My interest in Location Astrology began over 20 years ago. Since then, I have studied the charts and maps of many people. An interesting coincidence is that almost everyone whose chart I have studied shares a dark and mysterious ♆♇Neptune Pluto combination on the latitude of Scotland

A large part of my life has been in Scotland so it was natural that much of my analysis was focused there. Gradually I began to notice on every person’s Location Astrology map there was a ♆♇Neptune Pluto Paran on the latitude of Scotland and often there were two. I then began checking the maps of those people with whom there had been no reason to analyze their situation in Scotland. They too had the ♆♇Neptune Pluto Paran in Scotland

Here are two interpretations for the ♆♇Neptune Pluto Paran   

♆♇Neptune Pluto. Under these two most mysterious planets the ideals and illusion of life is burned away and much of the phony order of the mind is upset with resultant higher though frightening and alienating vision. Here you feel quite rightly that you have been through the worst and what survives this stormy climate can be counted on to be real. You are able to recognize that there is more than one level of consciousness, a stupendous realization and that the subjective can control the objective. After a period of purging, you feel that there is nothing left to believe in then come to find inner strength and power to see the larger view. You may feel ennui, boredom that everything is hollow so that the inner voice demands attention where exterior realities are dimmed. Meditation can evoke transformation but there is danger of not being able to stand the strain as well as the obvious inability to take care of practicalities. The unconscious spirits demons and visions intrude insistently into daily life until the idea of sanity itself is transcended.  Jim Lewis, Brown Book

♆♇Neptune Pluto, Dark sweep of time. There is a sweep of history here of hopes and fears raised, expectations and realizations that have come and gone, like an endless procession of ghosts available for you to commune with. It makes you realize you’re part of a much bigger picture that you probably haven’t a clue about, but you’ve got a fascinating window on nevertheless. It is an opening beyond the merely mortal to that which transcends the scale on which we live. You’ll only notice it here, from day to day, if you look for it, but it’s there for a glimpse of past and future. Imagine what an amoeba thinks of the view from Everest, that’s a start.  Horizons 6, Matrix Astrology

A Paran is the name used for an astrological influence that extends the entire circumference of the planet. It manifests from a point where two planets crossed paths on our date of birth. It combines the astrological characteristics of both planets.

Scotland is not the only landmass between 60˚n37 the north tip of the Shetland Isles to 54˚n38 the most southerly tip of Scotland at the Mull of Galloway. You can see more of what exists on this latitude at Pispascana Pole to Pole here.     

The largest number of a specific nationality living on these latitudes are Russian and includes Moscow. So maybe Scotland isn’t the key that links us all to this latitude. We should also bear in mind that in Location Astrology the Parans that manifest in the northern hemisphere also appear as a mirror image at the same latitude in the southern hemisphere. At this latitude in the south there is not much land. The largest area is Tierra Del Fuego, the most southerly region of Argentina. Cape Horn, the most southerly tip of the American continent is at 55˚s58 almost exactly the same degrees south as Edinburgh, Scotland is north 55˚n57.

I observed this astrological coincidence for years and didn’t think much of it until last year when I encountered the work of William Comyns Beaumont. A few months later I discovered the book ‘We the Scythians’ by David Alan Ritchie. These two authors have produced a mass of evidence that contradicts the historical information which for centuries has existed unchallenged. According to Comyns Beaumont and David Ritchie there is plenty of evidence that we could all have a karmic connection to Scotland. Links to the full texts of both authors here.

Comyns Beaumont’s work published in the 1940’s points to a cataclysm that destroyed much of a landmass that connected Scotland, The Hebrides (Hebrewdes), Orkney Islands, Shetland Isles and the Faroe (Pharoah) Islands. Half a century later David Alan Ritchie supported this idea. Both authors agree that Biblical events we have become accustomed to associating with the Middle East actually took place on the British Isles. David Alan Ritchie plots the course of Abraham’s journey across Scotland into the north of England.

Comyns Beaumont published substantial evidence that what we assume is modern Jerusalem is not the Jerusalem of Biblical events. Beaumont quotes the historian Josephus’ detailed descriptions of Jerusalem. These descriptions bear little resemblance to the city now in Israel but accurately describes the geographic features of modern-day Edinburgh. He goes on to state that what is now Edinburgh was completely destroyed and the entire population slaughtered by Romans under the command of Hadrian. Of course, this hypothesis includes that the crucifixion of Jesus took place in Scotland. Generally, Beaumont and Ritchie agree. On some details they differ.

Ritchie also shows us the significance of geometric and mathematical connections between notable geographic features natural and manmade. They both agree that it was Constantine who began the great manipulation of history at the Council of Nicaea in AD 325 which laid the foundation for the Church of Rome.

If the conclusions of Beaumont and Ritchie have any substance there is significant material to speculate that we all have a connection in the distant past to either the major cataclysm that broke apart the current British landmass from The Hebrides, Orkney Islands, Shetland Isles and the Faroe (Pharoah) Islands or that we are all connected to Biblical events, or both.

My database of birth details includes family, friends, acquaintances and some public personalities. There were very few who do not manifest the ♆♇Neptune Pluto Paran in Scotland. Many people have two of these Parans on the latitude of Scotland. The few who did not have the Paran somewhere in England.

One person in the database who did not have this Paran anywhere between the Faroe Islands and the mot southerly point of the British Isles was a real ‘working class hero’ who left his mark on modern culture. Before describing this character, we’ll look at the wider information that emerged as a result of this discovery.

You can imagine most of the entries in my database are for those in my own age group and younger. There are a few exceptions including my parents from the 1930’s. However, this person who does not have a ♆♇Neptune Pluto Paran on the latitude of Scotland was born in 1913. I checked a few other birth dates, some earlier and others in the 1920’s and it appears that generation does not as a rule have this Paran on the latitude of Scotland.

This coincides with and is explained by the presence of an astrological aspect that has been appearing in the collective and individual horoscopes of all those born since 1940.

♆Neptune Sextile ♇Pluto – This aspect is of extremely long duration, especially at the present time in history, because of a peculiar timing of the eccentric orb of ♇Pluto with reference to the orbit of ♆Neptune. These two planets have been more or less continuously in sextile (60˚) aspect for at least thirty years as of April 1973. Therefore, this aspect affects world karma and mass destiny far more than it influences individual natives. It indicates a tremendous opportunity for spiritual advancement in world civilization. We are fortunate to have this aspect at such a critical juncture of history. The present atomic age can bring about world utopia with prosperity and happiness for the entire human race, or it can mean the nearly total destruction of civilization. Humanity must take the occasion to express universal love, ♆Neptune, with power and to utilize fully and creatively the awesome Plutonian potentials which science has made available. Our future depends on how many of the human family can constructively respond to the high-frequency vibrations of these two outermost planets.

In individual horoscopes, should ♆ Neptune or ♇Pluto be angular, i.e., in the 1st, 4th, 7th or 10th Houses, and heavily aspected by other planets, this configuration will indicate unusual occult, intuitive, scientific and or aesthetic ability.    ‘The Astrologer’s Handbook’ 1973, Frances Sakoian & Louis S Acker.

The sextile reveals, as if we didn’t know it, that we are at a critical moment in the course of the current civilization and it is this generation with the ♆♇Neptune Pluto Paran on the latitude of Scotland who will determine the outcome. Another cataclysm or a Biblical moment?

The discovery that those born prior to 1930 do not as a rule have the ♆♇Neptune Pluto Paran on the latitude of Scotland now allows me to mention the character who prompted the discovery. A couple of years ago I was marketing the Location Astrology service to professional football players and managers and wrote a few related articles. In order to provide an accurate analysis a precise birth time is required. It was possible to obtain accurate birth times for quite a few players and managers from the Astro Database linked here.

In 1959 William Shankly better known as Bill or ‘Shanks’ became the manager of Liverpool Football Club. He was born in September 1913 in Glenbuck, a mining village in the south of Scotland. By his own admission Bill had little interest in anything other than football however on one Saturday night he managed to divert his attention and took Nessie, his wife, to the cinema to watch the movie ‘Carousel’. It seems that in the movie Bill was particularly taken by the song ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’. In the coming weeks the fanatical supporters of Liverpool Football Club, who already idolized Bill, became aware of this. The supporters soon began singing ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ on match days.

By the time Bill Shankly resigned as manager of the club in 1974 ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ was firmly established as the Liverpool Football Club anthem. The song is sung at every Liverpool match to this day. ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone is now part of the club crest and the main entrance to the club’s Anfield Road Stadium is the Shankly Gates, with the words ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ prominent. While the song might have retained popularity to this day, I’m sure that the influence of Bill Shankly and the supporters of Liverpool Football Club increased its popularity. Here are 5 versions of the song. The last for those unfamiliar with the Hillsborough Disaster was sung to mark a court victory in 2016, 25 years after the event. The court ruled that state authorities had falsely blamed Liverpool supporters for the disaster in order to conceal their own incompetence. 96 Liverpool supporters died in the crush.

Carousel 1956, original movie version

Original UK popular version, Gerry & the Pacemakers, includes lyrics

Liverpool team & supporters after the UEFA Champions League triumph in 2019

Andre Rieu, Dutch violinist & popular entertainer

Liverpool Philharmonic Choir

‘When you walk through a storm hold your head up high   

And don’t be afraid of the dark

At the end of the storm there’s a golden sky

And the sweet silver song of the lark

Walk on through the wind

Walk on through the rain

Though your dreams be tossed and blown

Walk on walk on with hope in your heart

And you’ll never walk alone

You’ll Never Walk Alone’          

Bill Shankly does have the ♆♇Neptune Pluto Paran on the latitude of Iceland.

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