Famous football players

Football players frequently relocate. Here are some articles describing the situation of some top players.

The advantages of a move to Madrid for KYLIAN MBAPPE


Born Paris, France 01:47, 20th December 1998

Image By Sandro Halank, Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 4.0, CC BY-SA 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=81822384

Article originally published on Linked In, February 2021

I suspect there is little argument among football followers these days that Kylian Mbappe is the most valuable player on earth. He is the only teenager other than the legendary Brazilian Pele, to score a goal in the World Cup Final.

He began his professional career with AS Monaco and after 3 years there he returned to his hometown club Paris Saint Germain (PSG). His consistent high-level performance constantly attracts the attention from the ‘super clubs’ a group to which PSG aspire.

Press reports indicate, that among these ‘super clubs’, Real Madrid are the most interested in obtaining Kylian’s services. Real have been struggling since they failed to fill the void left by the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo in 2018.

Kylian has recently been reported to be happy at PSG. Is this football double speak meaning if a good offer comes along, he will pack his bag immediately? The football website Transfermarkt where Kylian is valued at $215m reports that he is represented by family as opposed to a commercial football player agent. I guess the rationale here is that the family will operate with greater trust and integrity.

Now we look at Kylian’s planetary characteristics, see what makes him such a unique sportsman and why Real Madrid should spare no expense to obtain his services.  

Rather than describe all of the planet positions on Kylian’s birth chart here we’ll concentrate on the most intense or angular 1st, 4th, 7th and 10th Houses on the birth chart. The importance of an accurate birth time has been explained in many previous articles. Without this we don’t know the correct house positions. Fortunately, we have this data for Kylian. This is Kylian’s chart for his birthplace in Paris, France.

♂Mars in the 1st House, within 5 degrees of the cusp could hardly be better for a sportsman. Robust male energy, grit, stamina and rugged physique are normal with this placement. I haven’t found any of the top players over the last forty years or so with such an advantageous placement. One all-time great player whose birth time I haven’t been able to find is ‘The Galloping Major’, Ferenc Puskas. In terms of physique and style of play Kylian Mbappe is probably closest to Puskas among football legends. 

The 1st House ruler is ♎Libra, perhaps the perfect balance to ♂Mars in the House. Beauty, grace, discipline, charm, kindness and great need for companionship. Individuality through cooperation, a real team player. There seems to be a constant striving for mental and emotional balance. It’s acceptance of circumstances that resolves this.

When I glanced at Kylian’s chart ♆Neptune in the 4th House was the first planet I noticed. In very simple terms the 4th House is about the home and all things related. This is probably the best position for ♆Neptune that creates a deep mystical environment but can result in parasitic hangers-on. ♅Uranus is not such an easy 4th House placement tending to cause instability. It is said that travel to exotic places is a safety valve. Lucky Kylian can afford it. Again, hangers-on are a typical feature. Dips in Kylian’s form can likely be traced to what are known as negative transits affecting ♅Uranus, these are temporary.

♄Saturn appears in the 7th House. This is a difficult position. ♈Aries as the House ruler will intensify these ♄Saturnian characteristics. Loneliness and lack of partnership or at best a melancholic partner can be expected. The partnership problems can be much worse. Cristiano Ronaldo had this placement at some of his locations, including Madrid.

Last but not least of the angular Houses, the 10th, house of public persona, is empty so we turn to the House ruler for some insight. In Kylian’s case, ♋Cancer. A public career is quite common with this rulership. It is possible Kylian is highly sensitive about his reputation, wishing to be seen as responsible and respectable. There may be problems with his mother which if negative, the longer it continues without being expressed will cause deep resentment. Is she the boss?

Here is Kylian’s relocated chart for Madrid. It’s a move east of close to 5 degrees so there isn’t much difference from the Natal Paris chart but the changes that occur are highly significant.

These changes are all to do with the 4th House. ♅Uranus with its potential instability is now in the 5th House where it is less problematic but still presents a few challenges. Whirlwind romances that end quickly, craving for excitement and gambling are possibilities as are unplanned children.

The other movements are the ☽Moon and ♀Venus both moving into the 4th House. These excellent placements for home and home life. Generally speaking, the better quality our home life, the more successful we will be once we step out the door.

Unfortunately, Madrid is not far enough west for ♄Saturn to move out of the 7th House. However there seems no doubt that Kylian will feel very much at home in Madrid. That should enable him to settle quickly and make a contribution to the team immediately, unlike Eden Hazard who neither has a strong House ruler or positive planet(s) in his 4th House in Madrid.

One of the most frustrating things when analysing these charts is that the best locations can often be in a place where there are no top clubs, no clubs at all, in a wilderness or even in the middle of the ocean. In Kylian’s world slightly further west in the Canary Islands ♄Saturn has left the 7th House. ♆Neptune is replaced by the ☉Sun in the 4th House, also positive. Otherwise, the chart is unchanged. This is an improvement on Madrid.

Place your bets now, bookmakers will give long odds for CD Tenerife winning the 2025 UEFA Champions League.

Why does LIONEL MESSI feel more at home in Madrid than in Barcelona?

This article was originally published on Linked In, February 2021

Lionel Andres Messi Cuccitini. Born 16:20 hrs, 24th June 1987, Rosario, Argentina.

The last article attempted to identify which of Cristiano Ronaldo’s possible birth times was correct. Thankfully this article is much easier as there seems to be no confusion over Lionel Messi’s birth time.

The aim of this article is to see exactly the planetary influences for Lionel at the two locations where he has spent most of his life; Rosario and Barcelona. Secondly given current speculation about where he will play for the remainder of his career we will identify exactly where he would enjoy these years most.

As I explained in the previous article there are certain parts of our life that can’t be changed. What can be changed are what are called the House positions of the planets. As we move east or west these House positions change for better or worse. Precise analysis allows us to rotate the chart into a position where the local environment and energy will be most favourable to us. Remember that the birth or natal characteristics are always present wherever we locate but diluted.

1987-2000 Birthplace ROSARIO, ARGENTINA

The first thing that jumps out at Lionel’s birthplace is ♄Saturn in the 1st House. If everybody on earth with ♄Saturn in the 1st House was to relocate other than to places where ♄Saturn lands in the powerful 4th, 7th or 10th Houses, our planet would be a much happier place.

One typical characteristic of ♄Saturn in the 1st House is poor health in childhood. I too am one of these unfortunate people to have this placement and can confirm from personal experience that this is possible. Many of us know that Lionel arrived in Barcelona with the priority to deal with his health problem.

In contrast ♅Uranus in the 1st House is a placement of precocious talent, with potential as ‘fame position’. Not much left to say here other than 1st House ruler ♐Sagittarius would have added energy to whatever planets are present.

The 4th House is empty so we must look at the House ruler ♒Aquarius for information. While this rulership doesn’t necessarily indicate conflict, it is not the most peaceful and upsets are common.

♃Jupiter in the 5th House is an excellent placement for a young sportsman. It’s widely reported that Lionel showed great zest and enthusiasm whenever a ball appeared, playing regularly with family and friends from a young age.

♀Venus and the☽Moon appear in the powerful 7th House. It is alleged that ♀Venus in the 7th House is the best a man can get in respect of attracting beautiful women. It’s perhaps no surprise then that Lionel is married to a Rosario girl, Antonella Roccuzzo, who he has apparently known since he was 5 years old.

☽Moon in the 7th House has a very similar flavour to the ♀Venus placement but adds that the women you attract will tend to be more nurturing than sexual, fuss over you and will ’stick around’.

The 8th House is busy. ☉Sun powerfully placed on the ‘cusp’. This is a deep placement with themes of regeneration and transformation. There is a warning here that negative elements of this position can manifest as either financial mismanagement or a partner’s extravagance causing problems. Lionel has experienced some difficulty with the Spanish tax authority.

Also, in the 8th House is ☿Mercury, which inclines a person to be secretive. There is a love of mystery and intrigue. A tendency to hold grudges and seek revenge are one of the less pleasant characteristics. Documents should be read carefully before signing.

Finally, ♂Mars in the 8th House indicates emotional intensity and an interest in life after death. The 8th House as you can see is not a house that makes itself obvious even with those who are in the public eye.

There are no planets positioned in the 9th, 10th and 11th Houses which doesn’t mean they are of no significance. In each case the House ruler shown on the outer wheel creates the flavour for the house.

The 9th House is another of those that is not so publicly visible whereas the 10th House is quite the opposite. Coincidentally Lionel’s 10th House ruler is ♌Leo, which denotes great ambition, ability for leadership and authority. You are admired for your accomplishments but prestige comes more as a result of a loving rather than demanding attitude.

Gentle ♍Virgo is the ruler of the 11th House which is about community, important in team sport. It is said that Lionel will exert himself for his friends. This position also indicates a hidden inferiority complex. A magnetic attunement to animals is typical.

Dark ♇Pluto appear in the 12th House of karma. This placement indicates highly developed intuitive power. The danger here for Lionel is becoming too preoccupied with his own problems.


In 2000 Lionel to Barcelona. The club was committed to provide treatment for what had been diagnosed as growth hormone deficiency. Lionel’s relocated chart for Barcelona shows an approximately 25-degree clockwise rotation. All the planets moved House.

Probably the best result was that ♄Saturn vacated the 1st House moving to the 12th where as always it cast its melancholic shadow although not as severely as in the 1st House. The 12th House interpretation focuses on isolation, seclusion, depression and loneliness. These do seem to have been a factor for Lionel in Barcelona especially in the first few years when he was still in the process of receiving treatment for his illness.

♅Uranus also moved 1st to 12th. Here the potential for higher intuition and clairvoyance exist but there can also be a feeling of confinement. It is reported that Lionel was homesick and unhappy in the early stages of his stay in Barcelona. A young man far from home with few friends but as we know this changed rapidly. There plenty were factors that would assist that transition.

♆Neptune in the 1st House is defined as a superb location for an aspiring performer. It supplies charisma and people sense in you something divine, glamour too. 

♃Jupiter in the 3rd House is as usual generally positive, here creating optimism, and lots of travelling.

An empty 4th House leaves us to look at the House ruler, which is Aries, not the most peaceful domestic influence where Lionel might be quite demanding at times.

The ☽Moon and ♀Venus moved from the powerful 7th House position into the milder 6th where in the case of the ☽Moon, Lionel’s emotional state would affect his vitality. The ♀Venus placement is more positive aiding improvement in health and bringing pleasant working conditions.

The 7th House is now occupied by the ☉Sun, ☿Mercury and ♂Mars. The 1st, 4th, 7th and 10th Houses are known as angular. Planets positioned in these House tend to have the greatest impact in our lives. ☉Sun in the 7th House helps to create greater fulfillment in marriage as well as attracting showy and creative associates. ☿Mercury too attracts smart people.

Gradually Lionel’s life was filled with Pep, Iniesta and the rest of the gang who by 2011 let Manchester United off very lightly in the final of the UEFA Champions League.

Definitions of ♂Mars in the 7th House talk about warriors and comrades-in-arms just the mentality required to form a strong competitive unit.

The 8th and 9th Houses are empty this time, as we said the activity here is not so easy to observe from the outside. Even public superstars have parts of their lives that are not so easily seen.

Maybe the most significant shift of planets was ♇Pluto moving from the 12th House to the 10th, the House of public persona. Fearlessness and obsession with career are common manifestations and public attention is almost inevitable. Great care should be taken not to create conflict with this position as it has the potential to drag on indefinitely. 

One of these power struggles seems to have existed with the former Barcelona club President Josep Bartemeu to the extent that after 20 years at the club Lionel may be serious about playing out the rest of his career elsewhere.


So, to finish this article the questions are; should he leave Barcelona and if so where to? Sometimes it takes hours to discover someone’s perfect place but Lionel’s chart for Barcelona gave me a big clue. You’ll see that ♃Jupiter is in the 3rd House in Barcelona very close to the cusp. ♃Jupiter in the 4th House is one of the best possible positions. All that was needed was to rotate the chart a couple of degrees clockwise and Lionel has his dream home. As it turns out this is the case for the entire Iberian Peninsula, excluding Catalonia. Yes, would you believe it Lionel feels very at home in every away match in La Liga. No wonder he has done so well in Spain.

Other than moving ♃Jupiter a few degrees nothing else changes significantly. You can see from this that in some situations it only requires a short distance move to make a major change. Unless my arithmetic has failed Lionel Messi has scored more often against Real Madrid in Madrid than in Barcelona. Combined with his performances against Valencia it’s 22 goals at home and 20 away from home. It is in fact Valencia that is Lionel’s sweetest location.

In Valencia ♃Jupiter is just inside the 4th House within the first 5 degrees where it’s incredibly positive effect will be experienced quickest and most intensely. ♃Jupiter in the 4th House is described as one of the greatest locations, blesses home, family, and private life as it creates a real sense of belonging. Health benefits and sleep improves. It’s also a place that by its security it encourages the resident to travel. Inner healing is a typical feature and this is recognised as one of the best places to retire. Children benefit greatly.

If that wasn’t good enough, there is a ☉Sun ♃Jupiter combination present that makes this location unusually lucky. The only downside to this is that the House ruler continues to be Aries which would not be the first choice if that was an option. All things considered the improvement on life in Barcelona should be easily noticeable.

You can see on the map the is a ☉Sun ♃Jupiter glyph over Ibiza. This means that the combination of these two planets is most intense, at its zenith there, its energy extends to a radius of 300 miles/480km. Lionel will receive a kick from this in Barcelona which is approximately 165 miles from the zenith. Its influence in Valencia is more intense, only 90 miles from the zenith.

Of course, Lionel is not alone, there are others to consider, his wife and children foremost. As you have seen a move to Valencia would not change much for Lionel other than the massive boost of ♃Jupiter energy. There will be little change in the charts of his family members and entourage but just like Lionel a short-distance move could potentially trigger a major change not necessarily for the best. Given the huge benefit to Lionel there would have to be some terribly unfortunate situation for one of his loved ones to negate the positive effect in Valencia for Lionel. The probability of this is quite low.

So, my advice to you Lionel is the same as Gurdjieff received from his grandmother while she was on her deathbed, ‘don’t do as others do’. Let someone check how the planets would affect your family in Valencia, then assuming all is good don’t put any more pressure on yourself by continuing to work for those with often overly high expectations. Go to Valencia to your dream home and enjoy the last few years before your retirement from playing football. Of course they won’t pay you as much but doesn’t everyone know that money isn’t everything and it certainly can’t buy happiness.

CR7 – 0525? 1020?


Born – Funchal, Madeira 5th February 1985, either 05:25 hrs or 10:20 hrs

Image By Анна Нэсси – https://www.soccer.ru/galery/1053759/photo/730330, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=69972366

This article was originally published at Linked In, February 2021

Cristiano Ronaldo is currently one of the world’s best-known football players. He will celebrate his 36th birthday this coming Friday. However, there is some uncertainty about what time he was born on Tuesday 5th February 1985. His birth certificate shows 05:25hrs as his birth time but in a biography a family member reported his birth time as 10:20hrs.

The aim here is to identify which of Cristiano’s birth times are correct. We’ll compare the differences between Cristiano’s two possible birth (natal) charts. Additional charts for each of the locations where he has played will provide more information.

You’ll notice that the glyph for Pluto is different on the charts, my apology, so many fonts!

There are parts of the natal chart that cannot be changed, our basic star sign ♈Aries, ♉Taurus; etc. Aspects are formed by earth and two other planets at a precise angle at the moment we are born. These indicate how we are likely to respond to life’s situations. These too are unchanged wherever we roam. What can be changed are the Houses. These are the 12 sections of the chart that describe the type of environment and energy we will encounter at a particular location. If we relocate another chart is cast for that location using our exact birth time. The chart rotates and the planets appear in different houses. Using this system we are trying to position the planets in Houses where they will be more favourable to us.

The four most influential or angular houses, are 1,4,7 and 10. In summary the 1st House represents the self or individuality, 4th House fundamentals and the home. The 7th House is the House of relations, not family but the type of people we come into contact and the associations formed including marriage. The 10th House is our outward protection or public image. The strongest positions for the planets in any of the houses is in the first five degrees where the particular energy manifests quickest and most intensely.


Wherever we move the characteristics of our natal chart remain to some extent. For Cristiano these are the two charts we will look at in most detail. Then we will look at the consequences of Cristiano’s relocations.

1st House – Ascendant – Self, physical body, identity

05:25, Ruler ♑Capricorn. As children they tend to lack robust health and often display poor coordination. Money and position are important. A reserved attitude can appear as coldness.

♃Jupiter is an excellent planet anywhere on the chart but more so in the 1st, 4th, 7th and 10th Houses. In the 1st House it is considered as a ‘good luck placement’. Energy and enthusiasm are typical. Inclination and ability to help others are another characteristic.

☿Mercury tends to confer more intellectual than physical qualities although coordination and dexterity also benefit.

These two planets in the 1st House might have helped to offset the not so joyful rulership of ♑Capricorn.

10:20, Ruler ♈Aries. A highly energetic placement often inclined to be impulsive and self-centered in an unthinking way.

You’ll notice that there are no planets present in this House. This means that there is no added stimulus to the house ruler.

Cristiano has rarely been short of energy. I guess to succeed to the level Cristiano has achieved you would need to be self-centered to some extent.

2nd House – Material resources, self-esteem, adaptability, money.

05:25, Ruler ♒Aquarius. There is emphasis on money here and a potential inclination toward meanness. Cristiano has a reputation for generosity.

The ☉Sun is present in the 2nd House on this chart which indicates much attention on money and possessions that don’t always bring the happiness expected

10:20, Ruler ♉Taurus. A practical common-sense approach to life and the ability to make the most of opportunities that are presented.  

As a football player Cristiano appears to have taken advantage of most of the opportunities that came his way.

3rd House – Communication, thinking, relatives, friends and teachers

05:25, Ruler ♓Pisces. Highly emotional in thoughts and communication

♀Venus and ♂Mars are both present in the 3rd House of the 05:25 chart. ♀Venus here creates a refined but lazy mind. Early life is pleasant. Arguments are avoided. ♂Mars in contrast indicates an active aggressive intellect and frequently harsh speech. Quarreling in early life creates nervousness. A sarcastic and argumentative nature is common.

Something of a contradiction there which at best might find these influences cancelling other at worst mental confusion. I would need to spend a few days at least in Cristiano’s company before commenting.

10:20, Ruler ♊Gemini. Friendly, idealistic, individualistic. Need to learn concentration.

Most of us could improve our concentration. There is no doubt that Cristiano is individualistic.

4th House – Nadir. Home, office, real estate and property. Parents. The extent of physical development.

Those of us with a strong home base tend to be the most successful in life. There are exceptions when other factors are positive enough. There are no planets in the 4th House in either of Cristiano’s natal charts which means there is no added stimulus to the House Ruler definitions.

05:25, Ruler ♈Aries. Aggressive in family matters, the home may be a scene of strife, arguing and emotional confrontation.

10:20, Ruler ♋Cancer. Sentimental. Deep satisfaction from happy home life. Dedication to family.

It seems that Cristiano had some difficulty with his father which may point to the 05:25 option, Aries, which generally would create more conflict at home than nurturing Cancer.

5th House – The end of simple experience. Transformation to adulthood. Fun, games, hobbies and sport. Romance. Children.

05:25, Ruler ♉Taurus. Sensual, romantic and charming but can have too much self-love

10:20, Ruler ♌Leo. Identify strongly with children. Constant flow of creative energy. Excel in sports and competitive games

The ☽Moon’s presence on the 10:20 chart would have been supportive to Cristiano’s enjoyment of and development in sport. An escape from the less pleasant aspects of life.

6th House – Work, service

05:25, Ruler ♊Gemini. Versatile and ingenious organizing workload. Fraternal attitude toward co-workers. Desire to excel in chosen field

10:20, Ruler ♍Virgo. When interested capable of any amount of hard work. Impatient and meticulous for neatness and cleanliness.

Both of these influences appear to beneficial so no real clues here.

7th House, Descendent – Marriage and partnership. The end of physical development toward the mind.

05:25, Ruler ♋Cancer. Men tend to look for a mother rather than a mate.

10:20 Ruler ♎Libra. Unhappy unless able to share your life. Marriage without due care resulting in strife.

It doesn’t require a huge amount of research to reveal that Cristiano’s personal life doesn’t seem to reach the level of success he has achieved on the football field.

♇Pluto in the 7th House is a difficult placement. One the positive side you attract power people on the low end it is likely you will become the victim of manipulation. I suspect that football management agencies cover both these positions.

8th House – The result or reward of fully grasping the nature of a complete cycle of personal experience.

05:25 Ruler ♌Leo. Guard against over-exertion and heart-strain.

The ☽Moon in this House indicates a need for affection more than sex. Financial affairs are strongly influenced by partnerships and or marriage.

10:20 Ruler ♏Scorpio. Great power of regeneration

♄Saturn is present here, as always projecting seriousness. This is a placement of heavy taxes something Cristiano has certainly experienced. There is either strong sensuality or an inhibited attitude to sex.

9th House – Lasting values.

05:25 Ruler ♍Virgo. Emphasis on efficiency and hard work. Conscientious but too critical. Public diplomacy can be lacking with family

10:20 Ruler ♐Sagittarius. Dedicated religious beliefs tend to follow traditional doctrine. Optimistic, cheerful and a broad outlook on life.

Two planets appear in the 9th House of the 10:20 chart, ♅Uranus gives progressive ideas about education, an interest in foreign cultures and frequent travel. ♆Neptune here confers an impressionable, intuitive and tolerant nature but the need arises to differentiate between wolves in sheep’s clothing and genuine spiritual leaders. There is a love of travel and flair for languages.

10th House, Midheaven. Public profile. Knowing your direction.

05:25, Ruler ♎Libra. Strong sense of professional ethics. Good reputation and standing in the community.

♇Pluto occupies the 10th House in the 05:25 chart and is also in its ruling planet ♏Scorpio. ♇Pluto always carries great power, often dark, and where ♇Pluto is positioned in the chart tends to be the area of life where we experience great challenge and also confrontation. It can easily manifest as an obsession with success. This is a very strong position and may have been fundamental in Cristiano’s development.

10:20, Ruler ♑Capricorn. Ambitious and want to gain professional prominence through competition. Frustration with those in authority. Will avoid trouble if possible.

The 10:20 chart shows no planets in the 10th House. The ruler is Capricorn the natural ruler of the 10th House as the 10th sign of the zodiac. Even without the additional stimulus of a planet positioned in this House Cristiano would have gained an appreciation of hard work, responsibility, discipline and ambition. 

11th House – Cooperation, groups. Humanitarianism. Larger goals.

This is the house of sharing, groups, community and cooperation highly significant in team sport.

05:25, Ruler ♏Scorpio. Tendency to hold friendships too closely. Need to learn tolerance and not judge others or expect perfection.

It is often a frustration for top team players that their team-mates are not up to standard.

10:20, Ruler ♒Aquarius. Individualism can restrict friendships but work well within groups. Self-centered but humanitarian.

♄Saturn is present in the 05:25 chart which, while creating a responsible attitude doesn’t generate much joy whereas in the 10:20 chart the presence of ♃Jupiter and ☿Mercury would have created an expansive and thoughtful atmosphere, lighter more enjoyable than the presence of Saturn. It would be interesting to hear the opinions of his early team mates about Cristiano’s demeanour. Would it be correct to assume that football was his pleasure and release from the serious side of life, as well as being a route to stardom?

12th House – Ideas and reality. Hidden faults. Karma.

05:25, Ruler ♐Sagittarius. Philosophically oriented. High personal aspirations may be impossible to fulfill. Hard work required to attract happiness in life.

This rulership may again draw our attention to the struggle in Cristiano’s personal life.

♅Uranus and ♆Neptune are present in the 12th House of the 05:25 chart. Both are challenging placements as ♅Uranus in this position indicates a lack of self-control with a tendency to force rather than persuade others that results in loneliness. There can be highly developed intuitive and clairvoyant ability. ♆Neptune’s presence indicates neurotic problems and mental confusion. There is a tendency to feel caged. Charitable work behind the scenes is a characteristic.

10:20, Ruler ♓Pisces. Unconscious spiritual wisdom gives intense empathy with mankind and a need to serve others. Often feel alone.

♀Venus in this position manifests as a need for quiet and solitude. Social shyness results in loneliness and romantic frustration, sensitivity and being easily hurt. Kindness, compassion and the need to serve others is a common feature. ♂Mars present in the 12th House points to a secretive nature including sexual involvements. Suppressed anger is often a problem that requires greater self-honesty. The only person you can depend on is yourself.

So far, my inclination is that the 10:20 chart is more accurate. Let’s proceed to 


A clue in this investigation appears on the 10:20 relocated chart for Cristiano when he moved to Lisbon with Sporting Club in 2002. Here are his relocated charts cast as if he was born in Lisbon at exactly the same minute as in Funchal. When you relocate, the planet positions rotate on the chart, east clockwise and west anti-clockwise.  When Cristiano relocated to Lisbon the planets rotated 10 degrees clockwise. What were the consequences?

The most significant change is in the 10:20 chart. ♃Jupiter the planet of growth and expansion moves into the 10th House of outward protection or public image. This is sometimes referred to as ‘a big kicker’. ♃Jupiter is recognised by all who study these matters, as in general, the most beneficial influence. One of the leaders in this field refers to,

‘a powerfully protective and beneficial influence, especially for career but benefitting all aspects of life. The location helps you discover your life’s work, and also sets you up on that path. In any career you attain high position.’

If, as I suspect 10:20 is the correct chart Cristiano would have felt a surge of positive energy extending into every aspect of his life.  There is no doubt that at Sporting Club De Lisbon his career began to accelerate as raw talent began to make its mark in the professional football world and the route to stardom.


The 05:25 chart shows the ☉Sun in the last degrees of the 1st House and ♄Saturn close to the 11th House cusp. Both strong positions however, ♇Pluto has moved from the 10th to the 9th House where it would have been less intense. ♀Venus and ♂Mars shifted from the 3rd House into the 2nd. The ♂Mars position is not one of the best placements where aggression and impatience in financial matters are typical. This is offset by generosity. As with the earlier description of ♀Venus and ♂Mars, the Venus energy tends to be almost the opposite of ♂Mars, extravagance is the negative trait but some business ability and financial good fortune would likely occur.

The 10:20 chart shows the continuing presence of ♃Jupiter in the 10th House. Cristiano’s career continued rapid development as he became the star player at one of the most famous football clubs. ☿Mercury enters the 10th House tight to the setting cusp. While this influence is probably most beneficial to those working intellectually it also favours those on a learning curve and this is certainly what Cristiano experienced in Manchester. After establishing himself in Lisbon he suddenly finds himself a student of Alex Ferguson one of the most successful managers in the history of football. By the time he departed for Real Madrid, Cristiano had helped Manchester United win the UEFA Champions League and 3 English Premierships. He learned.

Another factor that supports the notion of 10:20 as Cristiano’s correct birth time is the movement of ♄Saturn from the 8th to the 7th House. He gained relief as ♇Pluto moved from the 7th House to the 6th but ♄Saturn moved in to continue testing Cristiano’s relationships. There is no doubt that Cristiano’s public image as one of the football greats is unchallenged but there seems to be evidence that his personal life might be termed the opposite end of the stick. The mother of his first child is unknown and twins were born by surrogacy. Neither of these situations are unique but they do seem to indicate that Cristiano has experienced some difficulty in forming romantic relationships. This difficulty could be attributed to ♇Pluto in the 10th House on the 05:25 chart but I suspect this was something that manifested in the 7th House as Cristiano was establishing himself as a top football player. 


When Cristiano relocated from Manchester to Madrid in general the changes were slight however ♇Pluto found its way back into the 7th House which if the 10:20 chart is the correct one must have created a great deal of strain in combination with ♄Saturn. This could of course explain the extraordinary ability he demonstrated on the football field as it was there that his mind was entirely focused with little thought elsewhere.


If 10:20 is the correct birth time Cristiano’s move to Juventus brought him something he had never had. A real feeling of home. This may well be the acid test as to which of the birth times is correct. Before looking at that phenomenon we can see that the move to Turin moved heavy ♇Pluto out of the intense 7th House position. This alone would have relieved much tension.

The Sun moving into the 10th House is similar to pouring petrol on a fire but perhaps this is what has enabled Cristiano to continue competing at the highest level into his late 30’s and he has recently been quoted as having no intention of retiring in the near future.

The feeling of home I describe is a result of the ☽Moon moving from the 5th to the 4th House in the 10:20 chart. This is described as one of the strongest nesting influences. Assuming 10:20 is Cristiano’s correct birthtime moving to Turin where would feeling soothing, ‘like a balm to the soul’

Only Cristiano himself will know if he ‘feels at home’ in the Turin area. The answer to that question would bring us close to answering the original question.


According to Wikipedia, in 2019 United States prosecutors in Las Vegas dismissed a rape allegation case against Cristiano that had dragged on from 2009.

There are a number of lesser-known planetary bodies one of which appears significant here. Lilith is the name given to asteroid No.1181 a minor planet too faint to be seen other than with the aid of a telescope. Similar to earth it shines by the reflected light of the ☉Sun. Lilith is sometimes described as the dark side of Eve I the Garden of Eden. I was once able to observe a man who had this influence strongly. In his particular case the women close to him were continually problematic. He eventually relocated.

A 10:20 birth time relocated chart for Cristiano in Las Vegas shows Lilith tight to ♀Venus and ♂Mars in the 4th House. The 05:25 relocated chart shows Lilith tight to ♀Venus and ♂Mars in the 6th House.    

I suspect that the impact of Lilith’s presence would be much stronger in the angular 4th House of the 10:20 chart, much more likely to be a factor in Cristiano’s unfortunate trip to Las Vegas.


After all that I almost found myself trying to identify what would be Cristiano’s most favourable location on earth. A few minutes effort on the 10:20 chart revealed that it would require several hours work. Even then it would likely be inaccurate without taking into account his romantic partner and children. I’ll wait until Cristiano pays the bill for that one.

So, my answer to the question which is the correct birth time for Cristiano Ronaldo? 10:20. Your opinions are welcomed. 


Feu d’artifice « Liberté, égalité, fraternité » conçu par Jean-Eric Ougier, tiré par Fêtes et Feux.

This article was originally published at Linked In, December 2020

My aim in these articles is to create awareness that by using our birth details, it is possible to predict with accuracy whether we will experience good fortune or ill fortune in a particular geographic area. I explained in some detail how this works here https://lnkd.in/eVTn9di

Analysis of over 1000 leading football players reveals fewer than 10% playing at their optimum location. Certain players have featured in previous articles. One of these is Paul Pogba, World Cup Winner with France and since August 2016 in a second spell with Manchester United. As most of us know Paul signed for a second time with Manchester United for what was then a world record transfer fee. The player had already left the club in 2012. United’s legendary manager Sir Alex Ferguson apparently mentions the deal in his autobiography, none of the comments complimentary. What persuaded one of the greatest sporting institutions on earth to make this U-turn? This is a question I cannot answer. What I can comment on to some extent is Paul’s planetary influences in Manchester. Using noon as birth time we can see there are several planetary combinations present none highly favourable, one certainly problematic. A precise birth time might reveal otherwise. To complicate matters, planetary influences extend into all areas of life.

Where next? There has been much speculation that he will join Real Madrid where former French football icon Zinedine Zidane is the current manager. Looking at Paul’s birth chart, the astrological fingerprint, reveals that he is probably not the easiest player to manage. He does appear to be very much a team player but not the team leader. In Madrid there are no obvious obstacles but neither are there any planetary influences in his favour. Maybe Zidane will offer Hazard in part exchange. 

In the article ‘A Tale of Two Cities’ I drew attention to similarities between Paul’s planetary alignment at his birthplace in Paris and the alignment of Billy McNeill, Celtic captain when they won the 1967 European Cup. The similarities are not necessarily those which made Billy a great leader but more so those that created ease in Billy’s interaction. PSG is highest ranked team in Europe still to win Europe’s top club prize now the UEFA Champions League, formerly the European Cup.

So, it appears that to profit most from planetary assistance Paul’s best destination is Paris. Of course, it would be much more interesting to look at this with the benefit of a precise birth time. While Paul is suffering from his sojourn in Manchester, United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is suffering as a consequence. We can see that Ole’s results as United manager reflect his time there as a player. Fluctuations between moments of bliss such as his UEFA Champions League winning goal in 2000 and periods when he made infrequent substitute appearances were the norm. Was he ever a regular first team player?

Manchester United’s greatest success has coincidentally occurred with Scotsmen as manager. The two Sirs, Matt Busby and Alex Ferguson are without doubt the club’s most successful managers. When Sir Alex retired it was a Scotsman, David Moyes, that faced the impossible task of continuing United’s success. Since that failed United have employed two managers who had a proven track record but even their effort was not sufficient for them to remain at Manchester for long. Now, after an early exit from this season’s UEFA Champions League Solskjaer will at least need United to finish in the top four of the English Premiership. If that fails they will almost certainly be looking for his replacement. North of the border? Steve Clarke?  

In coming weeks as the Paul Pogba story gathers momentum you’ll know there is information available that could easily have prevented this monster. 



This article was originally published at Linked In, November 2020

In July last year just before Harry Maguire signed for Manchester United Football Club, I published an article, ‘Manchester, Maguire and Mercury’. Much of the content has proven accurate. Last Wednesday Marquinos, mentioned in the article as having the potential to ‘make a positive contribution if he chose a move to Manchester’ scored the second Paris Saint Germain goal in their 1-3 victory in Manchester.

Harry Maguire decided on a move to Manchester United after 2 years with Leicester City. The most significant change I observed for him was losing the valuable combination of Mercury and Uranus. This particular combination is viewed with the potential of

individualization of self through work and ability to express oneself through cleverness, handiness and intelligence in crafts or work…….

Occupation is the scene of growth here and the mind original and non-conforming seeks ways of expressing itself creatively…….

There is continual excitement and the development of a defiant iconoclastic mentality that delights in exploding others myths and illusions. The mind becomes inspirational and innovative……. Here you are comfortable with paradox……. Eccentricity takes over and others see you as something unusual thus finding your ideas as amusing as serious but you are immune to such criticism and actually think many years ahead of your time. 

Where is the mercurial slightly eccentric Harry Maguire who in January 2019 out-smarted the Liverpool defence scoring in front of the Kop to secure a point for Leicester? Many would argue the additional pressure of representing Manchester United as opposed to Leicester City as an excuse for any differences in Harry’s demeanour. Does he radiate with the same subtlety and self-assurance based in Manchester as he displayed when based at Leicester?

One of Harry’s main adversaries in last week’s UEFA Champions League match between Manchester United and Paris Saint Germain, Kylian Mbappe, World Cup winner with France, ‘benefits’ from this Mercury Uranus planetary combination at his current base in Paris. Are greater subtlety and self-assurance qualities that have increased in the demeanour of Kylian Mbappe since August 2017 when he joined Paris from Monaco. 

While the attractions are great elsewhere, and demand is high among PSG’S international competitors for his services, Mbappe has stayed with Paris. Should Mbappe leave Paris the chance of them winning the UEFA Champions League could be gone for a long time. His teammate, Neymar is reported to have invited former colleague Lionel Messi to join them next season. Messi’s planetary alignment appears highly positive in Paris, possibly stronger than in Barcelona. Would this at last be the catalyst to provide PSG with their first UEFA Champions League.

Whatever the reason, Paris manager Thomas Tuchel’s decision to omit Angel di Maria from his team selection against Manchester United favoured Paris. Di Maria was a top performer with Real Madrid before he joined Manchester United where his form was much less impressive. That changed with a move to Paris, where his planetary alignment appears as strong as any in the PSG squad. Given that his greatest time spent in Manchester didn’t proceed well, why would that change? This was an occasion when his omission from the Paris team was a benefit.

Mo Salah has a similar situation in London where, by his current standard, he scores few goals. Only 6 of his 104 goals to date for Liverpool were scored in London, 3 of those in comfortable victories. 2 goals in 13 appearances was the extent of Salah’s success during his brief career with Chelsea.  For a player that has broken all the records with Liverpool his scoring record in the Capital is ordinary. After his relatively unsuccessful time at Chelsea Mo Salah’s good fortune, via Florence and Rome, led him to Liverpool, where he has a rich planetary alignment so much in his favour that his performances in London are largely irrelevant. They are relevant in demonstrating that London is one of the few places where Mo Salah’s good fortune is much less conspicuous. Both this, and Angel Di Maria’s situation in Manchester become easier understand when you see their planetary alignment in these places.

With travel and relocation more complicated the importance of checking every source to ensure that a supportive environment awaits you is greater than ever. Change in fortune for better or worse can occur over a relatively short distance. It is possible to take a view of this. Forewarned is forearmed.


By Zitumassin – Own work, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=9362868

This article was originally publish at Linked In, August 2020

Given the events of 2020 so far and the new problems faced when travelling or relocating it’s even more important to check thoroughly what you will likely experience when you arrive there. Best to make sure that wherever your destination there is little chance you’ll find yourself in police custody. If only briefly. We’ll return to this subject shortly.

Press reports indicate that Lionel Messi may be about to leave Barcelona. The situation at the club must be dire. There is no guarantee in any business that those in control will act wisely. Money and power do not automatically confer wisdom. Len Shackleton an English professional from 1940-57 included a chapter in his 1956 autobiography ‘The Clown Prince of Soccer’ entitled ‘The Average Director’s Knowledge of Football’ and left a blank page.  

Lionel is a complex character born in the sign Cancer, viewed by some as the most difficult for a man. Simple analysis reveals a sensitive individual with strong ties to the family. FC Barcelona brought Lionel to Europe with the priority to improve his health. The successful outcome created a strong bond between player and club resulting in much success for both parties. However, since the departure of team manager Guardiola after the Champions League success in 2011 and the almost impossible task of replacing Iniesta, the club’s fortunes have gradually declined. My research shows that Rafael Benitez would be the best possible choice of team manager for Barca but as a former Madridista his appointment would be viewed negatively by many and would he be willing given his own previous loyalty.

From an astrological perspective the choice of destination for Lionel, should he make the move, that I suspect he would rather avoid, appears easy although calculation made with a precise birthtime might reveal otherwise. Paris should be his destination especially if they were also able to acquire the service of Paul Pogba whose positive analysis in Paris has been mentioned in previous articles. Messi & Pogba in Paris appears to be the perfect combination but can Paris afford this exciting combination?

The Greek Island of Mykonos was Manchester United captain, Harry Maguire’s chosen location for some rest and recuperation before the new season begins. When Harry and his companions were flicking through the travel brochures the last thing on their minds would have been a visit to Mykonos Police Station. You’ll be expecting me to say, it’s easy to see from Harry’s map that he should have travelled somewhere else for a holiday. Analysis without a precise birthtime shows no obvious indication that trouble could arise. Could the same be said for his travelling companions? Neither his brother or friend are sufficiently ‘famous’ enough to warrant an online profile so even birth details without a time are unavailable.

It would have been possible, using precise birth details for all three, to select the best possible location for them as a group. This would likely have required some compromise as it’s rare that all three companions would share the same perfect location. Using Harry’s birth details without the benefit of a precise birthtime indicates that somewhere between the latitude 24°north to 23°north30’ has the great potential for a wonderful holiday and more. You can see the locations on this latitude by visiting https://pispascana.com/alexandria-to-guatemala-city/. Muscat is probably the most obvious tourist destination at that latitude.



This article was originally published at Linked In, March 2020

Last year we began offering information to the football industry. Using one of todays most undervalued resources it is possible to identify the location(s) where football players and managers perform best. Analysis of over 1000 players and managers reveal fewer than 10% based at their ideal location.

At the close of last summer’s transfer window, our assessment of 100 of the highest value transfer deals was so negative that we didn’t publish the report. Time has proven its accuracy. Published a few days before Eden Hazard left Chelsea, ‘Risk & Hazard I’ didn’t predict disaster for him at Real Madrid but neither was it especially positive. Sure enough, football observers recognise this has been Eden Hazard’s least successful season since his professional career began.

On the other hand, Erling Haland’s relocation in January this year, from Salzburg to Dortmund, was a seamless exception to this pattern. Why might this be?

We all recognise the significance of the sun in our lives. On the most superficial level, sunshine tends to make everyone happier. Locations directly below the path of the sun on our date of birth tend to be among the most positive, potentially where you find your greatest ease of self-expression.

We are also familiar with the idea that the moon influences water on earth, especially the tides. Over 50% of our physical body is water so it would seem logical that the moon is a significant influence in our lives. You might even know a person whose behaviour is less predictable around the full moon!

If the sun and moon are significant in our lives, it is fair to assume that the other major planets in our solar system, all closer to us than the sun, also have an effect. On the day of our birth the sun, moon and planets plotted a predictable course in relation to Earth. It is directly under these pathways and at their crossing points that their effects are most intense. It is certain there are locations where life can be difficult and locations where we will flourish.

Such analysis reveals a prosperity influence for Erling Haland in Dortmund that is also present in London. For him, Madrid is a different proposition. Enlightened by our analysis, Alexis Sanchez and his advisors would have realised that a transfer to Manchester United was not a good option. Alternatives might not have provided the same immediate financial reward, but it would have been possible to find a location where Alexis’ performance as a player would have continued to improve, with resulting positive consequences. Now 31 years old, it is unlikely that Alexis will ever regain the momentum as a player that propelled him from Arsenal to Manchester.

French superstar Paul Pogba is also landing short of expectation at Manchester United. It is reported the player and his advisors favour Juventus or Real Madrid as the ideal destination should he relocate. We would likely recommend he departs from Manchester, but for his hometown of Paris where he will profit most as a player. Additional energy is not the key, never something he has been accused of lacking, but greater ‘joie d’vivre’ – not a phrase easily related to his stays in Manchester.

The current situation at Manchester City might tempt some of the club’s superstars to depart. Raheem Sterling is a prime candidate for a ‘lucrative’ transfer to a location where his career might degenerate. Yet unless an accurate birthtime reveals otherwise, for him, England appears to be the sweet spot; the Midlands best of all!


This article was originally published at Linked In, July 2019

During the last few days one of the big football stories of the summer seems to have been reaching a climax. Gareth Bale, Britain’s most expensive football player export is no longer wanted by Real Madrid. Here we look at some of the different astrological influences in Gareth’s life to date and speculate on his future possibilities.

Gareth joined Real on 1st September 2013 from London club Tottenham Hotspur. At the time Real paid a world record transfer fee of approximately €100m. Since then Gareth has been a member of 13 title winning teams including 4 UEFA Champions League triumphs. He has also captained the Welsh national team during their most successful period since the late 1950’s.

Gareth is now 30 years old. He might play for another 4 or 5 seasons but his value will most likely decrease. According to Wikipedia, during his professional career, which began with Southampton FC in 2005, Gareth has never played 50 matches during a season. His season average is 35 matches. Eden Hazard, Real’s recent signing from Chelsea has averaged 45 matches per season! Real coach Zinedine Zidane will be well aware of this statistic which is more likely to worsen than improve.

Gareth has two planetary combinations at his birthplace in Cardiff. Marginally the strongest is Venus Jupiter. This is potentially one of the most pleasant combinations where success and good fortune come easily although the possibility for self-indulgence exists. The other, Moon Pluto, is where the individual is constantly pushing to fulfil their desires at any cost, a consequence of which may be to suffer rejection. This influence intensified at Southampton FC, whereas the more pleasant influence of Venus and Jupiter, although not entirely absent as birthplace influences are always somewhat retained, was modified. At Southampton a Moon Uranus influence entered the picture with the potential for great excitement and self-discovery.

In 2007 Gareth moved north to London joining Tottenham Hotspur FC. As London and Cardiff are on the same latitude the planetary combinations from his birthplace returned. He enjoyed six seasons of relative success and good fortune in London before moving to Madrid.

Gareth has two planetary combinations in Madrid that were new to him. He retained the two from his birthplace to some extent but they became modified by Mercury Pluto and Sun Pluto combinations. The first of these can engender an apparent inability to compromise easily with others. The second is the combination of ‘the lonely genius’.

Pluto was already present at his birthplace in Cardiff, and two more Pluto influences manifested for him in Madrid. Pluto does not impart the potential for easy social interaction. If you want to conform to a world that places so much importance in ‘social skills’ avoid areas where Pluto is strong.

Where next Gareth? In the last couple of articles, I have mentioned the planetary combinations of Mars Jupiter and Sun Mars as probably the most beneficial for professional athletes. My ongoing analysis reveals players daily, who could easily relocate to these areas and receive a whole new lease of life, if only they knew. Rather than looking for a needle in a haystack, Location Astrology can quickly provide the answer! It’s not always possible to have either of these combinations in Europe and sometimes they are compromised by a less favourable combination.

This is exactly the predicament we find for Gareth. The Mars Jupiter combination so beneficial to professional sportsman, especially when strongest, is present for Gareth on the latitude of Liverpool & Manchester but compromised by the much less attractive combination of Saturn & Pluto. The Saturn Pluto combination is said to bring a more serious disposition and potential solitude. Conversely that seriousness combined with an increase in energy and discipline from Mars Jupiter might be exactly what he needs as a fitting climax to his career.

Gareth does have some pleasant latitudes but not at the location of the major football clubs. Some relief from the planet Pluto might benefit him greatly. Perhaps if Gareth’s agent is reading this article, he will do his client a huge favour and obtain an accurate Location Astrology analysis. I’m sure we would all love to see more of Gareth, happy and successful!


Mercury glyph © Alistair Edwards 2019

This article was originally published at Linked In, July 2019

Two previous articles, ‘Alexis Sanchez Lunar Hell’ and ‘A Tale of Two Cities’, describe some difficult situations for Manchester United. This article looks at which United players have more favourable planetary combinations in Manchester, how certain players at other top clubs would perform in Manchester, and how the planet Mercury is influencing us all at this moment. As in previous articles the analyses would reveal more with precise birthtimes but there is still much useful information available.

Legendary United manager Sir Matt Busby had two planetary combinations in Manchester. A striking phrase in the definition for the first of these is ‘quiet resistance to injustice’. Most would view The Munich Air Disaster on February 6th 1958 as a tragic injustice. There is also reference to ‘responsibility borne in a sober and realistic manner’. The other, a mild influence, a combination of Mars and Jupiter, described as ‘masculine, militant and vigorous, with respect for authority and uniformity as well as delight in athletics, sport, competition and power, where there is raw courage and ability to take up arms against a sea of troubles’. ‘Physical culture and sport succeed here, this being the ideal place for an athlete’!

Current manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has the first of these combinations at his birthplace. Planetary influences at our birthplace are always with us to some extent wherever we relocate. Another factor in Ole’s favour is that the planetary combination, not especially constructive, that was present in Cardiff during his previous role as a manager in the English Premiership, is not present for him in Manchester. There are many conflicting views expressed in the media whether Ole Gunnar will succeed at Old Trafford. Much will depend on having players who are in the ‘Right Place’

There has been much written this summer about the possibility of goalkeeper David de Gea departing. Analysis of David’s Location Astrology in Manchester and at all of the European ‘top club’ locations indicate that he is in the ‘Right Place’. In Manchester David has six planetary combinations, an unusually high number. The second strongest is the Mars Jupiter combination I described as mild for Sir Matt Busby. Recent media reports suggest that David will stay with United. This is possibly a better deal for David than for United who might have replaced him with Keylor Navas who also has excellent astrological combinations on the latitude of Manchester. It is unlikely David can improve his astrological benefits at any other ‘top club’ in Europe. Analysis using a precise birthtime might reveal otherwise.

There has also been a great deal of media speculation that Belgian international Romelu Lukaku will leave the club. United would do well to retain his services. Romelu also has six planetary combinations on the Manchester latitude the strongest of which is the particularly inspiring Venus Jupiter combination said to be a location ‘marked by good fortune, success, beauty and laughter in almost too great measure’. Romelu’s six planetary combinations in Manchester are generally positive. Planetary combinations that can be reliably identified without an accurate birthtime are specific to certain latitudes. This obviously shows that Romelu has almost identical planetary influences in Manchester as in Liverpool where he enjoyed great success with Everton. This could be one of Ole Gunnar’s greatest tests. How could he usefully deploy Romelu Lukaku who is astrologically in the ‘Right Place’?

It will come as little surprise that Marcus Rashford on the basis of my part analysis is in the ‘Right Place’. Marcus is probably United’s greatest current asset. He has three planetary combinations in Manchester including the high energy Mars Jupiter combination, ‘best for professional sportsmen’. It is unlikely that Marcus would find another ‘top club’ where he has the potential for as much success than at Manchester United, other than of course City or Liverpool. Moves to either are to say the least unlikely!

Of United’s two latest signings Aaron Wan-Bissaka and Daniel James, there are changes for both in Manchester. Daniel’s planetary combinations at his previous club were gentler than those in Manchester where the presence of Pluto should generate considerable transformation. Aaron on the other hand loses a planetary combination that might be said to have increased his willingness to learn replaced by a pleasant disposition that will likely make him popular within the squad and among the fans.

Looking at Phil Jones’ planetary combination in Manchester suggests the club might still see the best of him. The planetary combination that manifests for Phil is considered perhaps the most pleasant of all influences, ‘the extraordinary good luck zone’. The danger for United here is perhaps that Phil is too content and comfortable.

Retaining Juan Mata was a sound move. Juan has five planetary combinations in Manchester. Certain of these influences are stable and grounding while others are warm and expansive. Juan appears to be a good guy to have in the squad. Jesse Lingard has a similar mixture, that creates an awareness of responsibility as well as flair and imagination.  

It’s in defense that there appears to be less certainty. Eric Bailly, Matteo Darmian and Marcus Rojo don’t appear to have the level of positive planetary influences in Manchester to fulfill expectation. Chris Smalling’s influences hint at distraction. Similar to Juan Mata and Jesse Lingard, Luke Shaw has five planetary combinations. Unfortunately, none are especially outstanding. Of the current defensive players Victor Lindelof appears to have the most positive planetary influences.

Analysis of Europe’s other ‘top clubs’ reveal a number of players who, in Manchester, could be in the ‘Right Place’. Real Madrid’s 19-year-old Brazilian forward Vinicius Junior has a fertile planetary combination on the latitude of Manchester, apparently more positive than at the Bernabeau.

Tottenham Hotspur pair Moussa Sissoko and Son Heung-Min both appear to have more positive planetary combinations in Manchester than in London.

Chancel Mbemba, FC Porto’s Cameroonian defender has the same high energy combination in Manchester that I described in my last article, ‘The Mendieta Mystery’. Gaizka Mendieta benefitted from a Sun Mars combination in Valencia as do Mohamed Salah & Bernardo Silva at their current club locations. Another FC Porto player with this same combination in Manchester is Brazilian midfielder, Otavio.

There have been numerous reports during the summer of United’s interest in signing Harry Maguire from Leicester City. Harry’s planetary combinations would definitely change. A move to Manchester would return Harry almost to the latitude of his birthplace in Sheffield. Harry does benefit from the Moon Jupiter planetary combination that makes one ‘loved and admired’ but there is also a Mars Neptune combination that mixes aggression and uncertainty. It may be significant that Harry’s career really ‘took off’ once he reduced the effect of this combination. In Leicester he enjoys a subtle positive planetary combination of Mercury and Uranus that might even be described as somewhat intellectual. On the basis of partial analysis Harry might be better off somewhere on the Barcelona latitude where he has the same Sun Mars planetary combination that I suspect energized Gaizka Mendieta at Valencia. A precise birthtime would reveal where on that latitude would be most ideal.

From Manchester United’s point of view, Marquinos currently of Paris Saint Germain could potentially radiate a much more positive aura than Harry Maguire if he chose to move to Manchester. His only planetary combination there is Moon Jupiter, ‘loved and admired’

Nicolas Tagliafico of Ajax would also seem to bring a more positive manifestation to Old Trafford than a number of their existing defenders, his Sun Uranus combination in Manchester promises a ‘wonderfully exciting place where change, creativity and individuality cause life to take on a colourful and exciting hue full of the unexpected, unlooked for success and roller coaster variety’.  

Location Astrology is an indispensable tool for all those in the football industry. A great player is always a great player, but there are definitely places they will feel in greater harmony with club, manager, team-mates and most importantly with themselves. Location Astrology offers a reliable view of what changes will likely affect us when we relocate.


This article was originally posted at Linked In, July 2019

Patricia © Alistair Edwards 2019

Starring, GAIZKA MENDIETA, Co-starring, Mohamed Salah & Bernardo Silva.

Valencia C.F. were runners-up in the first two UEFA Champions League Finals of the century. In 2000 at the Stade de France they lost 0-3 to Real Madrid. victims of probably Steve McManaman’s finest performance. A year later in Milan, with six changes to their starting lineup from the previous year, they lost narrowly to Bayern Munich on penalties.

Those old enough will remember charismatic characters such as Goalkeeper Santiago Canizares, Guadeloupe-born full-back Jocelyn Angloma and Argentine ‘Roadrunner’, Kily Gonzalez, who all played in both finals. However, the central figure in both campaigns was undoubtedly Gaizka Mendieta. Including two UEFA Champions League Finals Gaizka completed 230 appearances for Valencia scoring 44 goals. He was named UEFA Midfielder of the Year in 2000 and 2001.

In the ‘Mendieta Mystery’ I attempt to understand from an astrological perspective what enabled Gaizka Mendieta to make the conversion from a full-back to the top midfield player in Europe, with Valencia. Why, after departing from Valencia, he was unable to repeat that success and what other locations might have provided him with the astrological environment to maintain the level of performance he displayed with Valencia?

Born in Bilbao on 27th April 1974, Gaizka started his professional career in 1992 as a full-back with Castellon in Segunda Division before moving to Valencia after just one season. Eventually, during the 1997-98 season, manager Claudio Ranieri recognised Gaizka could make a greater contribution to the team in central midfield. Within a short time that contribution became inspirational as Valencia enjoyed the most successful period in their now 100-year history.

A partial Location Astrology analysis without an accurate birthtime shows Gaizka has two planetary combinations at his birthplace. The strongest is transformative, yet sober and grounding. This combination is present for Juventus manager Mauricio Sarri at his birthplace and also for Juventus midfielder Miralem Pjanic in Turin. The other, albeit mild, is considered one of the best possible locations where one is good-natured, loved and admired[A1] . This is a planetary combination Jurgen Klopp enjoys in Liverpool. No matter where Gaizka relocates on the planet these influences will be present to some extent. An accurate birthtime would reveal more.

Gaizka’s move to Valencia in 1992 at the age of 18 brought him into contact with two different planetary combinations. The strongest of these has huge potential for any professional athlete. It exists at its most intense for Gaizka on the latitude of Ibiza and extends the entire circumference of the planet. This is a predominantly masculine influence that produces excesses of energy and the capacity to accomplish a tremendous amount of work. Two of the most striking current examples of players benefitting from this same planetary manifestation at their club locations are Mohamed Salah, and Manchester City midfield dynamo, Bernardo Silva.

The planetary influence that likely provided the additional energy for Gaizka to transform from a full-back to the finest midfield player in Europe does have a downside. There is the potential for constant stress and tension to cause what might be termed these days as ‘burnout’. Regardless of whether ‘burnout’ was a factor in Gaizka feeling the need to move on, in 2001 he moved to Rome club Lazio for a transfer fee of approximately $50m. Inevitably there would have been an expectation at Lazio, and from Gaizka, that, at the age of 27, he could inspire Lazio to similar success as achieved at Valencia.

It was not to be. After only 20 appearances for Lazio and no goals he departed in 2002 on loan to Barcelona. Rome and Barcelona are of course almost on the same latitude. Consequently, the same somewhat uninspiring planetary combination he found in Rome is present in Barcelona. There are currently no top-level players at Europe’s leading clubs with this combination. It is almost certain there was another influence or even several present in Italy that are not present in Spain. These might also have prevented a successful outcome. An accurate birthtime would reveal that information. This outcome is similar to what was described in a previous article entitled ‘Alexis Sanchez Lunar Hell’ describing the astrological environment in Manchester that has seen him fail to realise his and Manchester United’s expectation.

The mild positive influence at Gaizka’s birthplace in Bilbao was also present on the latitude of Rome and Barcelona, but it appears that the good nature it confers, while positive, required some additional energising to propel Gaizka to the success he achieved with Valencia. One certainty is that influence was not present in Rome or Barcelona.

After an uninspiring season at Barcelona, Gaizka decided to sample the English Premiership with Middlesbrough. Partial analysis reveals two planetary combinations there for Gaizka, neither especially favourable, nor would they have provided him with a surplus of energy. One of these combinations is best avoided, not just by professional athletes but all of us, as it is said to increase the likelihood of personal injury. Apparently Gaizka suffered from a number of injuries at Middlesbrough including one that caused him to miss the 2006 UEFA Cup Final. This week Manchester City signed Rodri from Atletico Madrid for a reported fee of £62.8m. He too has this planetary combination in Manchester!  

It is reported that in 2003 before opting to sign for Middlesbrough, Atletico Madrid made an offer for his services. My partial analysis indicates this would have been a more successful move to a city where even today Gaizka is likely to feel enlivened. Malaga could also have been a positive relocation where Gaizka has a similar planetary combination to Valencia but with more regenerative quality. In England, Gaizka has no planetary combinations in the central area between the latitudes of Liverpool and Birmingham. However, without the energising effect experienced in Valencia there is still no guarantee his performances would have consistently matched those at the Mestalla.

There is no doubt that substantial amounts of money and valuable time can be saved on football player and manager deals with the use of Location Astrology. Ongoing analysis of current players and managers has been revealing some wonderful information. It is surprising how many players who went to Barcelona would have been better off in Madrid and vice versa. Joao Felix might be one of these players, especially as the deal was concluded so close to the new Moon. When will Rafael Benitez eventually become the greatest manager in Barcelona history?

Location Astrology reports would ensure more informed decision making. The result, more successful playing careers and more satisfied clubs and supporters. A great player is always a great player, but there are definitely places they will feel in greater harmony with club, team-mates and most importantly with themselves. Mauricio Sarri was recently reported as saying a happy player is always a more successful player. Luckily, for Mr Sarri my analysis indicates his success should continue at Juventus. As for his predecessor Massimiliano Allegri that’s another marvellous story.

Location Astrology is useful to all. While it enables us to see where top-class professional sportsmen will perform best, it can identify prime locations for anybody. We all have a specific location, that can be anywhere on earth, where health, regeneration and recuperation are likely maximised. Who wouldn’t want to know that location? A precise birthtime will ensure you receive precise information. Relative to what’s at stake, the cost of these reports is negligible. I suspect that within a short time all football players will thoroughly check their Location Astrology before making any move as opposed to today’s ‘pot luck’ which too often fails to satisfy anybody.


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Current media reports and rumours of football player transfers seem more numerous than ever. During the last few football seasons the balance of power among Europe’s top clubs has shifted. Liverpool Football Club has re-emerged as a major force while others that dominated the last couple of decades face a less certain future. Despite the financial dealing of some clubs and agents being under close scrutiny and sanction by the authorities there still appears to be an almost bottomless pit of money available to facilitate the transfer of players. 

As these reports emerge, my partial analysis, generally without the benefit of precise birthtimes, reveals that many clubs are interested in relocating players to locations where it is far from guaranteed they will fulfill expectation. A recent article entitled ‘Alexis Sanchez Lunar Hell’ describes some of the astrological influences that may have negatively affected Alexis’ performance since relocating from London to Manchester.

At this moment, Kylian Mbappe, Matthijis De Ligt and Joao Felix are talented young players whose names are mentioned almost daily in the media gossip sections as seeking moves to top clubs where expectation of success is high. All three are currently playing close to their birthplace. As mentioned in my previous article ‘Risk & Hazard’ all top players, and in general those that appear most fortunate in life, tend to be blessed by favourable astrological influences at their birthplace. In many cases it is barely possible for those most blessed among us to find a better location than at their birthplace.

One of the finest individual examples is Paulo Maldini. Maldini played in eight European Cup finals from 1989-2007, winning five, as well as numerous other trophies. He was born in Milan and played his entire career with Milan, making 902 appearances. Another European Cup legend, Hungarian Ferenc Puskas, ‘The Galloping Major’, is the only player in history to score four goals in a final in 1960 at Hampden Park, Glasgow. Coincidentally Puskas’ planetary combination at his birthplace in Budapest is also present for him in Glasgow. 

Analysis of Celtic’s Lisbon Lions, European Cup winners in 1967, all of whom, with the exception of Bobby Lennox, were born within 20 miles of Celtic Park, reveals much fraternity within the team, Bill Shankly called it ‘a form of socialism without the politics of course’. Their captain, Billy McNeill, benefitted from the most advantageous planetary combination in the group. Coincidentally this same planetary combination is present for French international Paul Pogba at his birthplace in Paris. Paul also possesses another highly positive planetary combination at his birthplace similar to that of a prominent and talented young player who is currently content playing at his birthplace location. At this time Paul is playing for Manchester United, where astrological analysis indicates a considerable amount of friction. Another top-class player born in Paris is Paul’s teammate at Manchester United Anthony Martial, who, similar to Paul and somewhat confirmed by astrological analysis, does not appear entirely content at his current location. 

In 2011 Qatar Sports Investments purchased the controlling interest in Paris Saint-Germain Football Club, the French capital’s main professional club. Domination of French domestic football followed but the major objective of success in the UEFA Champions League has been elusive. Two years ago, the club paid a world record transfer fee of €222m for Brazilian superstar Neymar in an attempt to capture this elusive prize. As yet their massive investment has failed to produce the goods. Neymar is currently reported as wanting to ‘jump ship’. Perhaps they should look closer to home for inspiration.

Analysis of leading players reveals a surprising number born in Ile-de-France, the metropolitan area that includes Paris, where total population is almost 12.5 million. This includes seven of the current Paris Saint-Germain first team, suggesting the potential for a squad that, with certain additions, could come close to emulating the Lisbon Lions. However, at least two, including the hugely talented 20-year-old Kylian Mbappe, are reported as potential summer departures.

Football originated when young men of a particular locality combined to compete with young men from other localities. Though staying close to their birthplace is by no means the answer for every footballer, this succeeded for Celtic in 1967, still the only team in history to win all domestic competitions and the European Cup in the same season. With their current dominance of French football Paris Saint-Germain might currently represent the greatest possibility to emulate that feat. Pourquoi pas? 


This article was originally published at Linked In, May 2019


Football player transfers tend to involve much expectation. In a recent article I offered an astrological opinion, why Chilean football star, Alexis Sanchez, struggled to realise expectation as a player for Manchester United. Risk, largely dependent on expectation, could have been reduced for both parties by consulting a Location Astrology Report.

Top class football players might be less likely to fail when they relocate. They tend to be blessed with favourable astrology at their birthplace. There are many examples of players that enjoyed great success close to their birthplace. The Celtic team of 1967 is perhaps the finest example.  Birthplace astrological influence is always present, wherever you locate, though modified by local influence.

For successful players short distance moves are the least risky. If you play well in Liverpool it’s likely the same will occur in Manchester. Raheem Sterling is an example. Pirlo; Milan to Turin. Long distance moves introduce different planetary influences, increasing risk. Alexis made a few moves with varying success and was relatively lucky until arriving in Manchester.

Top clubs now employ sophisticated analytical systems to assess player suitability. However, if this methodology is not made in the area where the player will be permanently based unforeseen astrological factors can take effect. Alexis Sanchez is just one example.       

In 2012 at 20 years of age, Eden Hazard signed for Chelsea, a short distance relocation from Lille in Northern France. Until now, he has played for 5 different managers. It is perhaps Eden’s Capricorn stoicism that has enabled him to retain consistency and stability in such a constantly changing environment at Chelsea.

Partial analysis of Eden’s Location Astrology shows no planetary combinations, positive or negative in London or Lille, a relatively well-balanced situation. With a precise birthtime we might see more, likely a positive influence.

Media reports allege that Eden Hazard has already agreed or might soon agree to join Real Madrid. At 28 years old, with a family of three children there is risk. Previously unexperienced astrological influences will present different challenges in Madrid for all the family. The outcome is uncertain. After a season that has confirmed the English Premiership as the top league on earth, why depart? Regardless of your allegiance Eden Hazard would be a sad loss to the English Premiership.

Eden is now 28 years old. Since joining Chelsea, he has consistently been football’s outstanding performer in the capital. Yet, despite his effort, and after a relatively successful season, Chelsea overall appear short of the standard that saw the club reach UEFA Champions League Finals in 2008 and 2012.

Across the city, Tottenham Hotspur and their charismatic young manager Mauricio Pochettino are on the crest of a wave. Tottenham Hotspur’s recently opened new stadium project has been rewarded almost instantly beyond the club and fans’ wildest expectations, with a first ever appearance in the UEFA Champions League Final.

Reports indicate the future of Mauricio Pochettino as Tottenham Hotspur manager is uncertain. To their fans, losing Pochettino now is unimaginable. Given the club’s current situation, most would wish to see Pochettino in charge for at least another 5 years, managing the most successful period in the history of Tottenham Hotspur.

To achieve this, improvement of the first team squad is required to challenge Manchester City and Liverpool for the Premiership. Win or lose the UEFA Champions League Final, this season has been the most memorable in Tottenham Hotspur’s history since 1961. The foundation has been laid for great moments ahead. Will those in power at Tottenham Hotspur maximise the moment?

Astrologically Eden Hazard is one of few players with genuine potential to make a huge positive impact immediately for Tottenham Hotspur. Could Daniel Levy and Mauricio Pochettino have persuaded Eden Hazard to stay in London for what would likely be the rest of his career? Eden’s loyalty to Chelsea might have been an obstacle impossible to overcome, although there are many examples of players moving between the leading London clubs. At this moment, the chance to work with Mauricio Pochettino might have been attractive to Eden Hazard and given the current status of Tottenham Hotspur if the right moves are made, they could be the top European team wearing white for a few years to come.

Whatever the outcome of this summer’s football transfer window for Eden Hazard, let’s thank him for the entertainment he has provided to date and wish him and his family all the very best for the future.

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This article was originally published at Linked In, May 2019

Alexis Alejandro Sánchez Sánchez, Born 19th December 1988, Tocopilla, Chile.

During the last eighteen months one of the most puzzling changes of fortune among top-class professional football players is the form of Chilean international Alexis Sanchez. Arguably the finest Chilean player of his generation in 2011 he became the countries most expensive player transferring for 30 million euro from Udinese in the Italian Serie A to Spanish giants Barcelona where he scored 47 goals in 141 appearances. The arrival at Barcelona of Brazilian superstar Neymar prior to the start of the 2013-14 season made regular appearances for Alexis less guaranteed and a year later he left Barcelona for London club, Arsenal. By January 2018 when he signed for Manchester United, he had scored 80 goals in 166 appearances during which time he established himself as Arsenal’s top player. Perhaps the greatest moment of his career was leading Chile to the 2015 Copa America title, the countries first major international tournament victory.

Despite having just turned 29 years of age when he signed for Manchester United in January 2018, general expectation was that he could provide much-needed inspiration for the club, still trying to find its way after the retirement of Sir Alex Ferguson whose unparalleled success had set a standard incredibly difficult to maintain.

As I write, with one match of the 2018-19 season remaining, the statistic of 5 goals in 45 appearances falls woefully short of where both Alexis himself and his illustrious employers would have anticipated. Nobody really knows why this has happened.

There is always an answer but it is necessary to know where to look. A large part of the answer can be found by casting a Location Astrology Map. When I recently began promoting my service as a Location Astrologer it seemed that there was great potential assisting professional footballers to find their perfect location. Of course, the other end of the stick is the identification of places they should avoid permanent residence.

To perform this analysis with maximum accuracy requires a precise birth time. However, it is possible using birthdate, birthplace and noon as a birth time to observe some of the characteristics that will prevail at a given latitude. With a birthdate and birthplace, obtained from the Manchester United website and Wikipedia it is easily possible for a Location Astrologer to observe that the astrological environment in which Alexis finds himself is quite unbearable. Alexis’ Location Astrology Map shows Lunar influences, the Moon, specifically its combination with Saturn, Uranus and Neptune all present in Manchester.

Jim Lewis who pioneered Location Astrology in the 1970’s wrote interpretations for all of the planetary influences. In the case of Alexis, his first comment on the Moon Saturn combination is, ‘one of the least enjoyable places’ and goes on to mention, frustration, depression and loss. Alexis’ Moon Uranus influence is probably the least troublesome but Lewis’ interpretation still includes aimlessness, instability and inconsistency as prime factors. Lewis’ interpretation of Alexis Moon Neptune influence begins with the words ‘this place is best left alone for most’, later describing the environment as weird and hysterical.  

Now the question: if Alexis and Manchester United had been in possession of this knowledge in January 2018 would they have been so enthusiastic to make a deal? Before you ask, none of these influences are present in London where Alexis was previously based. Neither were there any difficult influences present in Udinese or Barcelona. It hasn’t been possible to analyse what degree of success or otherwise Alexis experienced during his visits to the North of England to play during his spell with Arsenal but brief visits to an area where the astrological environment is unsupportive are much less debilitating that permanent residence there.

Here we have focused on the fortune of Alexis Sanchez, one of the top footballers of his generation, but the possibility to know where not to go extends to us all. We never entirely lose the planetary influence that exists at our birthplace. This can be modified for better or worse depending on where we relocate so that obviously if a relocation is made without sufficient knowledge this can be rectified with research. In the case of this article the message is clear: Alexis Sanchez, permanent residence in Manchester is not for you! 

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