Elizabeth II presents the Jules Rimet Trophy to England’s team captain Bobby Moore.

This week media outlets have reported that Gareth Southgate, England football team manager, is concerned about the disappointing form of defender Harry Maguire. He opines that an on-form Maguire could be England’s key to World Cup success in Qatar later this year. Read here.

In what I suspect will be my last football related article, I explain the reason why Mr Southgate’s view on the performance of Harry Maguire lacks significant knowledge.

Several years ago, I published my first football related article at Linked In, entitled ‘Alexis Sanchez Lunar Hell’, read here. The article summarised how after changing clubs, relocating from Manchester to London a change in planetary energy had a hugely negative impact on his form. With hindsight you can conclude that the relocation resulted in such a steep decline in his career that it has never fully recovered.

The follow up article entitled ‘Risk & Hazard’ read here, analysed an impending relocation by Eden Hazard. At that time he was probably the outstanding player in the English Premiership with London club, Chelsea. I warned that a move to Real Madrid was risky on the basis of what I suspected was less stable planetary energy for him there than in London. With hindsight there is no question that Eden Hazard’s career has declined in Spain compared to the standards he set in the more robust and competitive environment of the English Premiership.

Another player I have featured regularly in articles, read here, is French international Paul Pogba. At one time the most expensive football player on the planet when he returned to Manchester United from Juventus of Turin, I explained why the planetary energy surrounding Paul in Manchester was not conducive to sustained success. Unfortunately for Paul his most favourable location in Europe does not coincide with any of the leading football clubs.

Anybody that either dismisses or under-estimates the power of the planets in our lives simply lacks wisdom. The influence of the Sun is obvious, the Moon too. If those two are so significant then why wouldn’t Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter etc have a similar effect. It is truly amazing how in times gone by, people watched the movement of celestial bodies and then related this to human behaviour. We are hugely indebted to them.

Neither football agents, parasites that feed off the inability of players to navigate the complicated process of negotiating successful contracts, nor the players results driven prospective employers, are inclined to utilise wisdom accumulated over millennia. It’s sad the number of agents I have contacted with regard to highly talented well-known players being wasted in the wrong location when a beneficial solution for all parties was simple and inexpensive. That said it’s not so difficult to understand that all these ‘rich guys’ in expensive clothes don’t even wish to imagine that something they can’t even see miles out into space has more influence over the team than they do.

An article on Gaizka Mendieta, ‘The Mendieta Mystery’, read here, revealed how by sheer good luck relocation transformed Gaizka from quite an ordinary player into an international superstar. Gaizka ignored my requests to comment. Some, not many, are lucky and land in their ‘best place’ but that doesn’t prevent them imagining they can do even better elsewhere, as did Gaizka.

You may have already forgotten that the main focus of this article was intended to be Harry Maguire of Manchester United who since joining them from Leicester City has never really recaptured the sparkle he showed for a couple of seasons in Leicestershire. I wrote about this in an article entitled, ‘Risk & Hazard III’, read here, and will now re-emphasise the key point. The subtlety accrued at Leicester arose from the combined influence of Mercury and Uranus, perhaps the most potent of all planetary combinations. For Harry that energy does not manifest to anywhere near the same extent in Manchester as in Leicester.  

The Astrologer’s Handbook, by Frances Sakoian and Louis S Acker is recognised as one of the best basic astrology texts. Not renowned for dramatization, exaggeration or flattery their comment on Mercury Uranus conjunction is as follows.

“This aspect confers mental genius and originality. Natives possess lightning-quick minds. They are able to gain insight through intuitive flashes and frequently are interested in mental telepathy.”

The interpretation continues to describe interest and involvement in even more sophisticated subjects. Imagine receiving this power unaware then having it removed, again, without your knowledge, when you were relying upon it to continue your ascendancy. Is this reflected in the confusion that regularly characterises Harry’s performances.                        

For Harry the maximum strength of this energy field is on the latitude of Cambridge and Northampton. A move to London might have been marginally better than to Manchester but still wouldn’t have reached the intensity of Leicester. Best outcome for English football last summer would have been a move for Harry to Aston Villa that could easily have seen them threaten for a top four place and UEFA Champions League participation. Are you watching Stevie G, or are you as clever as the rest.

Interestingly Harry has some inspirational energy slightly south of Qatar but not close enough to make any positive impact of his World Cup performance. The only possible way he might significantly improve team performance there is if one of the more positive planets happens to reposition favourably for him, but the odds are long. Receiving a powerful and rapid transformation requires a very fortuitous placement. To see whether that’s the case would require an exact birth time, which today we do not have.

Using an accurate birth time it is possible to predict with amazing accuracy to what extent a particular location will be supportive or otherwise. Wider knowledge of this technique will eventually improve the overall conditions of life on earth. To access this knowledge for yourself request a free consultation here.

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