Pogba (right) with his brother Florentin and their mother, holding the World Cup trophy
By Антон Зайцев – https://www.soccer.ru/galery/1058179/photo/737125,
CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=70905583

PAUL LABILE POGBA, Born 01:45, 15th March 1993, Lagny-sur-Marne, Paris, France

During the last couple of years, I have written a few articles that included comment on international football superstar, Paul Labile Pogba. Without the benefit of Paul’s precise birth time previous comment was speculative. Some information was available but the picture was incomplete.

Now using his precise birth time we will see with certainty some of the more significant planetary influences that have affected Paul’s life so far. Then I’ll attempt to identify where he will find his most favourable location, both in terms of continuing his career with a ‘super club’, and in life generally. ‘Super clubs?’ Real Madrid, Barcelona, Juventus, Bayern Munich, Manchester, Liverpool, London, Paris?

In 2016 Manchester United FC paid, what then, was the world record football player transfer fee to recruit Paul. He relocated from Juventus of Turin where he had enjoyed four successful seasons. Manchester United had already sold Paul to Juventus four years earlier. That deal, and Paul’s representatives, are not portrayed in a favourable light by United’s legendary manager Sir Alex Ferguson in his autobiography. Returning to a previous employer often fails to fulfill expectation. Will Gareth Bale prove me wrong on his return to Tottenham? The only player that comes to mind who succeeded when returning to his former club was ‘Super Ally’ McCoist at Glasgow Rangers. Please add the names of any others that come to mind in the comment section.

Paul is obviously a top-class football player but the last four years at Manchester United don’t really reflect this. During that time I suspect few would disagree that Paul’s greatest moment was as a member of the French team that won the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia. We’ll look at what Paul experienced in Russia, sufficient distance from his usual geographic location to cause several significant changes to his astrological profile.    

This is Paul’s Natal Chart. Wherever he relocates his Natal influences will be present but modified. When we move far enough east or west the planets reposition into a different House. This can be favourable or unfavourable. Each of the twelve houses signifies a different life situation. The task of a Location Astrologer on behalf of a client is to identify a location(s) where the planets reposition more favourably. The 1st, 4th, 7th and 10th Houses are known as angular. Planets positioned in these Houses manifest with greatest intensity. In any House, planets within the first 5 degrees impact maximum force and when relocating most rapidly.

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The first thing we notice in Paul’s chart is ☽Moon in the 1st House, the House of character and personality. This is considered a more favourable placement for a woman. Here perhaps we have one of Paul’s hidden dilemmas. This is a planet position that inclines the native to gentleness and sensitivity. Although fine qualities. they are not typically those we would associate with professional sportsmen.

We should also take note of the House Ruler ♐Sagittarius, a fire sign. The element associated with the ☽Moon is water. If not carefully balanced there are a few different reactions that can occur when we combine these elements: steam, hot air, evaporation, loss of heat; etc.

In Paul’s 4th House we see ♀Venus, one of the sweetest placements. Moving ♀Venus into the 4th House is one of the favourite aims of a relocation. Care is required as the House Ruler can reduce it’s positive effect, but it will always provide some beauty. In Paul’s chart the House Ruler is ♈Aries ruled by ♂Mars which has a weakening effect on the ♀Venus placement. At the very least a domineering attitude would be typical.

♂Mars in Paul’s 7th House, of marriage, friends and associates is a fine placement for association with strong powerful males although during difficult transits there is a likelihood of strife and injury. Because of ♂Mars association with conflict and aggression it will be difficult for Paul to attract a loving and gentle spouse.

The 7th House ruler is ♋Cancer, considered one of the most unfavourable House Rulers of ♂Mars. Although this combination indicates a person who is highly domesticated it is also likely to cause strife. Put simply it’s too much energy at home, a place where ideally, we are trying to relax. It’s said that DIY can compensate and drain off some of this excessive domestic energy. Match of the Day, featuring Paul Pogba tiling the bathroom! There is also a tendency to be quite timid, holding back emotions until they boil over.

Paul’s 10th House contains what some astrologers call the ‘big kicker’, ♃Jupiter. This is the placement I suspect Cristiano Ronaldo encountered when he relocated from his birthplace in Funchal to Lisbon, the first step on his glittering career. Paul didn’t have to move anywhere to benefit. I described it for Cristiano as,

‘a powerfully protective and beneficial influence, especially for career but benefitting all aspects of life. The location helps you discover your life’s work, and also sets you up on that path. In any career you attain high position.’

Neymar too has this placement at his birthplace in Brazil. There is a view that if you benefit from this placement at your birthplace, you don’t need it so much when you relocate. Neymar seems to prove that point.

In 2009 as a promising youth, Paul was recruited by Manchester United for the first time. When he departed for Juventus of Turin in 2011, he had only made 3 appearances for the United first team.

This is Paul’s relocated chart for Manchester.

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The only House changes in Manchester from his Natal Chart are by ♄Saturn from the 2nd to 3rd House of communication, a placement that I would consider more beneficial but might incline him to stay silent when he should speak. ♂Mars has moved from the 7th to the 8th House where a possible benefit was that friends and associates were less contentious. You could also speculate that his teammates didn’t fit around him as effectively as they did in Turin where ♂Mars is in the 7th House.

In previous articles I have used an arbitrary birth time of noon for all birth charts where the correct time was unknown. Paul’s birth time is so far from noon that these assumptions were less accurate than I hoped.

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These type of maps provide some information even without a precise birth time but here is an accurate representation at Paul’s birth time. The horizontal lines are extensions from the points where planets crossed paths or crossed the high or low point on the date of birth. You can see two of these crossing points, one a little north west of Rome, the other just off the south coast of Sardinia. These lines extend the entire circumference of the planet radiating their energy a degree above and below the line.

In Manchester there is a ♅Uranus ♇Pluto combination that manifests intensely. This energy tends to be deep, dark and unsettling. Having looked at Paul’s chart in much greater detail than can be summarized here it appears that he is a complex and somewhat introverted character. Therefore, I’m fairly certain he doesn’t need this combination in his life. It seems that this difficult energy is enough to prevent him maximizing his potential in Manchester. It could also have been caused by making the move during a difficult transit or signing at a bad moment. It is also possible that his partner or a family member has some difficult placements in Manchester.

Mario Balotelli mistakenly signed for Liverpool FC on the day of the new moon when overall energy is weak. His stay in Liverpool would be unanimously regarded as a failure. You should wait until at least three days after a new moon to do anything important.

Why was Paul more successful in Turin than in Manchester?

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Turin was probably an improvement for Paul more so in his professional life than his personal life. ♃Jupiter moves out of his 10th House where it is highly beneficial but is still powerful in the last degree of the 9th House. Because ♃Jupiter in the 10th House is part of Paul’s Natal chart he never completely loses its benefit. Another positive ♅Uranus and ♆Neptune both reposition in the 1st House. Both are viewed as highly favourable for public performers. ♆Neptune moved into Lionel Messi’s 1st House when he moved from Argentina to Barcelona, it manifests across all Spain. Both these planets in the 1st House are inspirational and precocious.

♂Mars has returned to the 7th House, same as his Natal chart suggesting more powerful teammates but domestic and marital or partner strife is still likely to be unavoidable.

On Paul’s map there is an grim combination between the ☽Moon and ♄Saturn that has a tendency to toughen the individual and while career success can materialize there is usually little joy in life. In Paul’s case this combination may have been a factor to balance the effect of the soft and gentle ☽Moon in the 1st House.

Then came the second move to Manchester and four years of relatively unfulfilled potential. Around the turn of this year Paul’s agent was reported as insisting that Paul would leave Manchester United this summer. There have been reports Juventus and Real Madrid are the ‘super clubs’ most interested in signing Paul. Before trying to see astrologically which of these clubs would suit Paul best we’ll take a short trip to Russia.

It’s probably fair to say that the highlight of Paul’s career to date was as a member of the France team that won the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia.

While in Russia, the most significant astrological change from the club locations where Paul has been based is that the ☽Moon was mostly out of the 1st House. Of the five cities where France played their World Cup matches only at the semi-final venue in St. Petersburg was Paul’s ☽Moon in the 1st House. Otherwise, the ☽Moon moved between the 11th and 12th Houses. It was in the 12th House at the French base camp at Istra near Moscow. Paul would at least subconsciously have felt more masculine during the tournament. Other than in Kazan, ♅Uranus and ♆Neptune were as Turin. strongly placed in the 1st House.

The other significant factor was ♇Pluto occupying Paul’s 10th House at most of the French match venues including their base camp. In Kazan, where France played two matches including their 4-3 victory over Argentina and Lionel Messi in the round of 16, ♇Pluto was precisely on the Cusp of the 10th House, a super powerful position. Coincidentally this 10th House ♇Pluto placement is the same as Lionel Messi in Barcelona. Maybe needless to say, it did not accompany Lionel to Russia.

There were a number of other planetary influences present for Paul during the World Cup, some intense, a few that could have been beneficial in the short-term, but less so for prolonged residence. To properly analyse these would require a separate article. Paul’s 4th House was empty, the House Ruler was ♊Gemini, not an influence that would make him want to settle. In summary Paul enjoyed an excellent relocation that served his mission.

Returning to which of the ‘super club’ locations offers Paul the best ingredients for success and can that combine with a happy and peaceful domestic life? The short answer in Paul’s case, impossible. In the last few articles, we have seen that Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi and Kylian Mbappe all have to accept some difficulties in their lives if they wish to play for a ‘super club’. Cristiano now appears to be in his most favourable location to date in Turin. The greatest irony of all is that Lionel Messi would almost certainly have enjoyed life more in Madrid than he has in Barcelona. His goal scoring record in El Classico supports this view. It is almost always possible to find a few places on earth that we will feel perfectly connected. These are not always nearby or easy to access and might not combine well with partner or family.

The easiest observation is that Paul should depart from the UK where he does not enjoy the benefit of ♅Uranus and ♆Neptune in the 1st House.

Paul’s most similar planetary configuration to Turin is in Munich. Munich is more favourable than Turin due to the absence of any unfavourable planetary combinations that can be identified from his map.

Paul’s map also tells us that in terms of physical energy Barcelona would be the prime location where there is a powerful ♂Mars ♃Jupiter combination recognized as probably the most advantageous for a professional athlete. However, in Spain and Portugal his planetary placements are similar to the UK. There is no benefit of ♅Uranus and ♆Neptune in the 1st House as in Turin and Munich.

Rome, although neither Roma or Lazio could realistically claim to be one of Europe’s super clubs, shows an improvement on Paul’s Turin and Munich charts because the ☽Moon has moved from the 1st to the 12th House, so he is probably a bit tougher. ♅Uranus and ♆Neptune are still in the 1st House and ☿Mercury is precisely on the 3rd House Cusp. ♀Venus is within 2 degrees of the 4th House Cusp suggesting an improved domestic situation but still compromised by the ♈Aries House Ruler. In Rome he also benefits from the powerful ♂Mars ♃Jupiter combination that manifests in Barcelona.

Naples is similar to Rome. The most significant differences; on the plus side, ♀Venus is now precisely on the 4th House Cusp, the point of maximum intensity but on the downside the high energy ♂Mars ♃Jupiter is no longer applying.

In terms of his overall playing performance in Europe this would likely occur at Plovdiv in southern Bulgaria. There he has all the benefits described for Rome but also ♇Pluto is in the 1st degree of the 11th House and may be in the 10th depending on the location of the stadium. He would gain the benefit of both Houses by making his home 50ish km east of the city. You can imagine Mino salivating over a juicy deal in Plovdiv.

For Paul it appears that of the ‘super clubs’, the best choice would be Bayern Munich followed by Juventus, but his performance could be even better at one of the Rome clubs. You can now see the significance of a precise birth time. In previous articles without that information, it appeared that Paul’s hometown club Paris St Germain, was his best option. This is not the case.  

In terms of overall quality of life Paul should probably locate outside Europe once his services are no longer wanted by football’s ‘super clubs’. There are positives in the Canary Islands but it’s likely he would remain in the public eye. Without spending hours, it appears that the California coast and further north well into Canada is an area where Paul would enjoy greater peace and harmony.

It will be difficult for Paul Pogba to reach higher than he did in Moscow on 15th July 2018. That moment is embossed on his CV and until he can no longer compete there will be plenty of suitors willing to pay well for his services.     

Recently it has been possible to obtain the precise birth times of many top-class football players, past and present. This information provides tremendous scope for articles validating the concept of Location Astrology. What 10th House planet do Kenny Dalglish, Roberto Baggio, Pele, Lothar Matthaus, David Beckham, Diego Costa and Alan Hansen all have in common? The same applies to Jock Stein, Bill Shankly, Matt Busby and Alex Ferguson; can you imagine, these four legendary Scottish football managers all have an identical planetary placement in the 11th House of community and the team. Carlo Ancellotti’s 11th House alone is worth an article. What planetary placements energized Diego Maradona in Mexico? Why is Zlatan a superman? Can anybody spot the similarity between Ruud Gullit and Robert Lewandowski? What about Pep’s ☉Sun, all great stuff, but the reality is, it’s YOU, NOW, that counts most.

Thank you for taking time to read this article.

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