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Article originally published at Linked In, April 2020

Previous articles concentrated on the relationship between certain football players and the predictable experiences they have had or would likely encounter at specific locations.

To make each analysis we plot the trajectory of the sun, moon and major planets across planet earth for the specific day of birth. Directly under these pathways are where the influences of each planet manifests most intensely.

Perhaps one of the most favourable influences is under the path of ☿Mercury rising. Allegedly it is here that health improves most. We all have this area somewhere, for some easily accessible. The most fortunate of us will be born and perhaps live most of our lives with its positive influence. Others might find the area in the same country or continent. Other less fortunate will discover this pathway predominantly over the Pacific or Atlantic oceans. Good excuse for a cruise.

For 12 years I had personal experience living in Crimea at a location where ☿Mercury rising was at full intensity. Before departing from the UK recurring back injuries ensured I was a regular client of world-renowned homeopath Jan De Vries, may he rest in peace. However, in Crimea at the age of 49 and in temperature sometimes higher than 40c, I found the strength and energy to single-handedly excavate an 8-metre-deep water well. Each shovel full was pick-axed first. This allowed me to fully cultivate a 1000 square metre plot with heavy clay soil that required more serious digging. In the absence of any real specialists in the area all domestic construction and maintenance was also performed ‘in house’.

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A long dry autumn ensures that pruning can be done before growth accelerates rapidly once warm weather arrives which can be as early as February. Other than chopping firewood during the short winter days, time was available indoors to study a range of subjects including the identification of ideal locations for friends and acquaintances. Certain other subjects including Idries Shah’s outstanding English language translations of Sufi material, the writing of George Ivanovitch Gurdjieff and Gnosis introduced ideas and concepts that were previously unfamiliar to me.


Gurdjieff drew my attention to the enormous value of watching the sunrise. The health value of this practice cannot be understated. Through gradual acclimatisation beginning with a minute or two at the moment of sunrise it eventually became possible to look directly at the sun for forty minutes. The sun’s vibration can be seen most clearly at that time. As the day progresses man casts more and more debris into the lower atmosphere. While it is also possible to stare directly at the sun in the minutes preceding sunset the view is not the same. Neither is it possible for us to accumulate the same level of energy from the sun that is available at sunrise.

Upper Belbek Valley, Bakhchisarai Raion, Crimea

Everything in the cosmos vibrates. The highest vibrating visible organism in our solar system is the sun. Humans also vibrate. Some more intensely than others. There is a notion among some people that there are angels all around us but because they vibrate beyond the narrow bandwidth of human sight, we can’t see them. This is similar to infra-red and ultra-violet which we also can’t see but are reasonably familiar with the idea that they exist. Mystical experience is something that cannot be perceived with the basic five senses.      

Church of the Resurrection, Foros, Crimea

The Gnostic teaching of Samael Aun Weor introduced me to Tibetan Rites for Rejuvenation a series of five simple Sufi and Yogic exercises along with pranayama breathing. Many examples of the Rite can now be viewed on You Tube including a breathing demonstration by the Dalai Lama.

Idries Shah was the son of an Afghan prince and a Scottish mother who met the prince when he was studying medicine at Edinburgh University early last century. Most of Idries adult life was dedicated to the translation of Sufi material. These days Jalal Ad-Din Rumi who lived during the 1200’s is perhaps the best-known name among the great Sufi teachers. Another great Sufi was Sheikh Abdullah Ansari. He was born at Herat, western Afghanistan in 1006. Sheikh Abdullah taught that we must avoid four traps in life; ingratitude in good fortune, impatience in ill-fortune, discontentment with our lot and hesitation in helping others.

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Easter sunrise


Article originally published at Linked In, February 2019

Crimea sunrise, AD Edwards

It is possible to identify where we can experience improved health, self-expression, relationships, energy and prosperity financial or otherwise. There are also locations to avoid where the opposite can occur.

Physical presence at a different location transforms aspects of our life but simply communicating with others at a beneficial location can also provide a positive transformation. 

All that is needed to start the journey of discovery is an accurate birth time, date and place.

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Article originally published at Linked In, January 2019

There is a technique that make it possible to predict with a high degree of accuracy what circumstances we can expect at a given location.

This can be the difference between success or failure. I have enough personal data accumulated to offer advice to you with confidence.

The concept emerged in the mid seventies, pioneered by an American astrologer Jim Lewis. He produced a description for the influence of each of the main planets including the Sun. These interpretations are still widely used.

Professional sportsmen often provide us with the best example of the astrological consequence of relocation. A highly successful player transfers to a new club and doesn’t perform or vice versa. Moving from an area where the ☉Sun was the predominant influence to where ♄Saturn predominated has the distinct possibility, at best, of significant dip in form, and at worst a career crash.

The full effect of moving to a different location tends to require six months for the transition to be complete but often the change can be felt much sooner. The influence of our birth location can never be entirely eliminated. To calculate the map an accurate birth time is essential.

Certain keywords can be used to describe the influence of each planet. The following paragraphs describe personal experiences in different locations that for me validate Jim Lewis’s original interpretations.

☉Sun – Personality & Expression

This is where we probably feel most confident. It was December 2016 in Moscow that I first felt this influence: noticeable immediately, albeit just for a few days. After a harrowing departure from Crimea, my home for twelve years, not knowing when I would return, a short flight to Moscow suddenly brought a sense of calm and assurance. Four wonderful days unfolded feeling relaxed and confident, with ease of self-expression.

My oldest son was fortunate to be born under this influence. He rarely lacks confidence.

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☽Moon – Emotion & Desire

My most intense experience of the ☽Moon’s influence came during several visits to Minnesota in the late 1970’s as a teenager. The ☽Moon is also somewhat representative of desire. The teens can be an uncomfortable time, but during these visits there was an especial sense of discontentment; an inability to be satisfied. Jim Lewis alleges that in combination with certain other planets, such as ♃Jupiter, the ☽Moon’s influence can be beneficial.

☿Mercury – Communication & Health

Until arriving in Crimea in 2004 I had never experienced the influence of ☿Mercury for any prolonged period. For me, its influence tends to manifest in relatively inaccessible locations. Fortunately, the ☿Mercury Ascendant influence does occur in Crimea and behaved entirely as predicted, reinvigorating my health to an extent I could hardly have imagined. My body is more supple at almost sixty years old than I was in my thirties, and despite having departed from the peninsula (hopefully not forever) retain better habits for my general well-being than before I arrived there.

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♀Venus – Love & Peace     

If only we could all feel constantly like I feel in Odessa. The ♀Venus influence is for me there undiluted by any other planet. How to describe this: calm unruffled with an inner peace that doesn’t strive for self-expression but is content and willing to give openly. A few years ago I tested the birth date of Leonardo Da Vinci to measure the strongest planet in his personal horoscope and his ♀Venus measurement shot off the scale!

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♂Mars – Energy & Drive

♂Mars is the predominant influence at my birth place. While conferring an abundance of energy, the influence of ♂Mars can create a tendency to attract others’ antipathy. Care is needed with outward expression, which can often manifest as excessive vehemence.

♃Jupiter – Growth & Success

Although not present in my birth chart, ♃Jupiter’s influence manifests for me in the Netherlands through France across the Bay of Biscay and enters the Atlantic at the Spain Portugal border. In this area, there have been a few memorable moments.

In 2005, I was fortunate to purchase one of the first Jeeps to be registered in Europe. Originally purchased by the Dutch security service it had the most solid body you can imagine. Despite its 245,000 km, for a bargain price it ran for a further 110,000 km before I returned it to where it was bought. Apart from a few costs, the worst induced by me after forgetting the old adage ‘if it ain’t broke don’t fix it’, the times with the Cherokee were some of the best moments in my life. She crossed Europe from Scotland to Crimea ten times.

Many years earlier, in the area from Bordeaux to Bilbao, I vividly recall some of my happiest childhood moments during a family holiday that began and ended with two calm voyages across the Bay of Biscay – renowned for its squalls.

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♄Saturn – Foundation & Restriction

Perhaps the funniest story here is from California in 1994. Here is a quote from the original interpretation by Jim Lewis for ♄Saturn: ‘Agriculture may fail here as it doesn’t rain much when you are around, but land value may gradually increase and minerals and mining are among the few activities that are successful’.

This influence manifests for me on a line running north south through Los Angeles. We arrived there on a Sunday afternoon in March and were driven in torrential rain from LAX to San Diego, but that was it. A couple of days later while golfing, my partner saw Catalina island from Torrey Pines for the first time in eight years as CA began to experience its warmest March for 65 years. The visit culminated with a shorts and T-shirt promenade on Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco! We were lucky. What appears as a negative interpretation worked in our favour.

Several vacations to Tenerife – where I also experience the influence of ♄Saturn – were not so pleasant, including the closest I ever came to drowning. 

♅Uranus – Originality & the Unexpected

It’s never been quite possible to feel the influence of ♅Uranus without the influence of another planet coming to bear. In combination with the ☽Moon, its manifestation in Kiev was exactly as described by Jim Lewis, as routine became impossible and every day was unique and an adventure.

It is possible for me that in central Europe the influence of ♅Uranus might manifest as a somewhat gypsy like existence. In 1969 and 1971 we visited there for a family holiday in a VW camper!  

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♆Neptune – Imagination & Mysticism

♆Neptune is undoubtedly the planet with which I have the least experience. Maybe it’s time to go looking. It doesn’t feature for me at all in Europe and while under its moderate influence for a couple of short periods in the USA there were always other planets manifesting more strongly.

Some feedback here would be appreciated.

♇Pluto – Power & Transformation 

♇Pluto was one of three influences that manifested for me during twelve years in Crimea. This was where I discovered the writing of GI Gurdjieff and Gnosis. What could be more powerful and transformative?

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There is no doubt that location astrology is a tool for our benefit whether relocating, travelling for business or planning a vacation.

For all recruiters, the additional information it provides could be the difference between success or failure, even for the most eligible candidate.

The routes allocated to airline staff and anyone else in the travel industry could be fine-tuned using location astrology to create greater harmony.

It is also possible to assess the effect of a particular location for couples.

I look forward to working with all those who wish to enjoy the benefit.   

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