share and hope that you will benefit.

Welcome to Pispascana.

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