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This article was originally published at Linked In, July 2019

Two previous articles, ‘Alexis Sanchez Lunar Hell’ and ‘A Tale of Two Cities’, describe some difficult situations for Manchester United. This article looks at which United players have more favourable planetary combinations in Manchester, how certain players at other top clubs would perform in Manchester, and how the planet Mercury is influencing us all at this moment. As in previous articles the analyses would reveal more with precise birthtimes but there is still much useful information available.

Legendary United manager Sir Matt Busby had two planetary combinations in Manchester. A striking phrase in the definition for the first of these is ‘quiet resistance to injustice’. Most would view The Munich Air Disaster on February 6th 1958 as a tragic injustice. There is also reference to ‘responsibility borne in a sober and realistic manner’. The other, a mild influence, a combination of Mars and Jupiter, described as ‘masculine, militant and vigorous, with respect for authority and uniformity as well as delight in athletics, sport, competition and power, where there is raw courage and ability to take up arms against a sea of troubles’. ‘Physical culture and sport succeed here, this being the ideal place for an athlete’!

Current manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has the first of these combinations at his birthplace. Planetary influences at our birthplace are always with us to some extent wherever we relocate. Another factor in Ole’s favour is that the planetary combination, not especially constructive, that was present in Cardiff during his previous role as a manager in the English Premiership, is not present for him in Manchester. There are many conflicting views expressed in the media whether Ole Gunnar will succeed at Old Trafford. Much will depend on having players who are in the ‘Right Place’

There has been much written this summer about the possibility of goalkeeper David de Gea departing. Analysis of David’s Location Astrology in Manchester and at all of the European ‘top club’ locations indicate that he is in the ‘Right Place’. In Manchester David has six planetary combinations, an unusually high number. The second strongest is the Mars Jupiter combination I described as mild for Sir Matt Busby. Recent media reports suggest that David will stay with United. This is possibly a better deal for David than for United who might have replaced him with Keylor Navas who also has excellent astrological combinations on the latitude of Manchester. It is unlikely David can improve his astrological benefits at any other ‘top club’ in Europe. Analysis using a precise birthtime might reveal otherwise.

There has also been a great deal of media speculation that Belgian international Romelu Lukaku will leave the club. United would do well to retain his services. Romelu also has six planetary combinations on the Manchester latitude the strongest of which is the particularly inspiring Venus Jupiter combination said to be a location ‘marked by good fortune, success, beauty and laughter in almost too great measure’. Romelu’s six planetary combinations in Manchester are generally positive. Planetary combinations that can be reliably identified without an accurate birthtime are specific to certain latitudes. This obviously shows that Romelu has almost identical planetary influences in Manchester as in Liverpool where he enjoyed great success with Everton. This could be one of Ole Gunnar’s greatest tests. How could he usefully deploy Romelu Lukaku who is astrologically in the ‘Right Place’?

It will come as little surprise that Marcus Rashford on the basis of my part analysis is in the ‘Right Place’. Marcus is probably United’s greatest current asset. He has three planetary combinations in Manchester including the high energy Mars Jupiter combination, ‘best for professional sportsmen’. It is unlikely that Marcus would find another ‘top club’ where he has the potential for as much success than at Manchester United, other than of course City or Liverpool. Moves to either are to say the least unlikely!

Of United’s two latest signings Aaron Wan-Bissaka and Daniel James, there are changes for both in Manchester. Daniel’s planetary combinations at his previous club were gentler than those in Manchester where the presence of Pluto should generate considerable transformation. Aaron on the other hand loses a planetary combination that might be said to have increased his willingness to learn replaced by a pleasant disposition that will likely make him popular within the squad and among the fans.

Looking at Phil Jones’ planetary combination in Manchester suggests the club might still see the best of him. The planetary combination that manifests for Phil is considered perhaps the most pleasant of all influences, ‘the extraordinary good luck zone’. The danger for United here is perhaps that Phil is too content and comfortable.

Retaining Juan Mata was a sound move. Juan has five planetary combinations in Manchester. Certain of these influences are stable and grounding while others are warm and expansive. Juan appears to be a good guy to have in the squad. Jesse Lingard has a similar mixture, that creates an awareness of responsibility as well as flair and imagination.  

It’s in defense that there appears to be less certainty. Eric Bailly, Matteo Darmian and Marcus Rojo don’t appear to have the level of positive planetary influences in Manchester to fulfill expectation. Chris Smalling’s influences hint at distraction. Similar to Juan Mata and Jesse Lingard, Luke Shaw has five planetary combinations. Unfortunately, none are especially outstanding. Of the current defensive players Victor Lindelof appears to have the most positive planetary influences.

Analysis of Europe’s other ‘top clubs’ reveal a number of players who, in Manchester, could be in the ‘Right Place’. Real Madrid’s 19-year-old Brazilian forward Vinicius Junior has a fertile planetary combination on the latitude of Manchester, apparently more positive than at the Bernabeau.

Tottenham Hotspur pair Moussa Sissoko and Son Heung-Min both appear to have more positive planetary combinations in Manchester than in London.

Chancel Mbemba, FC Porto’s Cameroonian defender has the same high energy combination in Manchester that I described in my last article, ‘The Mendieta Mystery’. Gaizka Mendieta benefitted from a Sun Mars combination in Valencia as do Mohamed Salah & Bernardo Silva at their current club locations. Another FC Porto player with this same combination in Manchester is Brazilian midfielder, Otavio.

There have been numerous reports during the summer of United’s interest in signing Harry Maguire from Leicester City. Harry’s planetary combinations would definitely change. A move to Manchester would return Harry almost to the latitude of his birthplace in Sheffield. Harry does benefit from the Moon Jupiter planetary combination that makes one ‘loved and admired’ but there is also a Mars Neptune combination that mixes aggression and uncertainty. It may be significant that Harry’s career really ‘took off’ once he reduced the effect of this combination. In Leicester he enjoys a subtle positive planetary combination of Mercury and Uranus that might even be described as somewhat intellectual. On the basis of partial analysis Harry might be better off somewhere on the Barcelona latitude where he has the same Sun Mars planetary combination that I suspect energized Gaizka Mendieta at Valencia. A precise birthtime would reveal where on that latitude would be most ideal.

From Manchester United’s point of view, Marquinos currently of Paris Saint Germain could potentially radiate a much more positive aura than Harry Maguire if he chose to move to Manchester. His only planetary combination there is Moon Jupiter, ‘loved and admired’

Nicolas Tagliafico of Ajax would also seem to bring a more positive manifestation to Old Trafford than a number of their existing defenders, his Sun Uranus combination in Manchester promises a ‘wonderfully exciting place where change, creativity and individuality cause life to take on a colourful and exciting hue full of the unexpected, unlooked for success and roller coaster variety’.  

Location Astrology is an indispensable tool for all those in the football industry. A great player is always a great player, but there are definitely places they will feel in greater harmony with club, manager, team-mates and most importantly with themselves. Location Astrology offers a reliable view of what changes will likely affect us when we relocate.

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