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Alexis Alejandro Sánchez Sánchez, Born 19th December 1988, Tocopilla, Chile.

During the last eighteen months one of the most puzzling changes of fortune among top-class professional football players is the form of Chilean international Alexis Sanchez. Arguably the finest Chilean player of his generation in 2011 he became the countries most expensive player transferring for 30 million euro from Udinese in the Italian Serie A to Spanish giants Barcelona where he scored 47 goals in 141 appearances. The arrival at Barcelona of Brazilian superstar Neymar prior to the start of the 2013-14 season made regular appearances for Alexis less guaranteed and a year later he left Barcelona for London club, Arsenal. By January 2018 when he signed for Manchester United, he had scored 80 goals in 166 appearances during which time he established himself as Arsenal’s top player. Perhaps the greatest moment of his career was leading Chile to the 2015 Copa America title, the countries first major international tournament victory.

Despite having just turned 29 years of age when he signed for Manchester United in January 2018, general expectation was that he could provide much-needed inspiration for the club, still trying to find its way after the retirement of Sir Alex Ferguson whose unparalleled success had set a standard incredibly difficult to maintain.

As I write, with one match of the 2018-19 season remaining, the statistic of 5 goals in 45 appearances falls woefully short of where both Alexis himself and his illustrious employers would have anticipated. Nobody really knows why this has happened.

There is always an answer but it is necessary to know where to look. A large part of the answer can be found by casting a Location Astrology Map. When I recently began promoting my service as a Location Astrologer it seemed that there was great potential assisting professional footballers to find their perfect location. Of course, the other end of the stick is the identification of places they should avoid permanent residence.

To perform this analysis with maximum accuracy requires a precise birth time. However, it is possible using birthdate, birthplace and noon as a birth time to observe some of the characteristics that will prevail at a given latitude. With a birthdate and birthplace, obtained from the Manchester United website and Wikipedia it is easily possible for a Location Astrologer to observe that the astrological environment in which Alexis finds himself is quite unbearable. Alexis’ Location Astrology Map shows Lunar influences, the Moon, specifically its combination with Saturn, Uranus and Neptune all present in Manchester.

Jim Lewis who pioneered Location Astrology in the 1970’s wrote interpretations for all of the planetary influences. In the case of Alexis, his first comment on the Moon Saturn combination is, ‘one of the least enjoyable places’ and goes on to mention, frustration, depression and loss. Alexis’ Moon Uranus influence is probably the least troublesome but Lewis’ interpretation still includes aimlessness, instability and inconsistency as prime factors. Lewis’ interpretation of Alexis Moon Neptune influence begins with the words ‘this place is best left alone for most’, later describing the environment as weird and hysterical.  

Now the question: if Alexis and Manchester United had been in possession of this knowledge in January 2018 would they have been so enthusiastic to make a deal? Before you ask, none of these influences are present in London where Alexis was previously based. Neither were there any difficult influences present in Udinese or Barcelona. It hasn’t been possible to analyse what degree of success or otherwise Alexis experienced during his visits to the North of England to play during his spell with Arsenal but brief visits to an area where the astrological environment is unsupportive are much less debilitating that permanent residence there.

Here we have focused on the fortune of Alexis Sanchez, one of the top footballers of his generation, but the possibility to know where not to go extends to us all. We never entirely lose the planetary influence that exists at our birthplace. This can be modified for better or worse depending on where we relocate so that obviously if a relocation is made without sufficient knowledge this can be rectified with research. In the case of this article the message is clear: Alexis Sanchez, permanent residence in Manchester is not for you! 

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