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This article was originally published at Linked In, December 2020

My aim in these articles is to create awareness that by using our birth details, it is possible to predict with accuracy whether we will experience good fortune or ill fortune in a particular geographic area. I explained in some detail how this works here https://lnkd.in/eVTn9di

Analysis of over 1000 leading football players reveals fewer than 10% playing at their optimum location. Certain players have featured in previous articles. One of these is Paul Pogba, World Cup Winner with France and since August 2016 in a second spell with Manchester United. As most of us know Paul signed for a second time with Manchester United for what was then a world record transfer fee. The player had already left the club in 2012. United’s legendary manager Sir Alex Ferguson apparently mentions the deal in his autobiography, none of the comments complimentary. What persuaded one of the greatest sporting institutions on earth to make this U-turn? This is a question I cannot answer. What I can comment on to some extent is Paul’s planetary influences in Manchester. Using noon as birth time we can see there are several planetary combinations present none highly favourable, one certainly problematic. A precise birth time might reveal otherwise. To complicate matters, planetary influences extend into all areas of life.

Where next? There has been much speculation that he will join Real Madrid where former French football icon Zinedine Zidane is the current manager. Looking at Paul’s birth chart, the astrological fingerprint, reveals that he is probably not the easiest player to manage. He does appear to be very much a team player but not the team leader. In Madrid there are no obvious obstacles but neither are there any planetary influences in his favour. Maybe Zidane will offer Hazard in part exchange. 

In the article ‘A Tale of Two Cities’ I drew attention to similarities between Paul’s planetary alignment at his birthplace in Paris and the alignment of Billy McNeill, Celtic captain when they won the 1967 European Cup. The similarities are not necessarily those which made Billy a great leader but more so those that created ease in Billy’s interaction. PSG is highest ranked team in Europe still to win Europe’s top club prize now the UEFA Champions League, formerly the European Cup.

So, it appears that to profit most from planetary assistance Paul’s best destination is Paris. Of course, it would be much more interesting to look at this with the benefit of a precise birth time. While Paul is suffering from his sojourn in Manchester, United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is suffering as a consequence. We can see that Ole’s results as United manager reflect his time there as a player. Fluctuations between moments of bliss such as his UEFA Champions League winning goal in 2000 and periods when he made infrequent substitute appearances were the norm. Was he ever a regular first team player?

Manchester United’s greatest success has coincidentally occurred with Scotsmen as manager. The two Sirs, Matt Busby and Alex Ferguson are without doubt the club’s most successful managers. When Sir Alex retired it was a Scotsman, David Moyes, that faced the impossible task of continuing United’s success. Since that failed United have employed two managers who had a proven track record but even their effort was not sufficient for them to remain at Manchester for long. Now, after an early exit from this season’s UEFA Champions League Solskjaer will at least need United to finish in the top four of the English Premiership. If that fails they will almost certainly be looking for his replacement. North of the border? Steve Clarke?  

In coming weeks as the Paul Pogba story gathers momentum you’ll know there is information available that could easily have prevented this monster.

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